Thunder Rosa is coming back to Sabotage Wrestling!


If you’ve paid attention to the flyer for the upcoming Sabotage Wrestling event “Hey Ladies,” you would have noticed that Thunder Rosa was featured on that promotional flyer. In case you live under a rock or somehow missed it, you can view it below.

Earlier this week Rosa put out a video with Holidead and mentioned being on the flyer, but admitted she did not know in what way she would be featured, if at all, for the Hey Ladies event. Well, we are happy to announce that Thunder Rosa will in fact be competing on the card that night, but just who she will be competing against has not been confirmed just yet.

Thunder Rosa is based out of the Bay Area in Northern California and is featured on Lucha Underground. In addition to being featured on Lucha Underground, she has wrestled for many other wrestling promotions and is currently in Japan wrestling with Holidead at Stardom. Rosa also participated in the debut show for Sabotage Wrestling, competing in two championship matches that night.

In her first match of the night she, along with Holidead, successfully defended their NWA Western State tag team titles. In her second match of the night Rosa came up short in her quest to add the AAA Reina de Reinas titles when she lost to Taya. With Donovan Troi booking all of the matches at the next Sabotage show, it will be interesting to see what exactly he has planned for Thunder Rosa. Below you can find a match between Thunder Rosa and Holidead.

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