Ruby Raze discusses upcoming Sabotage event


On Friday October 7, 2016, Sabotage Wrestling will host an all women’s wrestling event that will be held in Covina, California. Several women are scheduled to be on the card that night and we had the opportunity to catch up with one of them, Ruby Raze, who resides in Hollywood, California. You can read what we talked about below.


H/F: Talk about how you became involved with Sabotage.
RR: I actually was at a podcast with “The Wrestling Guy” store when word came in that Sabotage was going to be happening. They had previously asked me if I had that date available, but I think it came down to the fact that the people holding the event knew who I was and have worked with me in some fashion before, and I fit the bill of what they needed. Which is really any way an average wrestler gets booked for events. You hustle, you get your name out there and if you fit what people are looking for you get in…or you just bust down the doors and get your foot in somehow!

H/F: What does it mean for you to be a part of this event?
RR: I am highly honored to be a part of this event because I feel like it’s bringing together some great talents that maybe haven’t really gotten to wrestle much in SoCal, let alone gotten to mix it up with local talent. For me specifically, I am fired up to tangle with ladies I haven’t gotten to meet on the road yet. I think this event has a huge potential to open up a lot of doors for people and fans alike!

H/F: What can fans expect from yourself and all of the other wrestlers on this card?
RR: Maybe this is just me, but I am expecting to pull out all of the stops at this show. In this business I don’t find it often for someone like myself to be able to just show case all you can do at every event, but this is one of those events where I am looking forward to showing SoCal things I keep on the back burner and in my reserve tank. I’ve unleashed some here and there, but I’m hoping to unleash a lot more at Sabotage!

H/F: Who are you looking forward to seeing the most from this card?
RR: My opponents across from me!! Haha!! Besides that I am really looking forward to seeing Delilah Doom. It’s been my hidden secret, but I’ve wanted to wrestle her for about a good year now. I know she tore it up against my friend Angelus Layne before and I’m looking forward to seeing how she’s progressed since then and how she will fare against another larger female when she takes on Kat.

H/F: Do you think there will be other events like this in the future?
RR: I really hope so. I hope this can be a twice a year or even quarterly event. I know it can’t be cheap running a show like this, so a monthly gig would be near impossible, but I also don’t know that a monthly event would do this sort of show justice. I would love to see this on a somewhat regular basis and I think that shows like AWS ladies night show that when given the stage, women can throw it down, bring in the crowd and really thrive.

 H/F: Anything else you would like to tell the fans?
RR: Oct 7th is going to a mighty fine day for wrestling in SoCal so come out, bring your kids, and check your worries at the door. Enjoy a night of wrestling that you have not gotten to experience while it’s here. Also, follow me on any and all social media under the name “Razerpops.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

Be sure to follow Sabotage Wrestling on Twitter (@Sabotage2016) and give them a like on Facebook.


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