Jaynes Journal: Viva Mexico!


Hello and welcome to the very first edition of Jaynes Journal! Today I am going to be talking about my recent weekend of wrestling, which included a trip to Mexico!

First things first. I started my weekend by going to Dallas the night before, so that I could catch an early flight to Mexico.

Waking up at 4am, yikes! But I wouldn’t change it for the world! Once I got to Mexico, one of my first stops was to get some wrestling boots made for me!

I had to get some food, so we stopped by a restaurant to get a bite to eat. and of course it starts to rain before my match is set to take place, of course!

After a couple of matches (in the rain), not being able to understand  your opponent, oh and having my opponent show up literally two minutes before it was time for us to go out and perform, I was TIRED! In this video I talk about all of this and some upcoming matches that I have.

Here is a look at the crowd that I had just performed in front of and of course you have to have a little fun while you’re traveling right? LOL! Here is a video of me going down this slide they had at this festival. Enjoy!

Man, I thought I was tired before, now I was REALLY tired, my neck hurt and my thigh was cramping for some odd reason…..yeah. Also, when I was at the airport leaving for Dallas to get to IHWE on Sunday, I was detained because of my Masada shirt and almost missed my flight. Apparently they were on high alert that day and a “kill the world” shirt was not appropriate to travel in. Whoops!

Ok, I lied again. Now I was REALLY REALLY tired! Operating off of minimal sleep, but sleep is overrated, right?

For the most part this trip was unique because we did three straight days of wrestling for the same promotion. Normally it’s three separate promotions. So I did three days in Mexico and one day in Dallas. A lot of traveling, a lot of exhaustion, but also a lot of FUN! Definitely had my whole left arm bruised from being thrown into a pole, but other than that, it was a great time, great food and great people! Some pics from my weekend are posted below. Until next time!

-XOXO Christi Jaynes

The guy that is in the pics and video with me is Luciano. He is the promoter for Lucha Libre Femenil aka (llf.mx) in Monterrey, Mexico. Sarah Del Rey was their champion at that promotion and she used to wear a mask, but had it taken off of her there. The blonde is Polly, she also has had her mask removed and Tsunami is the girl that helped me with my 2 finishers, hence why when I arrived at IHWE, I used the Tsunami Drop on Laynie Luck to Win!


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