Inspire Pro BattleWars 1999 results


The once a year crossover between Inspire Pro and Chikara happened on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 at the Red Oak Ballroom. It was a lot of fun as usual and had some great matches and several unique matches being set up for the future. BattleWars allows some of the best from Chikara Pro to face our local best and the result is  always a hell of a good time.

Before the show started we met a small group of people in masks and costumes with signs claiming to be the Stevengers. Masked avengers for Steve O Reno? A fun group who had a lot of energy and  kept it going the whole show.

As stated in our pre-show blog, there were a few card changes. Tim Storm as the new N.W.A champion had to go take care of an NWA show and Keith Lee was asked to be somewhere by ROH. We learned during the show that Keith called Biss and asked if should he tell Ring Of Honor NO he couldn’t make it?!  That is amazing, But Biss did the right thing and said that Keith should honor his obligation to ROH.

R.K. Predictions: He didn’t have many this time as he doesn’t follow Chikara the way he does Texas Indy wrestling. He said that no matter who the mystery person is, that Cherry Ramons HAS to lose, not just will lose, but has too.

He also claimed that Sammy G will win but he said that was based mostly on that fact he looks forward to Sammy telling people to get the hell out of his ring.

“Juicy” Cherry Ramons vs Mystery Opponent with Greg Symonds: Juicy came out with Ninja Turtle gear: pizzas on his wristbands, Turtle shells on his ankle gear, all green, and on each wrist and ankle he had a colored ribbon based on one of the 4 turtle colors (Red, Purple, Blue and Orange). Greg Symonds came out next in a white hooded robe, white pants, barefoot and spread positive vibes and called for all to be the same. He claimed he helped the person he had with him reach a new level and is  a better person because of it.

He said this person was lower than us fans, and that he needed quite some time and work but that he was a changed man. Then out came The Great Depression! But with a smile on the burlap sack and a different style about him. The white shirt, shoes and pants were all pretty much the same but his body type and size seemed different. One fan named David pointed out he must have not been eating the whole time he was gone.

So Cherry squared off with The Great Smiling Depression who still now and then turned to Greg on advice on what to do. Cherry gave it his all, taking down Depression several times but he wouldn’t stay down. Depression hit some big moves and with some “hugging” help from Symonds  he was able to get Cherry in a submission hold and win. Winner by Submission: The Great Depression with Greg Symonds.

Next up we had the return of The Hoss Bowl, which is where the biggest and baddest of the biggest and baddest face off. This time is was the monster from Chikara and ROH, Tursas versus “American Psycho” Lance Hoyt! Tim Storm was in this match at one time, but he had to defend his new NWA belt, and we wish him luck.

The Hoss Bowl: “American Psycho” Lance Hoyt vs Tursas: When these two met, it was truly two of the biggest Heavyweights able to unleash their full power. It was insane and of course the ring could not contain it. There was strength beyond measure in this match and neither man held back. When it spilled outside, chairs and tables were destroyed. In fact, the Heel/Face table was even damaged!  But all that was only about halfway through the match!

Both men were able to come close to getting pins after they hit some huge moves. There were many two counts and sometimes you were sure one or the other had it this time, no one was getting up from that move, but they would! Finally Tursas was on the turnbuckle and Lance Hoyt grabbed him and did a BLACKOUT from the middle or top rope. After hitting that, he was able to pin Tursas to be THE HOSS! Winner: “American Psycho” Lance Hoyt

After the match, the next match was being introduced when suddenly a voice came over the speaker. At first many of us, including myself, thought it was part of someone’s entrance music but the speaker went on to say he was returning soon to steal souls. At the end of the speech, we learned it was Barrett Brown.

XX Division Championship: Jessica James(c) vs Ivory Robyn: Robyn was the lady who came out during Jessica and Delilah’s match against Blondetourage and punched Jessica right in the face and cost them the match. That somehow allowed her to jump up in line and challenge for the XX Title. It is mostly due to Jessica takIng on all comers, but she did have something to say about that and that was this is NOT the right way to this, to get a belt shot.

This was a decent match, Robyn had some brutal moves and did her best, but Jessica is THE BEST and managed to win and retain. Afterwards, she had a few words. Winner and Still Champ: Jessica James

Jessica took the mic after her win and told Robyn that while she got a title shot, attacking the champ is NOT the way to go. People who do that don’t last. She asked if Robyn had ever heard of the Bookmarks, NO? There you go. Then Jessica said that while she has been inviting the best out there to challenge for the belt, she admits there is a woman who deserves a chance but she overlooked her. So she challenged Delilah Doom!

Biss came out and said he loved the idea but there was a small problem: Joey Ryan is returning for the December show and asked for Doom as his partner to take on the Inspire Pro Tag Team champs CONTRAversey. So Jessica was then invited to a battle royale at the same show, where the last two standing individuals will be fighting for the vacant Inspire Pro Heavyweight Title. But Doom has accepted the challenge, so sometime after that show we will get Doom vs James for the XX Division title.

“Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy vs Jojo: No Nigel Rabid or mention of the Rabid Empire, so make of that what you will. This was a very fun match, and once again you can see the fans who have NEVER seen Orange Cassidy or know what he is about. At the start he took the mic to say something, but some fans call out that he has nice mom jeans and he leaves the mic and goes to lay down. Jojo tries to speak, but of course the crowd drowns him out and he gets more and more angry.

Jojo turned his attention to Orange who did his normal fighting style of sitting down, lazily ducking, laying down, crawling under people and even going outside to sit and watch, when he learned that he had a 20 count before being counted out, he decided to rest in the crowd as he sat in the ring. He waited until 19 before barely rolling back in.  Orange’s slippy nature and taking any chance to sit or lay down, quickly got to Jojo who begged him to stop and fight! Orange did hit Jojo with some hard hits and clotheslines, but sadly in the end, Jojo was able to get the better of Orange. Winner by Pinfall: Jojo

We had intermission after this and almost all of the Chikara wrestlers came out and a few Inspire Pro guys were out there as well. It was fun to meet some of them for the first time and a few others that were returning like Dasher and The Ants. Learned a lot about Ophidian, who makes his own masks both for in use in the ring, then sells them as he makes new ones. He and his wife make his outfits and masks among other things. See the end of the blog for the the information on how to find more of their stuff.

After intermission we came back to a hell of a 4 way match, for one fall. This was a three way to start but a fourth man was added when Keith Lee couldn’t make it. Lee and Tempo were going to team up to battle the Ants, but now Tempo was added to this match.

4 Way One Fall Match: Aaron Solow vs Ricky Starks vs Terrale Tempo vs Dasher Hatfield: This one started out very strangely, first Roxy introduces Tempo as the Premiere Athlete and really giving him the entrance he deserves. The fans go crazy cheering for Tempo, then as Ricky looks around most of the crowd cheers for him. While they are both getting cheers, Dasher and Solow look at each other and shrug. They leave the ring and said they might as well not been in the match.

Dasher started getting cheers and so he re-entered the match, then Solow gets the crowd cheering for him and  he smiles and slides back in. Then there are cheers for Roxy, the ref, and even the cameramen. You see the wrestlers look confused, happy, and upset. Ricky getting more and more angry and demands the crowd to stop it. Dasher gets an audience chant going and Ricky leaves in a huff, he returns just a few moments later and attacks all three men, starting the match.

All three men then turn around and dropkick Ricky. This led to Dasher and Tempo starting out the match and they were both getting cheers, but soon enough Solow got involved and got rid of Dasher for a bit and went after Tempo. Next, a strange four person submission hold that was painful happened, but it was getting them no where, according to Dasher, and they all agreed that on the count of three they will let go and they all did.

Solow and Starks found themselves teaming up quite a bit to keep both Dasher and Tempo down, but soon enough Dasher and Tempo figured it out and teamed up themselves when they needed to. After lots of back and forth and teaming up, Tempo managed to get the drop on Solow. He got him down for the 3 count, but right after Solow and RIcky attacked Tempo from behind beating him down. Dasher stepped in and helped defend Tempo. After chasing off both Ricky and Solow, Dasher left the ring to chants of please come back.

Tempo took the mic and said he was glad to hear the fans behind him and that tonight’s win was big, but that he had a goal when he came to Inspire Pro and that was to be the best, meaning he needs the best belt. Which he considers the Pure Prestige title and turned in his Fungressional Medal to go after Keith Lee and his Pure Prestige Title!!!

“The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara vs “War King” Eddie Kingston: The whole first half of the match belonged to Eddie, he manhandled Sammy like he was a toy. Knocking him around, taking him around the outside of the ring, chopping him hard on all four sides. Sammy was unable to mount any kind of defense or offense. Finally an opening happened when Sammy was in the ring and Eddie was outside and Sammy hit a high flying move from inside to outside and turned the tables.

This led to Eddie not being ready for Sammy’s speed and flight. Sammy then got hurt, rolled almost out of the ring and got ref to come check on him. This got Eddie angry and the ref had to calm him down and keep him away from Sammy. Turns out Sammy was faking and attacked Eddie from behind and pinned him. Right after Eddie got in Sammy’s face  and said that he heard what Sammy has said to the people he beats, he dared him to say that, Eddie said he would break his jaw.

Sammy said “GET THE **** OUT OF MY RING” and sure enough Eddie decked him. This brought out several workers from the back to pull them apart and hold them off each other. Biss came out as well and while he was dealing with Eddie, Sammy slapped him in the back of the head and that was all Biss could stand. He tackled Sammy and starting throwing punches before he was pulled off and Sammy hauled to the back. Max came to ringside and was chewing out and arguing with Biss about what he just did, saying that there was no excuse. Not sure what the fallout from that will be.

This led to the MAIN EVENT OF BATTLEWARS 1999 which had a few changes, Steve O’ Reno and  Ophidian were due to battle each other, but ended up teaming up to battle The Colony.

Ophidian and Steve O Reno(Ophidian Portal) vs The Colony(Fire and Silver Ant): Whew this match was CRAZY. It was under Lucha Libre rules, which if you don’t know the main difference is that if you are thrown out, your partner can come in without a tag.  Fire Ant and Steve started out the match, feeling each other out, but soon enough Ophidian wanted a piece of The Ants and they know each other, the wild card was Steve in this one.

All four of these men went all out, we had mat wrestling, high flying moves, quick and fast, back and forth, mixed in with some powerful moves. Several submissions and so MANY close calls in the pin department, it was almost stressful. The ref was all over the place here, he had some good calls that his sharp eyes caught, but there were a few times where you wondered if he might have missed a call.

We got HISSSSSS chants for Ophidian and later “Ant Noise” chants for the Ants, which was a lot of fun. Fire Ant and Silver Ant were double teaming with one of them up on the turnbuckle, when Steve held Ophidian and he used his snake moves to hypnotize the Ants leading to Steve to get the pinfall on Fire Ant for the win. Chants to have Ophidian and  The Colony to return. Winner by Pinfall: Steve and Ophidian

Inspired Thoughts: So how was this show? A lot of fun, I always enjoy BattleWars. You can see some fun people from Chikara that we don’t normally get to see and see the best of Texas and Inspire Pro battle several new people and new types of matches. 

I missed Keith Lee, but was thrilled to see Tempo get the win. I am curious as to what the New Great Depression will be doing with Greg Symonds and what is next for Sammy, Biss and Max? Plus some of the upcoming matches we know look amazing.

December 18th brings us a Battle Royal match where the last two standing will finish the match to win the now vacant Inspire Pro championship. We know Jessica is in it but no one else has been listed.

Keith Lee will face Terrale Tempo for the Pure Prestige title.

Joey Ryan will be returning and has asked to reteam with Delilah Doom to take on CONTRAversey for their Inspire Pro tag team titles.

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