Delilah Doom discusses upcoming Sabotage event


On Friday October 7, 2016, Sabotage Wrestling will host an all women’s wrestling event that will be held in Covina, California. Several women are scheduled to be on the card that night and we had the opportunity to catch up with one of them, Delilah Doom, who we are pretty familiar with.

We regularly see Delilah perform in the Texas scene and she frequently is a guest on our podcast, Heel/Face Radio. Our very own Jason Harris has professed his allegiance to her and has become an official “Doomie” for life. Her #DoomiesNeverSayDie hashtag on twitter is filled with many others who have become Doomies and her popularity is continuing to grow. Delilah is set to take on Kat Von Heez at the Sabotage event, but before she gets to that match, you can see what she had to say about the upcoming all women’s event taking place next month below.



H/F: Talk about how you became involved with Sabotage.

DD: I got a call from Ms. Thunder Rosa one evening telling me about a huge opportunity she had for myself and many other female wrestlers. She then went on to tell me about the idea and planning for a huge, all-women’s event. I knew I had to jump at the opportunity.

H/F: What does it mean for you to be a part of this event?

DD: I feel very honored to have been considered for this event. The card is made up of some of the best female talent from not only the United States, but from Mexico, Japan, Canada, etc. To have been asked to be apart of such a group really made me feel like people are noticing the hard work I’ve been putting in. I’m beyond thankful.

H/F: What can fans expect from yourself and all of the other wrestlers on this card?

DD: The fans can expect, from top to bottom, a very exciting and fun packed show. I’m sure all of us women are looking to be our best, do our best, and put on the best wrestling show we can for our fans. I am very excited to be coming home to California as well. We will be very close by to my home of San Dimas.


H/F: Who are you looking forward to seeing the most from this card?

DD: As for who I am most excited to see on this show, I can’t pick just one. Like I said, all the women involved are some of the best from around the world. How tubular, right?!? I can’t wait to watch every one of them kick butt and prove why women’s wrestling is so important.

H/F: Do you think there will be other events like this in the future?

DD: I hope that there will be more events from this promotion in the future. Hopefully, I make a big enough impact that I will be back, too.

H/F: Anything else you would like to tell the fans?

DD: I can’t wait to see all my DOOMIES October 7 in Covina, Cali! Come support this totally rad, all women’s event. See you then, and remember: DOOMIES NEVER SAY DIE!

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Be sure to follow Sabotage Wrestling (@Sabotage2016) and Delilah Doom (@delilah_doom) on Twitter and pick up some of Delilah’s new shirts at Pro Wrestling Tee’s here. Also, be sure to give Sabotage a like on Facebook.


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