TCW Top Rope Rumors: September


A new month and a new round of rumors! True or False? Little bit of column A, Little Column B. To find out which is which, you should be coming to the TCW show and see for yourself, you may be shocked at what happens!

Brysin Scott gives up wrestling to become a model for a new line of Super Hero wear.

Ruthless Lala just makes her own belt, which anyone who proves they are ruthless enough gets a shot at.

The current TCW Women’s champ issues an open challenge to any other current women’s title holder in any other company, saying she is the best.

Kenneth Johnson from the Cruiser Weight Classic will go after the TCW Heavyweight belt.

Just Willie will issue a Four Leaf Clover challenge for a shot at his belt. What is that? Who will be involved? Stay Tuned!

If TCW Twitter gets enough followers, a prize will be forthcoming to fans and followers!

Evren Orion will start a following, they will soon rule TCW and expand on to RCW, MPX, ACW, and Inspire to start with. Their ultimate goal? Known only to Orion.

Mr. B and Ruthless Lala were like family, and may still be, but the last show caused a riff and Ruthless wants another shot at that title. Can they handle this riff? Will they mend fences or will TCW be broken up in a “Civil War?”

TCW would like the fans to be more involved, so they are looking at doing a TCW Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday like show, how would it work and what would it involve? Stay Tuned.

A certain Native American will make a sneak return. He won’t say more but said he would be striking from the shadows and going after the mainstays and gold holders!

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