After the last RCW event, we had a chance to catch up with some of the wrestlers who had just competed in the event. We spoke to Delilah Doom, Baby D, Phoebe and Skylar Slice, all of whom had just competed in a women’s tournament, as well as Michael Faith. Faith successfully defended his RCW Heavyweight title against Lance Hoyt, but Hoyt and Paul Titan attacked Faith and co-RCW Heavyweight champion Brandon Groom also took a beating when he tried to save Faith. You can find the audio clips from that night below in a very special edition of Heel/Face Radio.

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You can also listen to each individual interview below.

Delilah Doom:

Baby D:


Skylar Slice:

Michael Faith:

And in case you missed the Claudia Solis and “Boom Boom” Brandon Oliver interviews, they are below for you enjoy!

Boom Boom Brandon Oliver:

Claudia Solis: