Sabotage Wrestling aftermath with Brian Cervantes


Last Friday Sabotage Wrestling held its inaugural event in Covina, California and we had the pleasure of attending this unique event. For the most part, the matches on the card featured only women, but some men (including a couple of surprise guests, more on that in a bit) were also featured that night. From the very first match up until the last one, the crowd was really hyped up and really into the show. Before we give you some highlights from the show, we’re going to give you the quick results from the night.

Shotzi Blackheart & Ruby Raze defeated Christi Jaynes & Safari Reign

Delilah Doom defeated Desi de Rata

Sage Sin defeated Rachel Ray McCray (aka Ray Lyn) & Keneisha Moon via submission

Twisted Sisterz (Thunder Rosa & Holidead) defeated Team Donovan aka “Fierce & Fabulous” (El Mariachi Loco & Lil Cholo) to retain their NWA Vendetta Western States Tag Titles

“Uptown” Andy Brown & Maritza Janet defeated “Mega King” Tommy Wilson & “Mega Queen” Ashley Grace

Dioza Atenea defeated Heather Monroe to retain her WWS title

Kairi Hojo & Yoko Bito defeated Kaitlin Diemond & Kat Von Heez

Taya Valkyrie defeated Thunder Rosa to retain her AAA Reina de Reinas championship

All of these matches were fantastic and every wrestler competing gave it their all, that was very clear from the moment the first bell rang all the way until the last bell rang. It was nice to see two of the women that we see a lot of in Texas, Delilah Doom and Christi Jaynes, do their thing for a different crowd. Other than these two women and Sage Sin, I was seeing everyone else perform live for the very first time and I was impressed with everyone, including Donovan Troi.

Donovan’s promo leading up to the surprise appearance of Lucha Underground Stars El Mariachi Loco and Lil Cholo aka “Fierce and Fabulous,” was one of the best promos I have ever seen live. The surprise appearance of EML and Cholo was the icing on the cake. Even during the match, which was also great from bell to bell, Donovan knew when to insert himself and how to get the crowd riled up. The match ultimately saw Thunder Rosa and Holidead retain their NWA Vendetta Western States Tag titles, but Donovan swore to get the titles from the Twisted Sisterz if it was the last thing he did.

More bright spots from the night included the Andy Brown & Maritza Janett vs Tommy Wilson & Ashley Grace match, Thunder Rosa answering Taya’s open challenge for her AAA Reina de Reinas title and the match later in the night. But the match of the night had to be Kairi Hojo & Yoko Bito vs Kaitlin Diemond & Kat Von Heez. The back and forth action in this match, mixed with the crowd interaction was on point. This is no disrespect to any of the other matches, this is just the match, in my opinion, that stood out a little more than the rest. If you did not get a chance to attend, be on the lookout for the DVD very soon.

After the event, I had a chance to catch up with Sabotage Wrestling’s owner Brian Cervantez. You can see what we talked about below, links to follow every wrestler/manager that competed, as well as a small gallery of pictures taken by Gregg Sugimura. To view all pictures taken by Gregg at the Sabotage Wrestling event, click here. Please remember that all photos are owned by Gregg and permission should be asked to use photos, thanks.

H/F: Your first show is in the books. Talk about how it feels now that the show has concluded and you saw the great turn out and the positive reaction that the fans had afterwards.

BC: The feeling was awesome from the moment we picked up the first lady to the last. The positivity everyone displayed was amazing. The show has concluded, but that does not mean my job is complete just yet. Now to get back to promoting the matches and getting a DVD ready. The positive reactions displayed by the fans and the workers was overwhelming!

H/F: I imagine the weeks and days leading up to the event had to be stressful and nerve wrecking. What was going through your mind the morning of the show?

BC: Yes the weeks and days leading up to the event were stressful and I had my moments where I questioned what I was doing this for. The morning of the show was a bit nerve wrecking, because it seemed like time was standing still.

H/F: I’m not asking you to pick a favorite match, that would be unfair, but what are some moments that made you say or think to yourself, “Wow this happened at my show!”

BC: I actually was pretty happy with every match, which people who know me usually think I’m pissed off all the time. But during the show I had a grin on my face all night. The first time I heard the crowd chanting “Sabotage” was really cool. And throughout the night I heard the “this is awesome” chant a bunch. One of the coolest moments of the night was when Donovan Troi was cutting his promo and he called out his team and the pop that they got was awesome. Donovan Troi actually got me and my wife involved in Indy Wrestling so it felt like it was a give back moment. And also seeing Sparkey Ballard in the ring was pretty cool since he owns the training school where my wife got her start in wrestling (Gold Rush Pro Wrestling).

H/F: Can you say when the next Sabotage Wrestling event will happen and will we see Sabotage travel?

BC: Currently we are shooting for an early 2017 date (Jan or Feb). We would also like to do our 3rd or 4th show either in Nor-Cal or Texas. But going to take it one show at a time.

H/F: Any last words you want to give to the fans of Sabotage Wrestling?

BC: I want to thank them for supporting and showing so much love to the talent we brought in. I would also like to thank the EWF Crew for the set up. Heel/Face Wrestling for all the cool interviews that brought a ton of extra attention to the event. The Wrestling Guy Store for all the stuff they helped with. And all the great talent that came to Covina and worked their tails off! From the first bell to the last bell, the Women and Men of Sabotage should be proud of the work they put in! So go follow their like pages, follow them on twitter or Instagram and support them anyway that you can so they can follow their dreams! Thank you once again and see you at the next Sabotage show!

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