Welcome to the Circus! A New Promotion Comes to Austin Texas


Hello wrestling fans! Have you heard the news? There’s a new promotion in town! The company is called WrestleCircus, and it’s run by a husband and wife team who share a passion for professional wrestling. When I found out about WrestleCircus, I was immediately intrigued. I reached out to them and fortunately found them to be approachable and also super interesting! Continue reading for our conversation and WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS!

(Quick note: These questions were asked and answered in early August, so a few answers might seem dated. I decided to leave everything as-is because I feel that the information provided by WrestleCircus is best received in its entirety.)

Wrestle Circu


(Heel/Face) Who are the men and women behind WrestleCircus?

(WC) WrestleCircus is run by a husband and wife – both coming from outside of the wrestling business, but both with successful careers outside of wrestling. WrestleCircus is our passion project and we intend to stay behind the curtain and let the professionals do what they do best. This isn’t going to be the type of indy fed where the promotors are trying to put themselves over. We think we’ve got tremendous potential in Austin, TX with the amount of local support and we are excited to bring professional wrestling back to it’s roots – where it all began in Circus/Carnival shows.

(Heel/Face) What are your backgrounds? For example, are any of you trained wrestlers? Or do you have other kinds of experience in the business of wrestling? Or is WrestleCircus your first foray into the world of the squared circle?

(WC) WrestleCircus is our first foray into the world of wrestling, but we have a lot of trusted advisors working with us. I know that may scare some people in the beginning, but we are huge wrestling fans and personally, I could drop a ton of wrestling history knowledge on you. I was e-fedding at age 13 and have been playing EWR (never switched to TEWR) since it was released. So yeah I’m a bit of a wrestling nerd. But again, this is the type of thing where we understand how to conduct and run business and we are leaning on the wrestling talent to advise us in the areas we may need help. We do have a wrestler in the family and he will be running on some of the shows, but just like anyone else he needs to earn his place in the Circus.

(Heel/Face)  Are you from Austin? If not, what attracted you to this lovely city?

(WC) I’m originally from Upstate New York (Hilton, NY) but I’ve been in Austin, TX now for almost 12 years. My wife grew up outside of Houston (Katy, TX) and we both love the Austin culture and think it’s such an ideal place for some great wrestling shows.

(Heel/Face) Is there a story behind the name “WrestleCircus”? (Crossing my fingers!)

(WC) Well, yes and no…. haha. When I was growing up, my brother and I had created this fictitious promotion that we called “Lucha Carnival” and we had a ton of created characters that we would just write stories for. We were both huge fans of the lucha libre style and in particular we loved Rey Mysterio, La Parka, Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy + many many more that I could go on and on about. Obviously within the past couple years, Lucha Underground came out huge and I’m a HUGE fan of their work, their production style and really everything about the promotion. I knew that if I was to go with “Lucha Carnival” it would come across as a bit of a ripoff, so we re-worked the title into “WrestleCircus” and we are really happy with the name and branding behind it.

(Heel/Face) What five words best describe your vision for WrestleCircus?



(Heel/Face) What do you hope to add to the Texas wrestling scene?

(WC) There is a lot of great wrestling in Texas and we’ve got Inspire Pro and Anarchy Championship Wrestling right here in Austin, but we wanted to bring something a little bit different. We are getting a little bit of flack for not having a bunch of local guys on our first show and that’s okay. I can understand where some of the fans are coming from, but we are wanting to bring fresh faces to Texas and especially the Austin wrestling scene. I think competition is always a good thing so it should only help to elevate InspirePro, ACW, VIP Wrestling (in Dallas), Reality of Wrestling in Houston, etc… And in turn of course they will keep us on our toes and make sure we are always raising the bar.

(Heel/Face) Which Texas wrestlers are you most looking forward to working with?

(WC) That’s a bit tough, you know, because I’m really looking forward to working with everyone that I’ve booked on my show – or else I wouldn’t have booked them. Ricky Starks and Sammy Guevara definitely bring that excitement with their matches and of course Lance Hoyt is a big guy that can really move in the ring and has experience with the WWE, NJPW, TNA, etc… You name it and he’s done it. I’d say one of the talents I’m most intrigued by is Christi Jaynes, because she is so new but she’s just a sponge and she’s doing really well jumping out of the gates. I think she’s a natural and it’s probably only a matter of time before she’s a major female draw on the indy scene. The sky is the limit for her for sure.

(Heel/Face) Who is your favorite male and favorite female indy wrestler?

(WC) Again, I think that’s incredibly tough to answer because I think once you make up that decision that “Okay, I’m going to be a wrestling promotor,” it’s because there is so much talent out there that you want to work with and have on your shows. I really went out and handpicked many of my favorites from around the country to debut on my first show. Davey Boy Jr, Tama Tonga, Michael Elgin, Lince Dorado, Tony Nese – I mean those guys are some SERIOUSLY talented performers. And of course I talked about Christi Jaynes earlier and picked Jessica James as her opponent because I felt like “why go outside of Texas when we have one of the most underrated female talents (James) right in our backyard?”

I think a lot of the wrestlers that I’m working into my shows are excited about our brand and excited about what I’ve shared with them. We’ll also have some guys coming in over the next couple months that I can’t reveal yet, but they will be people the fans are familiar with and hopefully it keeps the fans coming back for more and more.
(Heel/Face) Can you reveal your venue yet?
(WC) Yes, so our debut show will be at the Ironwood Hall in downtown Austin, just off 35. We wanted a convenient location in an area that had plenty of accessible parking, etc… There were several places in contention and we’re already a bit worried we may outgrow Ironwood Hall pretty quickly, but of course that would be a good thing. For now, we think it will be a great venue for us and it’s an intimate environment with a bar setup that I think the fans will enjoy. As far as the future goes, it’s hard to say where we may expand to. I know a lot of people are wanting us to throw a show in a circus tent, and to that I say “Never say never…”
(Heel/Face) If you could describe WrestleCircus as a genre of music, which genre would it be?
(WC) Oh man, I would just say to put on Danny Elfman movie soundtracks and we’re something like that.
(Heel/Face) Did you watch NXT tonight? If so, did you clap your hands and squeal like a little girl (as I did) when Ember Moon’s promo came on?

(WC) Of course, I never miss NXT. I absorb all wrestling, whether it’s NXT, WWE, ROH, TNA, NJPW, PWG, AAW, etc… and of course I support our local indies and the wrestling shows across Texas and my home state of New York.

I’m really happy for Athena/Ember Moon and it’s great that ACW helped her to get to where she is today. That’s our goal as well, to help catapult these wrestlers into achieving their dreams, which I think for most is to see themselves in the WWE one day.

WrestleCircus’s debut show, The Opening Act, will be held at Ironwood Hall in Austin Texas on October 16. I won’t be there because me and my fiance (and fellow Heel/Face writer!) Brandon Roy will be in Las Vegas getting married that day. But YOU should be! Tickets available at WrestleCircus.com.  Matches announced for “The Opening Act” can be found below.


If you are a wrestling fan and live in Central Texas, you owe it to yourself to be there for The Opening Act. I have a feeling WrestleCircus is going to make a BIG impact on the local scene.

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with WrestleCircus! As always, I remain:

Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

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