Wrestling Cocktails: The Empress of Tomorrow


Hello and welcome back Dear Readers and Wrestling Fans! I hope you are doing well. Are you as excited as I am about good cocktails and better wrestling? I hope so because I have a real fancy treat of a cocktail to share with you that I made to honor one of the most dangerous women wrestlers on the planet: WWE superstar ASUKA.


If you’re a better-informed wrestling fan than me, you’ve probably been a fan of Asuka since she wrestled as Kana in Japan. I, however, had to wait until she signed with the WWE as Asuka. But I became a major fan with her very first match at NXT.

Asuka does things in the ring that human beings shouldn’t be able to do. She has moves that she performs so fast you almost have to slow the playback speed to understand. Since her NXT debut, she has taken on women from all over the world, women twice her size and she has never lost a match. Asuka is a FORCE. The only thing that makes me happier than watching Asuka destroy dainty little wrestlers like Aliya, is the thought that someday, hopefully soon, I will be able to watch Asuka and Ember Moon go at each other. (Could Full Sail possibly contain the energy of that match?)

Incidentally, “Asuka” means tomorrow, as she explains in the following video that will also highlight some of her awesomeness:

Asuka is equal parts beauty and ferocity. So when I decided to make a cocktail in her honor, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I knew I wanted to utilize sake, and I knew I wanted to make something classy, but that was all I knew. So, I researched sake cocktails and tried a few; I made some adjustments, and below you’ll find the recipe that I came up with. The cocktail is called Empress of Tomorrow, like Asuka, and I hope it does its namesake justice. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


The Empress of Tomorrow

30 ml sake

15 ml pineapple brandy

60 ml pineapple orange juice


splash of grenadine



Half-fill a tumbler with ice cubes. Pour in sake, brandy and juice. Add sprite to nearly fill the tumbler, then add a splash of grenadine for color. There is no need to stir. Sip and enjoy!

As always, I remain:

Your Friend in Wrestling Fandom,

Shana Roy (nee Hammaker)

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Authors note: Dear Readers and Wrestling Fans, I like to think of this series as a conversation, so I am always open for suggestions. Who’s your favorite wrestler? Would you like me to make a cocktail for him or her? Let me know!



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