Wrestling Cocktails: The Cool Jade


Hello and welcome back, wrestling fans! It’s been far too long since we’ve had a drink together.

Today I am bringing you a mixed shot that I crafted to honor a very talented wrestler who I first encountered as Mia Yim, but many know as Jade from TNA: Impact.  Jade is fierce and beautiful, and I tried super hard to make her namesake drink equally so.

Jade TNA

I was incredibly fortunate to see Jade (then Mia Yim) live in-ring at the first wrestling show I attended, which was, interestingly, the same event at which I first witnessed Ember Moon’s in-ring prowess. That was quite a show. Thank you Anarchy Championship Wrestling! I have seen Jade a few times since, again at ACW and also at Inspire Pro Wrestling and have always walked away from her matches impressed by her presence and skill.

For those of you who have only watched Jade on TV, as great as that is, do what you must to see her at a live event. The difference can only be felt, it cannot be described in words.

Recently, Jade has made headlines for more than her in-ring work. On August first of this year, the Huffington Post published an article (read it here) in which Jade described both the domestic abuse she endured in a past relationship and her involvement in a campaign to fight for survivors. I, like most of her fans, was stunned to learn that she was a survivor. Jade is so strong and athletic it is nearly impossible for me to see her as a victim.

But I am also a survivor, and I am just so grateful that someone like Jade–someone fierce, and talented, and beautiful–had the courage to speak out. She is amazing, and I want to do my tiny part to help spread her message. So read on for the recipe for the Cool Jade, take a shot, and speak out against domestic violence! (Go here to learn about the organization Jade is working with.)

Put the Nail in It



Triple Sec

Sour Apple Pucker

Cool Jade from above



Start with equal parts of tequila, triple sec, and sour apple pucker (or sour apple Schnapps). Shake over ice, pour into a shot glass and enjoy!

Cool Jade from Side

I hope you enjoy the Cool Jade. It’s super easy to make, and also pretty and delicious! And if you’re in the drinking mood, how about trying the Spirit Bomb? It’s another shot I created for this series, honoring the Limitless Keith Lee, one-half of the Ring of Honor tag team Pretty Boy Killers.

As always, I remain:

Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

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#WrestlingCocktails is an ongoing series, so come back  and have more drinks with us! Are there any wrestlers you would like to have honored with a unique cocktail? Leave a comment and let me know!


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