Heather Monroe discusses upcoming Sabotage event


On Friday October 7, 2016, Sabotage Wrestling will host an all women’s wrestling event that will be held in Covina, California. Several women are scheduled to be on the card that night and we had the opportunity to catch up with one of them, Heather Monroe, who is not afraid to throw caution to the wind and lay her body on the line to get a victory (as seen in the pics below).



H/F: How did you become involved with Sabotage?

HM: I was approached by Thunder Rosa to take part in Sabotage. I have been working really hard to get my name out there since being a part of the Puscifer Tour, so I was very happy about that.

 H/F: What does it mean for you to be a part of this event?

HM: It means a lot to me to be a part of this event. Women’s wrestling is becoming more and more popular as people realize what we are capable of and to be able to be a part of a show that is going to feature so many amazing and well travelled women, is a huge honor.

H/F: What can fans expect from yourself and all of the other wrestlers on this card?

HM: They can expect me to go out there and put on a show. I have been working very hard to better myself and I’m using this as a chance to show I belong with all of the other women on the card that have been around longer than me. I have a feeling everyone is looking to put on amazing matches that will keep people talking about women’s wrestling.

hmfly hmdamPhotos courtesy of Heather Monroe’s facebook page.

H/F: Who are you looking forward to seeing the most from this card?

HM: It might sound odd, but I’m really excited to see my opponent, Diosa Athena. I really love the Lucha Libre style and I know that she is going to teach me a thing or two in that ring about it. It’s a really huge opportunity for me to show that I can hang and a chance for me to show off my training. I’m getting ready every Tuesday with Los Luchas at the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy that’s for sure.

H/F: Do you think there will be other events like this in the future?

HM: I think that people will see how successful this is and will want to see more. Women need more platforms like this to show that we aren’t just special attraction matches, we can have a solid show with great wrestling. Short answer: yes I think it will lead to more.

H/F: Anything else you would like to tell the fans?

HM: If you don’t know who I am yet you will soon enough. I’m looking to make my mark in women’s wrestling and my time is now!

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