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This Friday, October 7, 2016, Sabotage Wrestling will host an all women’s wrestling event that will be held in Covina, California. Several women are scheduled to be on the card that night, but we had the opportunity to catch up with someone who is managing a team, “Fierce and Fabulous,” and discussed their past, how they got into the business and of course Sabotage Wrestling. We caught up with the one, the only, “The Voice” Donovan Troi!


H/F: We noticed that you like to give back and help troubled youths. Talk about how this came about and what it means for you to do this.

DT: Before getting into professional wrestling in 2010, I was always an avid volunteer of giving back to the community. In 2003, I began volunteering my time to my high school theatre program (James Logan High School) teaching young students and high school students the art of the performing arts through monologues, stage placement, improv comedy and children plays. I volunteered my time for ten years, helping the next generation of performers reach their goals. In 2010 I began working with troubled youth at an Oakland Rehab Group Home, as I was earning my Bachelors Degree in Sociology. How did this all come about you ask? Well, I always believed in giving back to others that do not have enough; when I was looking into a career path for myself, I knew counseling and working with the youth was my life’s purpose.

H/F: You were in theatre in high school. Talk about how this has helped you in your current role in wrestling?

DT: Has your team been stalking my page or what? Yes, I have been involved in theatre since the age of 5 actually. My first performance was Noah’s Ark at the age of 5 where I played the role of the “Monkey.” Fast forward to high school, I had performed in choir, chorus, theatre and even musicals. The performing arts has been a vital component in my role in professional wrestling because it has given me the experience to transfer to the different roles I play with wrestling like commentary, announcing, managing and even being the host at live events.

H/F: What made you want to become a wrestling manager/ring announcer?

DT: Good question! In the late 90’s watching WWF Monday Night Raw I knew I wanted to be involved in professional wrestling, but knew I didn’t have the body type or the skill to literally put my body on the line day in and day out. I turned to the other personalities on the show, and realized, I could do that! I could be a Ring Announcer like Tony Chimel or Howard Finkel, maybe even a commentator, like Michael Cole or Jim Ross or a commissioner character like William Regal or Mick Foley. I knew that with my charisma and high energy I could find something to do in the world of professional wrestling. The more and more I discovered deep into the history of professional wrestling, I began seeing the manager role, such as Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji, Jimmy Hart, Sensational Sherri and others and thought, wow, I would love to be the talkative heel that helps their Superstars get to the next level of hatred by the Fans. I just had to be apart of the business! Just had to!

H/F: How did you get the nickname “The Voice?”

DT: When I was the volunteer theatre coach at my local high school in 2003, the other volunteer theatre coach, Safiya Thompson, gave me the nickname “Mr. Voice.” The nickname stuck with me for ten years while I worked the high school theatre program. When I debuted with APW (All Pro Wrestling) in 2010, I never considered using the nickname since I was the new kid on the block, but several APW Superstars began calling me “The Voice of APW” as I was the vocal point for several APW Projects including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Live Events. NorCal Pro Wrestling “The Boogieman” Joe De Soul called me “The Voice of NorCal” as I expanded my work with several other companies in Northern California and began to be reached out by other companies to be featured on their live events.

H/F: You teach promo classes for APW. What is it like to help people in the industry learn how to cut promos?

DT: I truly love to teach. I love to share my experiences in theatre and improv comedy and give advice to new students at the APW Boot Camp at The Gold Mine in Pacifica, California. Those men and women are hungry for knowledge, and though I can’t teach them the proper forms of a hip toss or a headlock, I can help guide the students on how to properly structure a promo, how to incorporate facial expressions, vocal exercises with how to reach peaks and valleys with volume and intensity techniques, as well as creating a character that is well rounded as either the “Heel” or “Babyface.” We also work on how to respond in character to interviews and how to deal with situations when having to perform with little notice. The students from The Gold Mine have put a lot of work in their character development and comfortability of cutting promos, and I am grateful in helping them with their professional wrestling growth.

H/F: Who has been your favorite person to work with on promos?

DT: From a student perspective, I love working with Mr. Goldsworth and Lucian D. Light because they are very hungry students that want to expand their characters and making them larger than life. Though their journeys have been different, they both are always seeking advice and thinking outside the box to make their characters unique and marketable. From a professional perspective, I love working with “Wrestling Personified” Rik Luxury and “The Heart Breaker” Mitch Valentine. These two professional wrestlers are oozing charisma and character, which allows my own character to synchronize perfectly to tell our own story to further our storylines and entertain the Fans.

H/F: Your sister was also in the business, did you ever work with her or did she ever come to you for advice?

DT: My sister, Dee-Lucious, is actually retired from BTW (Big Time Wrestling). She was a wrestler and manager to “The Chick Magnet” Dash Riprock. When she was performing at BTW, my sister Danielle and I would just be in awe of all the different trainings and situations she found herself. Unfortunately we never worked together at BTW as I joined as their Ring Announcer several years after her retirement. I know my sister is very proud of me though; she always shakes her head when my character is over the top and outrageous.

H/F: Let’s talk about Sabotage Wrestling now. Talk about how you became involved with this promotion.

DT: When the event was first announced and several of the women wrestlers were signed to compete I never figured I would be involved with the event due to not being a female wrestler or currently managing a female wrestler. After a few weeks of Sabotage Wrestling being advertised, Sabotage Wrestling contacted me if I was interested in being apart of the event as a Manager. Once the proposal was on the table, I knew I wanted to be involved with the project as several top tier talent from all over the world would be at the event, as well as their respected company leaders and officials.

H/F: What does it mean for you to be a part of this event?

DT: What does it mean to me? Well, Sabotage Wrestling gives me another platform to bring my style of entertainment to a new audience in Covina, California. I have never performed in Covina, and I’d imagine several of that Fan base has never seen a character manager as myself. I am looking forward in showcasing my talents and abilities to a whole new crowd THIS FRIDAY!

H/F: What can fans expect from this card?

DT: Ohhh… they should expect some of the top tier women wrestlers showcasing their hard work and dedication inside the squared circle AND “The Best Looking Manager Of All Time!” “The Manager Of Champions!” “The PCW Vice President!” “The Voice” Donovan Troi with MY Head Of Security Alexander G. Bernanrd and MY NEW TEAM – “Fierce And Fabulous!” Mwahaha!


H/F: I know you’ve been teasing it a lot, but are you ready to announce who will be on your team this Friday?

DT: Wait? You want me to spoil the fun right here and right now? You gotta be joking me right? Friday? The Sabotage Wrestling Fans will witness with their own eyes my newest creation, “Fierce And Fabulous!” Let me tell you this… I have hand picked my newest team because I believe in their superiority and the mastery they have inside the ring! Victory shall be OURS!

H/F: Who are you looking forward to seeing the most from this card?

DT: You mean besides the NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling Western States Tag Team Championship Match between The Twisted Sisterz and MY TEAM Fierce and Fabulous? Well, I am excited to see the AWS Women’s Championship Match between Nicole Savoy and “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin. I am also keeping my eyes open to see which other top tier talent is qualified to join MY TEAM for future events, because let’s be honest, I am “The Manager of Champions!”

H/F: What is it going to take for your team to walk away with a victory over Holidead and Thunder Rosa?

DT: That is simple, keep the sisters down on the mat and not let them get back to their feet. They think their little lucha and fast paced style will get the victory, but they are so wrong! MY TEAM will hit harder and faster keeping the sisters down for the 1, 2, 3!

H/F: Do you think there will be other events like this in the future?

DT: I believe so! NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling in Santa Maria and Gold Rush Pro Wrestling in Pacifica have already demonstrated that women’s wrestling is hotter than ever! I believe the Fans are seeing the women wrestlers have just as much charisma and talent inside the ring as their male companions. Women’s Wrestling is here to stay, and I look forward in seeing a lot of my sisters in the business getting their opportunity to shine under the bright lights.

H/F: Anything else you would like to tell the fans?

DT: Sure! Love me or hate me, my goal is to entertain the masses show in and show out regardless of which company or city I am scheduled to appear. I appreciate all the support all these years, and I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been given me these last six years. I would definitely not be here if it wasn’t for my trainers: Roland Alexander, Larry Blackwell and Rik Luxury. Their support and guidance has truly formed “The Voice” Donovan Troi! You can follow my journey on and on Twitter @DonovanTroi. SEE YOU AT THE SHOWS!

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