Chorus of Marks: Fade II Black



September 25th, 2016 will bring us Fade to Black 2. The previous Fade to Black had some big matches and a few surprises, don’t remember? Check it out here.

Taggcade came soon after the first Fade To Black and here is hoping that we get another Tag Tournament soon, but before that we have to talk sequels of both Fade to Black and Battlewars.  Fade to Black had the return of The Submission Squad to Texas and Terrale Tempo made his Inspire Pro debut. This show also started the yelling to drown out Jojo and it was when Cherry was sold to the Rabid Empire, which fired him just last show.


Matthew Palmer proposed to Athena(now known in NXT as Ember Moon) at this show as well! I believe this was Juggle-O’s last Inspire show and Sammy’s second one since his return. But let us look at Fade To Black 2!

R.K: Inspire Pro is presenting Fade To Black 2. I remember that the last fade To Black show didn’t seem to gel completely, but this card looks to make up for that. Lots of big ones on this card.

Three-Way Tag Team Scramble Match: Chico and The Man(Bolt Brady & El Fantastico) vs Epitome of Wrestling(Rique Jackson & Thomas Soloman) vs Mystery Team:

R.K: Three Way tag team scramble. I’d like to make an important point about this match: This is the kind of match I think Inspire Pro should start the show with. I haven’t been a huge fan of the idea of starting shows with main event level matches (Palmer vs Gregory James and Angelus/JoJo, for example). It seems like it kind of puts the pace a little “off” to me. This scramble looks like a very exciting match with a mix of newcomers and people folks want to see (Bolt Brady), and even the element of a “mystery” team. Plenty of reason to get to the show early, without spending one of the biggest matches. I hope to see more openers like this in the future. Also, I give huge points to Bolt/Fantastico for coming up with one of the coolest team names in a long time – Chico and the man (Love it).

Shana H: Epitome of Wrestling.

Brandon R: This is one that should be a fun match to watch as a scramble match. El Fantastico has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him at TCW. Bolt is a fan favorite, so that should get them excited. Rique is another I know from TCW, but I am not very familiar with Thomas Soloman. Still three of the four are solid, fun wrestlers that know what to do and how to work a crowd.

As for the mystery team, all we know is that they are new to Inspire Pro, I don’t know if that means as a team or if they have never been here separate or as a team.  They were hand picked and groomed by someone within Inspire Pro and it will be an ENERGIZING DEBUT. Who are your guesses with the clues given? Without knowing who the third team is  picking a winner is tough, so I have no clue on this one. Energizing makes me think Super Electro but I REALLY doubt that is the case!

Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Connection Championship:  CONTRAversey(Davey Vega & Tim Storm)(C) vs The Submission Squad(Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico):

R.K: Twin Dragon Championship. I really have high hopes for this one, because I know that the Submission Squad is capable of bringing some serious wrestling to a tag team match, and CONTRAversy is the kind of team they perform well with. I know they do a lot of comedy and that’s fine, but I’m hoping to see this match move into some serious competitive WRESTLING at some point. If it doesn’t and stays on comedy, I have to say I’ll be disappointed. 

Shana H: The Submission Squad.

Brandon R: Whew, Davey Vega and The Submission Squad know each other. They have worked together and fought each other all over the U.S. The only “wild card” is Tim Storm, but while he is an unknown to them, they are to him as well. There will be comedy in this, but Vega and Storm are less comedy when together, so I don’t think it will be all comedy. People sometimes forget if the Submission Squad is focused they can be hard to beat as they know each other so well. I think it will be a much tougher battle then people expect, but I feel CONTRAversey will keep the belts. 

Terrale Tempo vs VOID IV:

R.K: Terrale Tempo vs VOID IV. O.K., I created a little…controversy…myself, by saying that I think I know who Void is and that I believe Tempo will not win. I don’t really want to say who exactly I think Void is until day of show. But let’s say that I think it might be someone who is a very accomplished and an underrated Texas wrestler who’s been gone awhile, and who might be coming back with a more serious attitude and some scores to settle. If The Void is this man, Tempo will not win. The experience factor along with the surprise of how good this guy can be will be too much to overcome, and that’s not a knock against Tempo; I just think this guy is much better than he gets credit for. I actually have two possibilities of who it can be – one is smart money and the other’s an outlier, and they both fit this description actually. I’ll give those predictions at the show. I’ll give one hint – The smart money is that it’s a guy who’s had business with Chris Trew’s movement before.

Shana H: Void IV.

Brandon R: Terrale Tempo just keeps getting better and better and is fresh off of a massive battle for the Fungressial Medal, which he won. But after that he was attacked by a masked man who we found out is the newest Void! He always attacks Chris Trew, which he didn’t need to do so he seems to have a history with him. We have had several Void’s before, one even female, but this one seems to be all new. Mike Dell was the first Void. Void II was played by Matthew Palmer and the final male Void was Cherry, both Dell and Palmer used it to get back at people who knew them too well. Cherry just used the unmasking to his advantage. We did have a female version but they only showed up once and we never even got a hint of who they were. I believe that the man behind the mask here is a former member of The New Movement but not by choice, Jiggle O James. There are a few others it could be but that is who I am sticking with.

Jojo Bravo vs “Juicy” Cherry Ramons:

R.K.: JoJo/Cherry – Hmmm…I think Cherry’s going to have a lot of trouble with this one. JoJo’s been really, really good these days, and Ramons has just found himself on the outs. JoJo wins this one.

Shana H: Cherry Ramons.

Brandon R: This is the fallout from last show. Cherry was fired from the Rabid Empire and when he tried to take it out on Nigel, Jojo stepped in and attacked. This lead to this match, The Rabid Empire has been a little short on people lately, so Jojo may be alone besides Nigel, but so will Cherry as he is no longer part of any group. So if the Empire plans well, they can’t lose. But hopefully Cherry will know that and be prepared. I am cheering for Cherry to win.

Ray “Death” Rowe vs “The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara:





R.K.: Ray Rowe/Sammy – Loving this. As I’ve said on twitter, I was very impressed that Sammy responded to Biss’s announcement that he would be facing Rowe with a shoulder shrug. I’ve been liking Guevara more and more lately, but that move got me, right there. Huge, huge respect for this kid. Not only that, but Ray Rowe has become the guy I want to see get beat in Austin; much to my mother’s dismay, as she loves Ray Rowe. Understand that it’s not that I dislike Rowe, but he has become THE GUY that no one can beat. The side of me that cheers for the underdog wants to see that taken down. I’m cheering for Sammy all the way, and I believe he will actually find a way to win this one (probably won’t be clean-cut though). For what it’s worth, I will be cheering for Ray Rowe at Wrestle Circus.

Shana H: Sammy Guevara.

Brandon R: Sammy G is on a HUGE roll, having won several matches over the last few shows at Inspire Pro, including beating both Lince Dorado and Matt Cross in a triple threat match. They even admitted that by beating two of the best, Sammy is now one of the best. Outside of Inspire Pro he got a match with #CWC wrestler Zac Sabre Jr and won that match as well, for all R.K.’s talk above about Rowe being the man to beat, I think Sammy can claim the very same, maybe even more so. I have a feeling that Sammy will find a way to win, but I want Rowe to teach him a lesson. Still we have not really seen Sammy face someone like Rowe and it should be a unique match up. 

Inspire Pro XX  Division Championship: Jessica James(C) vs Mia Yim/Jade:

R.K.:  Jessica/Mia (Jade) – Huge match for Jessica here, with a big star who’s very popular in Austin. I’ve always said that Jessica James is the most interesting person on any card and it continues here. This is the match to watch, as it’s going to be a lot of fun to see how Jessica figures out how to win this one. And Jessica WILL win this one.


Shana H: Mia Yim/Jade.

Brandon R: Not much I can add here, both of these wrestlers are amazing. Jessica James has grown in leaps and bounds and is more focused then we have EVER seen her. Mia Yim/Jade has gone on to face new threats and challenges in TNA and has not been back to Texas in awhile, but the last time she was here, she had a hell of a match. Winning the Inspire Pro XX Title would be something she has NOT done, as well as beating Jessica who has been taking on all comers and winning. I think Jade will study and have some surprises ready, but I feel that Jessica James keeps the belt this night.

“Centerfold” Matthew Palmer vs “More then Just” Steve-O:

R.K.: Palmer/Steve – You can never go wrong with a Matthew Palmer match; he’s the SECOND most interesting person on any card (after Jessica James, of course). Steve O-Reno has taken on a more serious approach lately, which I think he’s needed for a long time (just like Jack Jameson). Steve-O wins this one.

Shana H: Steve-O.

Brandon R: Honestly just sit back and enjoy this one. Both men are amazing and add little things to their matches. I think, like R.K. says, that with his more serious take on things that Steve is going to get the win here.

Lumberjack Match: “One Man” Mike Dell vs “The Texas Lion” Carson:

R.K.:  Dell/Carson lumberjack – This is a rivalry that just keeps being great for me. I’ve wanted to see an old school stipulation match like this between these guys for a long time. Who’s going to win? Who knows? Smart money actually says it’ll be inconclusive again (which isn’t really a bad thing, if you get where this is going), but I’m going to make a wild prediction here – We will see interference, and possibly the return of Reigns or Shine. I don’t know who the interference will benefit, but I predict one of these guys will win because of it. However, it will not settle the feud.

Shana H: One Man Mike Dell.

Brandon R: An old school lumberjack match, which fits these two perfectly. Plus with the way the last one ended, this will help. I don’t know who the lumberjacks will be, but let us hope that a few of them have issues with the two of them and makes them want them to get involved. Winner: whew…tough call. I am going with Carson with a flip of a coin.

Delilah Doom w/ Roxy Castillo vs Laynie Luck w/ Allie Kat:

R.K.: Doom/Luck – For a long time I was far from being on the Delilah Doom bandwagon, but I must admit I’ve been getting there lately. I like the intensity and wrestling skill she’s been bringing to matches, and I definitely see the work ethic. As far as who wins? I don’t know how it’s going to happen but there will be shenanigans, and someone will win a tainted victory because of it (will we see Christi Jaynes?)

Shana H:  Delilah Doom w/Roxy Castillo.

Brandon R: A hell of battle coming up here, Doom has proven to be radical and Laynie Luck is trying to carve out a name for herself, and with her leaving Texas soon, she will want to rack up some wins before moving on. The biggest questions will be what parts Roxy and Allie will play and if Delilah Doom’s new friend, and New Movement partner, Angelus Layne will get involved and if Roxy will let her? I have a feeling that if Layne does come out and Roxy gets upset it could cost Doom the match. Otherwise I give the nod to Doom.



Inspire Pro Heavyweight Champion “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs Pure Prestige Champion “The Limitless” Keith Lee:

R.K.: Ricky Starks vs Keith Lee. I love the fact that this isn’t a “title vs title” match, but a match to determine the greater champion; that’s exactly how I wanted this to be. I like to see Lee when he’s tested, and this one will definitely be a test. I’m cheering for Starks, in the same way I’m cheering for Sammy over Rowe – Lee is an unbeatable guy who I want to see someone get past. Who will win? Hmm…My first impulse is to say Keith Lee, but here comes another wild prediction: Ricky Starks wins, because of…politics. I have an idea of what that means, but this is another one I’m saving until day of show. See you there.

Shana H:  Keith Lee.

Brandon R: Ricky is as talented as they come, the guy will be huge and his name, or whatever name WWE gives him, will be huge. I will not and refuse to take anything away from him. He is great on the mat, in the air, pumping up the crowd for good or bad and makes the mic his own! Keith Lee is…well LIMITLESS! He speaks great on the mic in a whole different way, but no less amazing. Both men are champions at Inspire Pro who have very different styles. They had to work together recently to face the Inspire Tag Team champions and came up short. It is part of the reason they are battling at this show. I am almost always going to go with Keith Lee and that is not going to change here, Ricky will make him feel and earn this win, but he will win.



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