RCW October event preview


On Friday October 7th, River City Wrestling will host their next event at the Austin HWY Event Center, located at 1948 Austin Hwy in San Antonio, Texas.  Five action packed matches make up this card and you do not want to miss it! Tickets for this event can be purchased here.

xavierAt the last RCW event in Kerrville, Anthony Andrews lost in a one on one match with Hernandez. After several chops from Hernandez, I am surprised to see that he is back in action so quickly. Speaking of Hernandez, the last time we saw Xavier Daniels in action at RCW, he was teaming up with Hernandez in an eight man tag team match. Hernandez and Daniels’ team was victorious that night and I think it would be a safe bet to say that Daniels will also be victorious again on October 7.

tagmatchThis match is all kinds of interesting. The Arrow Club make their return to RCW after a couple of months and the Mr. B/Rob Love feud continues to heat up. Nobody knows who Mr. B’s partner will be and it can be anyone! The Arrow Club are high flying, fast paced wrestlers who are sure to put on a show and can attack out of nowhere, so the other four men involved in this match must be aware of their whereabouts at all times. Skitzkrieg is a powerhouse and can stop almost anyone in their tracks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. B and Rob Love ended up fighting by themselves outside of this match and just take each other out completely. Not knowing who B’s partner will be, I’m going to say that the Arrow Club picks up the win here, due to the fact that I think B and Love will take each other out of this tag match and leave their partners with no help.

Paige Turner is becoming a regular here at RCW and we are not complaining one bit. She is a very solid worker and delivers every time she is in the ring. She is also going to bring it, speaking of bringing it, that leads us to the next competitor in this match, the Queen of Heel/Face Wrestling herself, Claudia Solis. You want to talk about someone who can dominate and take over a match at any moment, then you better say the name Claudia Solis. She can flat out go. In what will be an excellent match between two talented wrestlers, I fully expect the Queen of Heel/Face to walk away with a win here.

baby-dAfter defeating Nate Cross for the International title at the last RCW event, Joey Spector has now held every title with the company, yes that includes the Angel’s title. Baby D picked up a win at the last show too, defeating Delilah Doom and Paige Turner in a women’s triple threat match. While talking to us on our live podcast prior to the show in Kerrville, Joey mentioned that he has no problem taking out the Angels division, having already done it once before. Baby D has her mind set on gold and would love nothing more than to avenge all of the Angels who were taken out by Joey before. Seeing that Joey has just captured the International title, I don’t think he is ready to part ways with it so quickly. Sorry Baby D, but Joey retains in this one, but it won’t be as easy as he thinks it will be.

tag-titlesThe seeds for this match were laid back in August. After successfully retaining his RCW Heavyweight title against Lance Hoyt, Michael Faith was attacked by Hoyt and Paul Titan. Brandon Groom, who was then a co-champion, came out to try and make the save, but Hoyt and Titan proved to be too much that night and would get the better hand. Groom and Faith went on to face each other at the last RCW event to unify the RCW Heavyweight titles and that match ultimately saw Faith as the victor.

Now Faith and Groom find themselves with a chance at revenge and with a big prize up for grabs, the vacant RCW tag team titles. Hoty and Titan, the Towers of Pain as they have dubbed themselves, will indeed bring the pain, but Faith and Groom are no pushovers. They are out to show that night in August was a fluke and that they will walk away with a bigger win, taking the tag titles with them. All of this said, I think the Towers of Pain walk away with tag title gold.


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