Sabotage Wrestling tournament details


Yesterday The Voice Donovan Troi announced that he has partnered up with us here at Heel/Face Wrestling to officially announce all of the participants in the upcoming Sabotage Wrestling tournament to crown the first ever women’s champion. In the video below, Donovan gives some info on how the tournament will unfold, but in case you still have questions, we got you covered.

The first and second rounds will be teams of two women teaming up to try and advance to the next round. Once we reach the finals, it will become a fatal four way elimination match. The last woman standing will become the first ever Sabotage Wrestling women’s champion. Now, how will the teams be determined? Good question. This is where YOU, the fans, come into play. Once we announce the participants in increments of four, we will host a poll on our twitter account where the fans will decide which two women will team up with each other and try to make their way to the finals of the tournament. Make sure you are following us on twitter and facebook so that you don’t miss any of the announcements or polls in which you can be a part of deciding the teams for the tournament!

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