Gold Rush Pro Wrestling’s The 4th Golden Rule card preview


Tomorrow night Gold Rush Pro Wrestling will host their next event titled “The 4th Golden Rule.” The event will be broadcasted live on their YouTube channel as well as here on The start time for the event is 9pm (Central)/7pm (Pacific). Presale tickets are $15 and door tickets will be available on the night of the event at the venue for $20. The wrestlers and matches for this event can be found below.

Gold Rush Dynamite Division Championship Cage Matchdynamite
King Kratos declared his desire when he became the Newly Crowned King of the Gold Mine, that on October 1st, he will become the 1st ever triple crown champion in Gold Rush history. He challenges “The Bad Boy”‘ Boyce LeGrande for the Gold Rush Dynamite Division Title and this match will happen inside a steel cage!

Gold Rush Tag Team Championship Match
The Resident Cowboys have been to hell and back with their guns blazing forward. Saturday night they take on the odd couple and Tag Team Champions Shamrock the Leprechaun & Rik Luxury, who will be accompanied to the ring by Lucky The Leprechaun & Lawyer Donovan Troi! Can the Tag Team Champions get on the same page and retain the titles or will the Resident Cowboys seize the day and saddle up with the tag team championships?

Gold Rush Lady Luck Championship Match
The Lady Luck Title is on the line as the champion “The Beauty Queen Killer” Kikyo Nakamura takes on Christina Von Eerie in a surprise stipulation match that King Kratos will reveal on October 1st at the 4th Golden Rule. This is a match that you do not want to miss!

Gold Rush Heavyweight Championship Match
Sinister Swine sent out his Three Little Pigs as sign of what is to come for the Gold Rush Heavyweight Champion MPT. Now Swine has revealed that he is sending the War Pig to destroy and obtain one of the most prestigious championships that he can get his dirty hands on! Can Mr. Prime Time get down and dirty in a fight with the War Pig? Or will he be left in the slop as the War Pig gets his filth all over the gold?

Also scheduled is a 4-Way Elimination Tag Team Match to determine the #1 Contenders for the Gold Rush Tag Team Titles and Will Roberts continues his “Young Lions Quest.”
This match can go so many different ways as you have the “Golden Boy” Dylan Drake teaming with Kaka Meng for the first time ever since he was unable to team with his little brother, Ethan White. White was forced to go back to bootcamp after losing to Manny Mars at “The Golden Gate” back in July. Speaking of Manny, he will be in the match as well, teaming with his trainer, “Outta Control” Matt Carlos, as they look to prove they are the best trainer and student combo at the Gold Mine. Both teams will also have to worry about two mystery teams, as the “Superior Man” Alexander G. Bernard, along with his butler Mr Goldsworth and Kimberly Diamond, have a surprise partner, who sources say is the best partner money can buy, and we all know money is no object for AGB. Rounding out the match, we have a mystery team led by Lucian D. Light. Most people have speculated that the mystery team will of course be former tag team champions, the Suburban Commandos since they have an alliance with Lucian and Dynamite Division Champion, Bad Boy Boyce LeGrande, collectively known as the “Westside Cuzzies.” If so, no team has better chemistry or experience in the tag division. Just which team will pick up the win, en route to becoming the new #1 contenders? And who will the mystery participants be? Join Gold Rush Pro Wrestling on 10/1 to find out!

Editor’s Note: Portions of this preview were provided by Gold Rush Pro Wrestling.


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