Wrestling Cocktails: The “Best Ever” Sammy Guevara’s 630 (Panda Shots)

The Best Ever

Hello and welcome back to Wrestling Cocktails, Dear Reader! Have I got  treat for you today! The past few drinks you and I have celebrated together I’ve made to honor wrestlers who have “made it” to one or another of the Big Companies. Today I want to go back to the indies. It was indy wrestling that captured my heart, after all. I love pro wrestling in all forms, but nothing beats being front row at an indy show with a drink in hand when the whole crowd is on its collective feet, screaming its collective lungs out.

All wrestling fans love it when the emotion in the room is so high that the little hairs on the back of your neck are standing up; when one of the wrestlers flies out of the ring and lands less than two feet from you; when the girl standing behind you grabs your shoulder for support to keep from swooning. These moments and more are what keep fans like us coming back month after month and show after show.

The wrestler I am honoring with a unique drink today exemplifies all of what we love about indy wrestling: all of its hungry, star-struck, tireless spirit. His high-flying feats in the ring are second to none and are matched only by his high opinion of himself. His name is Sammy Guevara, and by God if you haven’t heard of him yet you will soon!

Sammy Guevara vs Zack Sabre Jr.
Sammy Guevara vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Here is a very incomplete list of some of the wrestlers Sammy Guevara has gone up against so far in 2016:

Eddie Kingston

Raymond Rowe

Pentagon Jr.

Zack Sabre Jr.

Matt Cross (aka Lucha Underground’s Son of Havoc)

Lince Dorado (of WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic fame)

Rey Mysterio

Tony Nese

Erik Rowan

At the time I am writing this, Sammy Guevara also has matches coming up against “Broken” Matt Hardy and Mustafa Ali (also of the Cruiserweight Classic). I mean, WOW, right? That’s quite an impressive list of opponents. Clearly, he is a wrestler who is going places.

That time Sammy Fought Erik Rowan at Smackdown.
That time Sammy Fought Erik Rowan at Smackdown.

I have been a fan of Sammy Guevara’s in-ring work for a couple of years now. What strikes me most about him is how much of an impact he has made on both me and the Texas indy wrestling scene in that short of a time frame. In late September 2013 my colleague Brandon Roy published an interview with Sammy on another blog (read it here.) At the time neither of us had seen him in action.  Our introduction to Sammy came at his Inspire Pro Wrestling debut in October 2013 at The Quick and the Dead.

He didn’t have a chance to make a lasting impression, however, because within months he was gone. The Inspire Pro storyline had him attack a referee and he was subsequently banished. Guevara didn’t return to Inspire Pro Wrestling until June of 2015 and when he did it was with a BANG. He showed up at the end of a championship match (the J-Crown championship to be specific) wearing his trunks and his trademark smirk, roughed up the contenders and destroyed the J-Crown, then left.

I can not explain how much heat Sammy had aimed at him with his return to the Inspire Pro ring. To say he had heat is just a ridiculous understatement. To say he had heat is akin to saying Donald Trump has a tan. Both statements are true…ish, but come on. Suffice it to say that when Sammy Guevara returned to the central Texas indy wrestling scene, the Inspire Pro fan base LOVED to hate him. But here’s the thing: the Inspire Pro fan base also LOVES showy wrestlers and high spots and Sammy Guevara is a showy wrestler and he consistently brings the high spots. Being a part of the audience and witnessing the fans struggle with their love of Sammy Guevara’s in-ring performance versus Sammy Guevara the arrogant SOB we love to boo is so much fun. Fans yell things like: “you still suck, Sammy!”

Between his return to Inspire Pro and today, though, Sammy has won over more and more of the audience, and that transition has been fun to witness. Guevara was part of a triple threat ladder match (video below) that was intense and satisfying. I distinctly remember fans yelling “Dammit, Sammy!” at several points during the match. I could totally imagine those fans thinking: don’t make us like you!

Look at him fly!
Look at him fly! (Photo courtesy of Kelly Kyle Photography)

We do, though. We love that high-flying, foul-mouthed, panda-shorts-wearing wrestler who struts into the ring while his entrance music proclaims: “I am Jesus…I am the setting sun, I am the Chosen One.” Sammy Guevara is arrogant as all get out, but he delivers on his promise of phenomenal in-ring feats. And we are all the better for it.

Whew! I have written a whole lot of words, and none (so far) about alcohol. There is a drink in here somewhere, right? Of course! And here it comes!

Pandasam and The 630
Pandasam and The 630

The 630 (Panda Shorts)

You will need equal parts Rumchata and black spiced rum. I use The Kraken rum!


When I conceived of a drink for Sammy Guevara, I immediately latched onto the idea of using the black-and-white panda aesthetic. And of course, that lends itself to a layered shot. What I like best about the ingredients I chose is the fact that they don’t only work in a visual sense–their contrasting flavors also do a very good job of capturing Guevara’s in-ring persona. Rumchata is sweet and smooth and goes down easy. Think of the grace and apparent ease with which Sammy pulls off his high-flying moves, especially his finisher: the 630. Kraken, on the other hand, is spicy and leaves you gasping, sort of the way you feel when Sammy curses out your favorite wrestlers after he gets the win.

Making a layered shot is relatively simple in theory, but it can be difficult to achieve. You need a super steady hand. First, pour the liquid with the highest relative gravity into the shot glass first. Here, that would be the Rumchata. Then, very slowly and carefully pour the next liquid (Kraken) into the glass over the back of a spoon. The spoon will help distribute the Kraken over a larger area, in theory helping it to float on top of the Rumchata.

Close up of the 630

Note: if you notice some mixing of the liquids, leave the shot glass alone for a few minutes. Their differences in relative gravities should help them separate on their own. 

Take a moment to appreciate your work, then shoot it back and enjoy!

After reading all of this, do you have fourteen minutes to spare to watch this video? MAKE TIME. The match is phenomenal. You can thank me later.

Until next time wrestling fans, I remain:

Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Roy

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