Turnbuckle Talk: Serpentico


In this edition of Turnbuckle Talk, we speak with Serpentico, who will be making his Wrestle Circus debut at the Greatest Show on Earth on December 17 in Austin, Texas. Find out who he wants to wrestle from Lucha Underground, his favorite cheat meal and what his goals for 2017 are. You can read all of this and everything else that we talked about below.


H/F: At what age did you begin watching wrestling?
Serp: I don’t really remember. I know it was at a really young age as I was always surrounded by it. I’m going to say around 3 or 4 if I had to guess.

H/F: When did you know that you wanted to become a wrestler?
Serp: As soon as I could form that specific thought. I’ve always been surrounded by it, so it’s only natural that I wanted to do it. I’m lucky enough to have been able to follow my dreams.

H/F: Where did you begin your training and who trained you?
Serp: My original trainer was Mil Muertes/Ricky Banderas from Lucha Underground in Puerto Rico. He took me under his wing as soon I showed up to his school. I then moved to Florida and furthered my training with Bubba & Dvon, The Dudley Boyz.

H/F: How long have you been in the business?
Serp: 14 years.
H/F: Who are some of your influences or people that you look up to in the business?
Serp: I look up to the people that have helped me get where I’m at. There are too many to name but I wouldn’t be where I’m at without my trainers guidance. I’ll be eternally grateful for all they’ve done for me.

H/F: What is your entrance music? Any reason for picking this song?
Serp: LUCHA by Machingon. It’s catchy, it’s in Spanish and it’s about Lucha Libre. It just makes sense.
H/F: What is the name of your finisher?
Serp: I don’t name any of my moves. I just call them whatever I know them as. I use a Swanton Bomb as my go to move.

H/F: What have you learned about yourself in your journey of becoming a wrestler?
Serp: That I am way more patient than I thought I was. 14 years is a lot of time to put into anything, let alone something that causes a lot of injuries, sleepless nights and can cause so much disappointment. And yet it’s still an amazing profession and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

H/F: What has been your favorite part of your career so far?
Serp: Traveling. I know a lot of people that see the same thing day in and day out. They aren’t able to explore a new city, town or country on a weekly basis. I am fortunate enough to do all of that. I’ve been able to see some amazing things and travel to really cool places over the years. I probably wouldn’t have been able to as easily if it wasn’t for wrestling.

H/F: Who would your dream match be against?
Serp: Hayabusa. He’s what got me into Japanese wrestling and as soon as I realized that was a thing, I was instantly hooked. I searched for whatever footage I could find on him and became a huge fan. His wrestling style has definitely influenced mine.
H/F: Other than the dream match opponent, is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to one day?
Serp: My original trainer, Mil Muertes/Ricky Banderas. I’ve been able to spread my wings & learn different things ever since I left Puerto Rico and I’d love to be able to come full circle and challenge the man who taught me so much.

H/F: What are some of your goals for 2017?
Serp: Wrestle in Japan, Mexico and Europe. I’m working hard to have those 3 happen next year and beyond.
H/F: Favorite cheat meal? Type of music? Type of movies?
Serp: Pizza. My life revolves around pizza. I usually listen to hip hop or hair metal bands. As for movies, I’ll watch anything as long as its entertaining.

H/F: What is something that not many people know about you?
Serp: I went to military school from 4th grade until graduation and have a degree in forensic science.
H/F: Favorite place that you have wrestled so far?
Serp: Puerto Rico. The fans are so rabid and passionate. It’s definitely an experience.

H/F: Bucket list of places you want to wrestle?
Serp: Japan, Mexico & Europe. I have my sights set on that right now.

H/F: What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t wrestling?
Serp: I relax with videogames and help out at the Team 3D Academy. So even when I’m not wrestling I’m still surrounded by it.
H/F: Finish this statement, if I wasn’t involved in wrestling, I would be doing…
Serp: Using my forensics degree. Maybe. It’s hard to finish that sentence because I’ve never imagined doing anything else.

H/F: Any words for your fans?
Serp: Your support means the world. Without you we couldn’t keep going. Cheer or boo, you guys are the best.
H/F: Any last words that you would like to add?
Serp: You can follow me on Twitter/IG at @Lucha_Cruz and please visit my t-shirt store.

If you are in the central Texas region and want to catch Serpentico in action, be sure to get your tickets to Wrestle Circus before they sell out!


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