Announcing Heel/Face Wrestling: The Magazine


As we previously reported on our twitter account, Heel/Face Wrestling will begin publishing a magazine beginning in December. The magazine will be in digital format only and it will be free for the first few issues, with the option to receive the magazine earlier than the release date via a Patreon subscription.

On the Patreon page, you can choose to donate various amounts, with different perks for each amount pledged.

“Really excited for this to come out. It is something that Michael (De Leon) and I have talked about for months now,” said Heel/Face Wrestling founder Jeff Cerda. “We have had some success with producing a magazine for other sites that we run on the network, so when I saw that, I began pitching the idea to Michael and to the rest of the team. Everyone that is involved with it is also excited for it to be released. Just another example of one of the many things we are working on behind the scenes. More things will be announced in the future as well.”

When we asked what we can expect to see in the magazine, Jeff had the following to say:

“You can expect some feature stories on different promoters, wrestlers, managers, fans, basically anyone in the business or a fan of the business. We will also have some original series that you see on the site produced on the magazine as well. We have met some really great people in this business while covering all of these events and they don’t always get to be featured much on things. With this magazine, we are hoping to change that. This magazine is just another part of ways we are trying to provide unique coverage for the fans. We are hoping that the fans will give back by making a donation and the money will be used to better the product and content that we put out. Our fans expect the best coverage, so we want to provide that for them. With a little help from them, they can play a part in ensuring that the product continues to grow.”

The magazine will be released early to the patrons and then released to everyone else a week or two later. For a full list of perks on becoming a patron, make sure you visit the Patreon page.


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