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I am a MAN!

I recently had a chance to sit down and talk to Jack Jameson, a wrestler who I have enjoyed since the first time I saw him. He was fun and the longer I watched him, the more I realized he would do just about anything or have any match to further himself and entertain the paying fans. It was a staple of his for many years, but recently that changed and I was curious to talk to him about that and other choices over his career. It was quite an eye opener and I learned some things about him and what it takes to make it as a wrestler in this day and age. But this is not about me, it is about Jack so let us get to what he has to say.

Passing of the Anarchy BEARD!

We started out with the basics of course, laying out some of Jack’s history for people who do not know him or all he has done or where he has been.  Some may know of his trips to Europe, perhaps others know of his trip to Japan. While others may not know of either or the various states he has already lived and wrestled in. He has not been at the sport as long as some because he started later than most. His mother wanted him to have a degree in something before he followed his squared circle dream.

An American Beard in Europe

So he started at the age of 23, but like anyone who wants to be good or great at what they do or love, he has never stopped training. Lance Storm was one of his earliest trainers and he even roomed with Rich Swann, a name you MAY have heard of (#WWECWC). Jack has trained in Europe several times and over in Japan with Kaz Hayishi and KAI. The Great Muta and Kevin Owens have both watched and critiqued his matches. He has lived and wrestled in Florida, St. Louis, and Texas. He has future dates in Las Vegas and Australia as well some other big plans that he will discuss when he is ready.

From these varied training lessons, Jack learned how to tell a story, how to tease a finisher and how to stand out. But no matter what, there is ONE Jack Jameson and he is always that Jack. He is always Lance Storm’s microwave-hating protege. Jack and I also talked about Lance Storm’s run in WCW and WWE.  Lance had almost every belt in WCW except the Heavyweight title. He was also the first WCW member to “invade” the WWE, so while he is not always considered a top tier talent, he had quite a run.


We then went over his Texas career. Jack wrestles mostly in ACW and TCW, but has also wrestled for RCW and a few others. Sadly, even given all his training and drive, he has never been invited to the Inspire ring, which is a shame. But he has his own thoughts on that as well.  While he knows it is not the only reason, he feels a major cause is the drama brought on social media by Bolt Brady, about a pretty crappy thing he did. Jack owned up to it, though. He admitted his wrongdoing, which is what Bolt said he was trying to get Jack to do, and though Bolt said he would stop he didn’t and it still goes on.


As Jack explains it, he messed up bad. He has owned up to it and said he was sorry and talked to the people affected directly. He is not blaming anyone but himself, and he doesn’t compare his social media drama to that of others. Jack’s position is that others have also made mistakes that affect the ring. No one is immune, even Bolt has some skeletons in his closet.  Jack’s biggest issue with it all is that his mistake had NOTHING to do with wrestling, it didn’t make a company look bad, it didn’t make a fellow wrestler look weak or bad, so why is he not forgiven by Inspire? It is the only thing that he is still curious about in the whole saga.

We talked a bit about how wrestlers get booked, he talked about how some are proactive, others wait for the promoters to contact them. Some use EVERY tool from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to show their skills and talent with their contact email for bookings. Some do shows and let their reputations build, others contact the bookers directly. As for promoters and what he feels makes a good or great one he said you need one that makes your promotion feel like HOME! You feel love, comfort, safe, you feel like you have family. While pay is needed, you really need to feel you can be YOU. Doubly so if it is your home promotion.

Practicing his Rockette routine.

Recently Jack Jameson has turned heel, a thing that seems to be the current trend because as Jack says–but only after a well worded warning–that you can only blow so much air into a balloon before it explodes or pops. His reasons for going heel were many, but came down to respect: from fans, from fellow wrestlers, from companies and more. At the various shows he has been speaking out and while it sounds like just more heel speak, it comes from a deeper place in him.

He talks about how the fans don’t buy his merch, they know him as a nice guy and the fan-loved and -loving wrestler. He’s The “MILF hunter” Jack Jameson and he talks to the fans before shows, during intermission, and even after, but he is sick of the constant assumption from fans that they are his friends and deserve free merch or tickets or whatever. They don’t want to spend the money that supports him and allows him to wrestle. To be fair, he is not taking advantage as a fan offered him a drink after his turn to heel and he knocked the drink to the ground! Weirdly enough he sells MORE merch now as a hated heel.


But even with all this going on he still feels that outside of wrestling he is still a nice guy, he has come to realize that entertainment hates an empty void and if he is getting roasted and bashed online or behind the curtain, it brings people together or makes them feel better, then that is great. He hopes it works out for them but he does ask that people stop screenshotting him the stuff being said, he no longer cares and he knows it is going on, but wants no part of the pettiness of it anymore. He knows the ones letting him know are well meaning but he no longer needs it.

As I failed to do so when talking to Biss, until Biss reminded me, I asked Jack what he thought about the huge blow up with Brent and Super Mex. He didn’t really have an opinion, he thought Brent standing up for himself and others was great, but he felt the aftermath went on a bit long.  But having been in several states both wrestling and living and the only time he felt it was different or that he was out of his element was Japan. It made him rethink a lot about what he thought he knew. One story that stood out is when he was outside the Tokyo Dome, where he was the face, a fan came up to him and wanted to touch his beard and he allowed them. Then the heel he was facing that night walked up at that point and the fan looked at him and shook their finger at them and got away fast!

Did he just murder someone?

Outside of wrestling, Jack got a degree in Behavioral Modification and that has helped a ton in the wrestling world. He also took speech debate in college which has helped with mic work and promos, but was more of a help when he starred in “Meet Me There,” a strange but unnerving look at horror in a small town. If you have not seen it, you should give it a watch. He found being in the movie a nice return to his roots. Speaking of that, Jack Jameson once wrestled for Attack and Destroy Wrestling where Marvel was a booker and even then he gave you tips and setup matches that would MAKE YOU better. They entertained you, but always made you improve, so when Marvel opened up Hybrid, Jack knew it would be great and he even used stuff he learned there in JAPAN!

If you have not seen this, DO SO!








As we did with Biss and what I think will become a signature for my interviews, I asked Jack for his thoughts about fellow people in the business. This time from a wrestler who has been ALL over, who as Ludevig pointed out, has more stamps on his passport than many of the wrestlers who bash him.


Brandon Oliver:  Shrugs. RCW is a good company.

Kyle Hawk: So much talent. Like poker, in the game of life you have to know what to do with the hand you’re dealt. He may be unsure of his hand right now, but I hope he has the money to buy back in if needed.

Masada:  Learned so much, both in and out of the ring from him. Became a best friend in wrestling and very glad he is on MY side, though I do love and hate how brutally honest he is on matches.

They are on FIRE!

Scot Summers: Took me from Innocence to Insanity, we have known each other a long time and would go through the fires of hell for each other, literally. 

Bolt Brady: While much was said above, I do want to restate that I don’t wish anything bad or awful to happen to him. I hope he gets what he wants but if I could ask or wish one thing it would be that Bolt would stop dropping my name all over, just leave me alone and let me go to the future in peace. Just keep my name out of things.


ACW: Home, helped me become the wrestler I am today, a huge part of who I am as a wrestler. I have friends and family here and always will. They helped me more than I can say and I felt I have given my all to help them put on great shows, the skin off my back. REAL skin off my real back.

Inspire Pro: Doing really good and great things, they have made a name for themselves in a very short time and keep growing. I hope it continues for them and the workers involved.

Biss: Had my back from the get go, I will always be grateful, regardless of where our paths take us. Regardless of if we cross paths again or not, I wish him the best and I will be indebted to him forever.

Mr. B: Gave me a chance when no one else would.  We fought through the front lines together and stick with each other through thick and thin, I would take a bullet for him if needed.

Chris Trew:  A natural.


Angel Blue: Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty

Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty


Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Dirty Poophead! Longest feud to date. Still most brutal match I have had and I have been on fire!

So Jameson has done and seen A LOT, more than many people-myself included- even knew. I always was and will be a fan, but even I had no idea how many states he had been to, how many people he has trained with and asked advice from. He has gotten The Great Muta, as I said above, to give him tips about his matches. At PWX, he asked Kevin Steen to watch and critique his match. Steen outright said NO. After the match, Steen came up to him and said he watched, he told him no as he didn’t want him to do anything different. He sat Jack down and tore him apart for 30 minutes!


He will be in ACW, which has some big shows coming up, The Lone Star Classic, The December show which has some type of family deathmatch. Then GBA, of course, in January. He also has TCW, where he has gone heel as well and it should be fun to see where he goes with that there, as the rules there are way different than ACW. In October he heads Down Under to battle Osprey and in November he heads to Sin City!







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