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Total Championship Wrestling is back! Coming off the last show, which was outside and had some major changes from new tag team champs, to Jack Jameson turning on his fans and even a challenged issued by the new TCW champ Mr. B to Ruthless Lala! So what matches are listed for the School is Back in session show? Let’s take a look!

Big Time Reggie Lincoln has only had a few matches at TCW, but is a fan favorite and will be taking on a man who was part of Team Reason last month and the first taken out, Sammy Haggard. Reggie is a fun guy who seems to just enjoy entertaining, but has not been here long.  I have not yet gotten a great read on Haggard yet, but I would figure as the first one taken out and the fact that NONE of his teammates even tried to help, he has something to prove. So both men have some extra drive to win, Reggie to cement himself in TCW and Haggard to take back the loss he started for his team last month.

Ruthless Beatdown

The Lost Soulz will return with a very angry Paco! They lost the tag team titles to Darin Childs and Jojo Bravo in a super quick match and Paco wants and needs them to prove themselves and I am sure they feel similar as they got beaten quickly. Strong Steel is who they will be battling this time, a team consisting of Tony Strong and Kenny Steele, who are good both in singles and tag team matches.

A win for the Lost Soulz will make Paco happy and put the Lost Soulz back in the running for the TCW Tag Titles. Strong Steel getting the victory would raise their stock as The Lost Soulz were LONG time Tag Champs and maybe even put them in sight of Tag Team gold.

Jason Silver, the man who soaks up pain and is known as the Complex Killer and one half of Unholy Complex, had a hell of a match last show. He was in the ring with both American Eagle and Tiger Hart and had a weird spot in it all. The crowd really booed Tiger Hart, cheered loudly for American Eagle, but Jason just kind of got some fan reactions when he did something cool or helped American Eagle, it was a weird dynamic.

Regardless, Silver got the pin on Tiger Hart, but let American Eagle bask in the glory of the fans. Meanwhile, Richard Reason had put together a team to battle his rival, Brysin Scott, and his team. While Reason was the last man standing for his team, he and the team as a whole lost. Reason and Silver have similar hand gestures and messages for the fans, though they are very different in how they approach it. This should be a fun battle, while Reason may want a win to make up for his last loss, Silver is on a roll and can take punishment that would make some superheroes slow down.

TCW will have a mixed tag match going as well. Baby D, who made a huge splash not long ago when in her debut match at TCW, when she beat Ruthless Lala. She did that not long before fighting in the ACW Queen of Queens tournament and while she didn’t win it, does put you against some tough opponents. She will be teaming up with TCW TV champ Just Willie, who has had battle after battle. He has defended his belt against all comers, including Lance Hoyt just last month. He gets a slight breather here as the belt is not on the line and he has a partner, but who they have to fight…

Amanda Rodriguez

Jack Jameson, the man who would be a favorite, has turned on his fans and friends. Saying they have done nothing for him, not even something as simple as buying his merch, so he is DONE with the fans and is in it for himself. He has learned all sorts of new moves and ideas in Japan and England and is going to show whoever gets in the ring with him his anger and  what he learned.  He is teaming up with Amanda Rodriguez, whom I don’t know much about, except she is fast. Is she fast enough to offset Baby D’s strength?  Come find out!

Then the match I know everyone has been waiting for since hearing about it! So much to say here, Mr. B and Ruthless Lala, two long time wrestlers and mainstays at TCW. Hell, they consider each other family. Mr. B has more than once called Ruthless his sister. They have stood by each other’s sides through thick and thin, but lately Ruthless has been, well, more Ruthless than usual.

She believes–and I am not disagreeing with her–that she should be going after gold. Most obvious, the TCW Heavyweight Title. She should be in a title picture somewhere for some belt. The TCW Heavyweight Belt was vacated due to matters outside of and beyond TCW’s control, so at the last show the belt was put up in a three way match.

Steve O Reno, Mr. B and Jack Jameson all battled for the chance to be the new TCW Heavyweight champion and Mr. B got the win, barely. In his first speech after winning was to name his first opponent in Ruthless Lala, who came out and accepted the challenge, even saying it was way past time, but Mr. B went one further and made it a last man standing match!

So two friends who are so close they consider themselves family and long time TCW staples will be battling for the TCW Heavyweight Championship in a match that you only win when you damage your opponent so badly they can NOT get up from a 10 count. Then, just when you think it can’t get more news worthy, this marks the FIRST time that a woman has challenged for the TCW Heavyweight Title! So much drama and excitement, I really hope you do not miss this show!

These are the known matches, which of course are subject to change, and their is always a surprise appearance and/or a match that is not listed or happens due to another match or interference. You NEVER know what may happen so you must be there.

Current Champ Mr. B



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