Pinned Down 2 with “Paradigm of Positivity” Greg Symonds: Kicks Out!

I am positive I have all the belts!

We catch up wth the “Paradigm of Positivity” Mr. Greg Symonds who has gone through some changes since last we talked. He had been away from wrestling for some time, taking some time to regroup and look into other projects. He had even left from running Inspire Pro for a time, but had returned to the ring. Sadly that was to be short lived due to injury, however, he has turned over a new leaf and sees the good in life and wants to share that with others. Not only with just the fans, he has decided to reach out to wrestlers who can use what he learned in the ring and his new outlook on life.

This is limited to just Inspire Pro, his new home, but he is very much focused on spreading his new message, making his first new recruit The Great Depression! Turning someone like that would show his methods work wonders. So let us take a look at what Greg has been up to and his future plans.

1. With TNA and WWE paying more attention to the Indy’s than ever, how do you feel this has changed things?

I am 41 years old coming off of injury that forced me to retire from physical activity in the ring. At this point in my career, I have no aspirations to take it further than Inspire Pro. And within inspired I am looking to manage some talent that have happened in the past, not had the proper direction.

Buc-ees is a positive place

2. What was the worst character or gimmick you have had to do so far? Why?

Sir Real Symonds was a name I used in 2001 when I broke in. I thought the name was cute, but I have no idea who that character was supposed to be!

3. With so many ways for fans to interact with wrestlers, and wrestlers to be able to promote themselves (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Filsinger games), do you feel wrestlers use it correctly or enough as they should? Too Much? How has it changed things? Do you feel any one wrestler has perfected it?

I feel like Marcus Rose has made the most of social media recently. All he did was started talking trash online and now he’s getting booked. And the man has got real talent. He just knew that he wasn’t being noticed and he changed that.

4. What do you consider the lamest move in wrestling? What about the best?

The attitude adjustment feels like taking a hip toss. That move should not be a finisher. As far as the best move? I always felt like Goldbergs jackknife was the most effective and believable. And you need to start paying attention to the Great Depression and his submission finisher that he used to put away Cherry Ramons. It is legitimately the most painful finisher I have seen.

5. Greatest feud in wrestling history?

The greatest feud in the history of wrestling is without a doubt the Freebirds vs the Von Erichs. It went on for years and then sold it as if they legitimately hate each other and wanted to kill each other. And to this day I’m not convinced that that wasn’t the truth.

6. Who do you enjoy watching the most on the Indy circuit?

Are you Inspired?

The person I enjoy watching the most on the in the circuit is a ACH. Following closely behind him would be Carson, Andy Dalton, and Keith Lee.

7. Why did you choose The Great Depression to be the one you lead in Inspire Pro?

The Great Depression was depressed, and who better to lead him out of his depression than the Paradigm of Positivity?!! I want the world to know the power of positivity, especially my methods.

8. Tell us more about your message, your Vietnamaste?

Vietnamaste simply refers to a state of consciousness that is born out of fear. It is a place of inner turmoil of the soul. The Paradigm of Positivity can help flip that fear into Love, if the tenets of my foundation are followed.

9. How often do real life issues spill over into the ring and vise versa? If you really dislike someone do you refuse to work with them or do you channel the dislike or hate into beating them in the ring?

Real life issues have only once come into play with me so this question is moot for me. As for others, I cannot comment because I’m not aware of any such issues. I can say that a worked match turned into a shoot fight and back into a work when I fought Necro Butcher at XCW on 2007. He legitimately was kicking my ass in a shoot style. Referee Rick Manning whispered in my ear to shoot back because I was too naive to know he was trying to hurt me. I fought back and convinced him to ease back into the work 😉

10. Best Wrestling movie or movie about wrestling?

The Wrestler. Hands down. It may as well be a documentary. It is actually about life with wrestling being the forum.


11. You and Evren Orion have similar messages, some difference but similar, have you come across him or his message?

Never heard of Evren Ovrion. I will search him up! My message comes from deep within my heart of who I REALLY am outside the ring (minus the heeling ego). This heartspace is developed in me through the teachings of Christ, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, and a number of others with similar messages.

12. What brought you back to the wrestling world?

Maximillan Meehan pitched this idea to me and I took it. Immediately. Wrestling is in my blood. I can’t stay away. It’s like an addiction. This business is my passion. Teaching love is my purpose. So this character in this business is perfect for me.


13. If a drink or shot was made named after you, what would HAVE to be in it?

Club soda! 118 days no alcohol today. I just finished a 12 week intensive outpatient therapy program at THE RIGHT STEP in San Antonio!



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