Christi Jaynes discusses upcoming Wrestle Circus debut show


This Sunday, October 16th, Wrestle Circus is set to host their debut show “The Opening Act” at the Ironwood Hall, located at 505 7th Street in Austin, Texas. Doors to the event open at 4pm and the first match is set to start at 5pm. For more info on the event and to purchase tickets go here.

We had the chance to catch up with one of the women competing on the card, Christi Jaynes, and get her thoughts on her upcoming triple threat match with Leva Bates and Jessica James. You can read what we talked about below. Be sure to follow Wrestle Circus on Twitter (@WrestleCircus)

H/F: I know you wrestle in this area pretty regularly, but for a fan who may not have seen you before, where and who did you train with to become a wrestler?

CJ: I trained at AAPW with George De La Isla.

H/F: How long have you been in the business?

CJ: I’ve been in the wrestling business just under two years now.

H/F: What has been your favorite moment of your career so far?

CJ: When I met Taya Valkyrie (Wera Loca) at Sabotage. It was such an amazing experience, I met the most amazing female wrestlers. Although, I still have a two bones to pick. The first one is with Ruby Raze and the second one is with Kaitlin Diemond!

H/F: This Sunday, you are in a triple threat with Jessica James and Leva Bates. What is it going to take for you to walk away with a win?

CJ: I’m going to have to keep fighting and studying a lot of their matches. Those two are amazing. I look up to Jessica a lot, but we all are in there looking for the same thing.


H/F: What can fans expect from you once you step through those ropes on at Wrestle Circus?

CJ: You know I live in Austin now and this is my wonderful weird home. Jessica lives in Dallas and I don’t know where Leva comes from. Probably a galaxy far far away. But they both are going to feel some POWs and BAMs and who knows the tsunami may just have to drop on both.

H/F: Other than your match, is there any other match that you are looking forward to seeing?

CJ: The sideshow championship. I’ve seen Aaron Solo wrestle before and he is really good. Plus, Austin’s very own Ricky Starks is in that match, so it’s going to be phenomenal. All the matches are going to be amazing! They have Ray Rowe in a championship match, Andy Dalton vs Hoyt ; Cottonbelly, Guevara. Yeah I really am excited for the whole card!

H/F: If you can have one dream match against anyone you wanted to, who would it be against?

CJ: Wow there are a lot of people hmmmmm…..probably…The Scarlet Witch. Is she available? J/k! Maybe Taya Valkyrie or Sasha Banks!

H/F: Anything else you would like to say to the fans?

CJ: Thank you all for coming out to my matches and supporting me along this journey. I will always bring the POW and BAM’S to the ring. Follow me on Twitter @christijaynes and Instagram @christi_jaynes


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