TCW Hardcore Halloween 8 WHAT IS HAPPENING??



It is October and you know what that means, a rise in Horror and horror fans, costumes, both scary and “sexy” like sexy Harambe(sigh) and for Indy wrestling shows, it usually means a Halloween themed show.TCW is bringing you a doozy with some crazy match ups. Some are random challenges and others have been building for quite some time. 

For the ones that have not been able to keep up with all the craziness, there is a new TCW General Manager, Mr. Donny Donnavon. So this card could be subject to change and most likely will, maybe the whole match, maybe just the prize for winning. So let’s take a look at the matches as they are presented, but on All Hallows Eve, you never know what may happen!

Casket Match: Sky DeLacrimosa vs Muerte: This match has been building for many months, ever since they lost the TCW Tag Belts to Darin Childs and Jojo Bravo, without much of a fight. Both “men” blame the other for the loss and have not been working together well since then. It makes sense that for a hardcore Halloween show at TCW, these two will FINALLY meet and see who is the one who truly gets buried. Neither man is scared of caskets or each other, Sky has been through some brutal matches in his life and Muerte is just a monster, not even sure he feels pain.

Both men want to prove they are the reason their old team won. The one who can beat down and close the casket on their former partner will have both bragging rights, and will have exorcised their demons of the least the ones from TCW!! My pick? Sky.

The Tag Team division has been growing in TCW and for the next match an up and coming team that had a big win last show, Sean O Rilley and Thomas Munos. They will be facing returning favorites in their own mind, Hate Cryme.

Hate Cryme(Marcus Rose/Pretty Boy Jay) vs Ethan Daniel & Devon Wilson: I don’t know if the third member of Hate Cryme will be there, which can change what I think here, but if we know Hate Cryme, they will go to any lengths and are more than willing to “bend the rules” a bit to get the win. Ethan Daniel and Devon Wilson have been proving themselves and want to keep it going, but you know the ego of Rose won’t just let them win, if they do they will feel the win the next day. I have to give this to Hate Cryme as they need to make a big impact upon their return.

New GM Mr. Donnavon has decided as one of his first orders of business is to bring back the old TCW Lightning Division. To do so, he has put what he feels are five of the best of the Lighting Division. Who are they you may ask? Well let me tell you.

Lighting Division Scramble Match: Sammy Haggard vs Tony Strong vs Richard Reason vs Arron Harm vs American Eagle: These are not the only wrestlers he is keeping an eye on, but these are the first he is giving a chance to prove themselves. This should be a crazy match with some very talented wrestlers in it and depending on what type of scramble it is, that could affect the outcome of course. A scramble where only two people are in and tag in whoever, or if you are pinned or submit you are out or the scramble where the last person to get a pin or submission is the current winner. 

Will the voice of Reason speak loudly? Will Tony Strong be able to use his strength and experience win the day?  Can American Eagle carry the day with Freedom or will he be TRUMPED? I don’t have clever things for the rest but anyone of these guys can win, they are all very good. Who do I think will strike Lighting? I am going with Tony Strong.

Just Willie was a huge fan favorite and loved by all, he was fun and took on all comers for the TCW TV Title. From newcomers to American Psychos, he faced them and beat them all. But last month another fan favorite, Donnie Giovanni, beat Just Willie to become the TCW TV title holder.

The night Just WIllie lost, he came out later and beat up Prince Simms, helping Mr. Donnavon. He also beat down Ethan Daniel and Devon Wilson, a type of anger and behavior no one has seen from Just Willie since he went by his original name Zach Bradley. These attacks granted him his rematch, but who will Donnie be facing? Just Willie or Zach Bradley?

TCW TV Title Match: Donnie Giovanni(c) vs Just Willie aka Zach Bradley: Can Donnie hang on to the belt he won just last show? Zach has been on a rampage both in the ring and on social media. In a strange way Donnie has taken over the mantle of Just WIllie, fun and a fan favorite, where Zach is the bully and the one who will do anything to get back what he considers his title. We have seen what he will do, I just hope Donnie is ready, if he is not I have to give the win to Zach.


Two of the newest tag teams in TCW will be facing off in this next match, one of them newly formed here in TCW and the others making their debut.

Sean O’ Rilley & Thomas Munos vs The Pirates of the Caymans: While Sean and Thomas did not win their first match together, they worked very well together and decided to stay a team. Sadly there’s no rest in TCW and they have to face a team they have never seen and we know VERY little about. They are pirates, they are from the Cayman Islands and they want to win, I would assume. Without knowing much about them, I can’t make a solid prediction.

TCW Halloween Costume Royal Rumble: No set word on who will be in this. All you need is a costume, you may not even know who it is if the costume is good enough. That leaves a WIDE open door. It could be any of the people listed above or ones not yet listed. Ruthless Lala, Brysin Scott, Jack Jameson, Evren Orion and so many others…who would you like to see and what costumes do you think they will wear?

TCW Heavyweight Title Gauntlet Match: Mr. B vs ? vs ? vs ?: We will not know all of the people with a shot at the title, but the two we know at this time are Eddie Scott is the first opponent and Jack Jameson has been picked as opponent number two. Two very tough wrestlers. Jack is just getting back from Down Under and more than willing to show what he has picked up both there and in Japan. Even without knowing the other two in the Gauntlet, Mr. B has a hell of an uphill battle. 

As for the other two in the running, it could be anyone. Terrale Tempo? Rique Jackson? Darin Childs? Jojo Bravo? Ruthless Lala? Laynie Luck? Your guess is the same as mine. Let us hear who you think?


This is going to be a hell of a show and some insane matchups. Mr. B has his hands full and more. Will Zach’s new outlook get him his title back? How will the Pirates from Cayman fare?




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