Wrestle Circus delivers two great cards over the weekend


If you had the pleasure of taking in one of the two cards that Wrestle Circus put on this weekend, you were treating to some great matches. If you were like us and were able to take in both events over the weekend, then you were completely spoiled! The Main Attraction I took place on Saturday in Austin, Texas, while The Main Attraction II took place in Arlington on Sunday. Below you can see the quick results from both nights.  wc2










Both events were action packed cards and the fans walked away satisfied and wanting more. Speaking of more, here is what we know about the next card taking place on December 17 in Austin, Texas.

  • EC3 will defend his Ringmaster championship against Pentagon Jr.
  • Mike Elgin vs Jeff Cobb
  • PBK (Shane Taylor & Keith Lee) vs The Boys
  • Joey Ryan vs Jade

Unfortunately, it was announced that the December 18 event that was to be held in Houston, Texas has been cancelled. As we learn more information on that, we will bring it to you. Wrestle Circus is doing a special VIP presale right now and you can click here to purchase your tickets.

Other things that were established this weekend were:

  • Mr. 450 is now the number one contender for the Sideshow Championship, which is currently held by Scorpio Sky, who successfully defended his title twice over the weekend.
  • Supercop Dick Justice and Jervis Cottonbelly’s match with a 1 year time limit is still under way. As of this writing, we are on day 37 of the match. To their credit, both men did attempt to end the match at one point during both events, but were unable to pick up the victory.
  • Christi Jaynes is one win away from becoming the very first women’s champion at Wrestle Circus. We will have to see what match she gets booked in on December 17 and see if she can walk away with a win to secure that title.
  • Carson turned on Jax Dane in The Main Attraction I and at The Main Attraction II, a new faction was formed by Carson, Wes Brisco and Jessy Sorensen. The three men interfered in the Jax Dane vs Brian Cage match and caused Dane to lose for the second time over the weekend. Definitely want to keep an eye on this and see if Jax Dane can get some revenge on Carson soon. Someone please tell Al and Lexi to book Godzilla vs the Texas Lion asap!
  • Leva Bates continued her cosplay and wrestled as Y2J, with the list of Leva in hand and was placing people on the list. This was something that was really awesome to see and it’s always great to see Leva do her thing.
  • Unfortunately for Willie Mack, he is now 0-3 in matches at Wrestle Circus. Hopefully he can end this streak and get on the winning track at the next event.
  • Melissa Santos is awesome, that is all!

If you missed our podcast that recapped the weekend and had interviews with Dick Justice, George Gatton (aka The Trash Man), ACH, Willie Mack, Terrale Tempo and Price Ali, you can give it a listen here.


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