RCW Live in Kerrville card preview


On Saturday September 3rd, River City Wrestling will be back with another action packed card for you from the Hill Country Youth Event Center, located in Kerrville, Texas. The card will feature a unification of the RCW Heavyweight titles, an RCW International title bout, a women’s tag team match and much more! You can see the full card with a small preview of each match below.

Anthony Andrews vs Hernandez

Hernandez and Andrews were on opposite sides of an 8 man tag match that also featured Mr. B, Xavier Daniels and Jack Delfino on the same team with Hernandez and Rob Love, Joey Spector and Just Willie (who replaced Boom Boom at the last minute) on the same team with Andrews. That night Hernandez was delivering “Flair” chops from hell! I don’t know who or what made him mad, but I was sure glad that I wasn’t on the receiving end of those chops! Andrews was a recipient of several of those chops and now he finds himself as the center of attention for Hernandez. While I do think that Andrews is a solid wrestler, I think Hernandez walks out of this one with a victory in another dominant battle.

RCW International Championship Match: Nate Cross (w/Dahlia) (C) vs Joey Spector

It has been a little while since we have seen Nate Cross in an RCW ring, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy competing. Having Dahlia with him certainly gives him an advantage, but Spector has his eyes on the prize and knows he must capitalize on this opportunity.

I had a chance to chat with Nate Cross and asked him about coming back to RCW to defend his title and what it will take to retain the International title, here’s what he said. “What it means to come back to RCW is simple, I’m not coming back for the fans, I’m coming back for money & belts!”

“As far as Joey is concerned,” Cross continued. “He’s a seasoned vet & a good wrestler, but he’s not sexy enough, nor rock n’ roll enough to open this big bag of sex chips & take my title bay-bay!”

I like the confidence that Cross has, however, I think this time we are going to see the title change hands and I’ll be the first to congratulate Joey Spector.

RCW Phoenix Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Rob Love (C) vs Mr. B vs Skitzkrieg vs Just Willie

Rob Love was not happy about having to defend his Phoenix title for the first time in a fatal four way match. He took to twitter to announce his displeasure.

Rob Love teamed up with Just Willie in part of an 8 man tag match, in which their team lost, against Mr. B and company, who looked to enjoy beating on Love’s team. Now Love finds himself in a fatal four way defending his newly won Phoenix title in a match where he doesn’t even have to be pinned to lose the belt. Skitzkrieg was involved in a triple threat match for the RCW heavyweight title at the last event, but Brandon Groom found a way to retain his title, even with the odds stacked against him. Skitzkrieg now has another opportunity at gold, only the odds are smaller and I don’t think Rob Love is ready to relinquish his title just yet. Mr. B, who Love won the title from, heated up his feud with Love live on our preshow podcast before the last event and you know they can’t wait to get their hands on each other again. Just Willie is a great competitor who poses a serious threat to win too, if he can somehow manage to dodge the fire that will be blazing from Mr. B and Rob Love.  Somehow, I think Rob Love finds a way to walk out of this match with his Phoenix title in tow.

Women’s Tag Team Match: Baby D & Delilah Doom (Baby Doom) vs Claudia Solis & Paige Turner

At the last RCW event, a women’s tournament was held to crown a new RCW Angels champion. All of the women competing in this tag team match competed that night and Delilah Doom made it to the finals, where she ultimately lost to Katie Forbes. RCW just announced this week that Forbes will be back on November 4th to defend her title, however, her opponent has not been named yet. Doom seems like a favorite to land a rematch with Forbes, but I am sure Baby D, Claudia Solis and Paige Turner may also have a say in that. Each woman will get their opportunity to let some of their frustration out that they expressed to us after the last event and they could possibly use this match to showcase why they are worthy of a chance at the belt once again. This should will be another good match that will feature some great spots and a lot of action. Give me Baby Doom for the win, don’t hurt me Claudia, you’re still the Queen Heel of Heel/Face Wrestling!

RCW Heavyweight Championship Unification Match: “Samoan Beast” Michael Faith vs “Brideless” Brandon Groom

FAITH VS GROOM! FAITH VS GROOM! FAITH VS GROOM! It’s just fun to say that! I’ve been looking forward to this match ever since it was announced! The “Samoan Beast” Michael Faith is a very powerful, agile (yes I said agile) and great wrestler and Groom can flat out go. Groom’s talent was on full display in July when he squared off with Jeff Jarrett and he held his own. The “Brideless” one may be up against his biggest challenge to date, but the same could be said about Faith. In what is sure going to be an epic match, I just hope we get a clean finish and none of Boom Boom’s cronies get involved, Paul Titan and Lance Hoyt included.

Michael Faith gave us a few minutes of his time and talked a little bit about the upcoming unification match. “I have known Brandon Groom for a long time and as most know we are good friends,” Faith said. “Unfortunately, we are in situation that I must defeat my friend to be the undisputed champion. That being said, I guarantee no-one will want to miss this match! I know him very well and he knows me very well, so we are going to have to pull out stuff we never do or have not done in a long time to beat the other. No matter the outcome, this will be a great match, or a fight, or both! Either way, as much as we are friends, I am still going to have to beat him to solidify myself as the sole champion of RCW!”

Brandon Groom weighed in and gave his thoughts on the match as well. “Dearly beloved, I couldn’t be more excited to finally become the unified and undisputed RCW Champion as I feel I should have been this whole time, although I don’t mind sharing some times, because there’s plenty of Life to Live and love to give. Especially when it comes to the RCW fans, but it’s like a man sharing his bride with another man, it just can’t happen, at least not for forever. So September 3rd, Brandon Groom will set out to this affair and bring his bride home to the rightful husband to the rightful groom…. and that match made in heaven is the picture of Brandon Groom, embracing his bride which is the RCW title, and the reception is for the RCW universal celebration!”

You don’t want to miss this card! It’s yet another solid card from beginning to end! Tickets can be purchased here. Also, today is the last day to purchase bus tickets. The bus will take you to and from the event and you are allowed one six pack ice cooler per person on the bus.


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