Liv Morgan calls out NXT Women’s Champion Asuka


Liv Morgan may be tiny, but there is no denying she has a ton of fire and fight inside of her. Speaking of fight, that’s exactly what she wanted against NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka.

After winning her match against Rachel Fazio via submission, Liv addressed the statements she’s heard that the NXT Women’s Division has cleared out and there’s no one left to fight for the NXT Women’s Championship. She stated that’s not the case and she wants a fight. Although the world may think she has a death wish, if she cared what the world thought, she would not be here and she wants the NXT Women’s Championship and Asuka!

Asuka has yet to respond to Liv’s request (on NXT or social media), granting or denying a title shot, but stay tuned to NXT every Wednesday at 8:00pm ET to see how our NXT Women’s Champion responds!

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