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Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome back to The Wrestling Signs of Our Times!

It’s August, and you know what that means: it’s the biggest, slammiest part of the professional wrestling summer! That’s right, it’s SUMMER SLAM TIME. I’ve been waiting for this since Battleground and believe me when I say the event did NOT disappoint! The action was phenomenal, Naomi and Balor’s entrances were astonishingly good, and there were clever and attractive signs everywhere I looked! So let’s take a closer look at those signs, shall we?

Here at Wrestling Signs of Our Times, I rate the signs I spot at WWE pay-per-views and then rank them based on five criteria: Best Overall Sign, Worst Overall Sign, Best Wrestler-Specific Sign, Best Non Sequitur, and Most Attractive Sign. I introduced this blog series last month after Battleground and I plan to keep it going every month. These five categories will never change, but sometimes I may add an Honorable Mention or two. And I invite your additions in the comments!

Let’s get to the ranking!  

  • Best Wrestler-Specific Sign How fun is this sign?

first cena sign

  • Most Attractive Sign This sign is seriously arty. You can tell someone put a lot of work into it.

Finn Balor

  • Best Non Sequitur When I first saw this sign, my reaction was “Huh?” And I quickly snapped a pic because I thought it was a beautiful non sequitur. Later on, I said the words out loud to myself and realized how very much like “Brock Lesnar” they sounded. So I did a quick Google search and oh, my!

bork laser


Leave it to the Internet. 

But this sign does NOT belong in the Best Wrestler-Specific category. It is far too meta and Internet-culture-loving-itself for that. It belongs right where it is.

  • Worst Overall Sign Friend of Lindsey, I mean no disrespect. But dude, you shelled out for front-row seats at Summer Slam and you couldn’t go the extra mile by making a super cool sign? Instead, you bring two signs (one saying “Hi, David” and the other saying “Hi, Lindsey”) and you hold those up throughout the entire show. Ugh.

worst of summer slam

  • Best Overall Sign This is an incredibly well-executed sign. With just three words (one of which is ‘is’) it manages to be a full sentence and a clever insult and it references four wrestlers (Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Enzo Amore, and Big Cass)! Wow. And it looks good, too! Bravo, sign maker!

Best of Summer Slam

I have a couple of honorable mentions to add this time! First, my own:

  • Honorable Mention 1 Who among us hasn’t had this very thought while watching a WWE PPV? We love them, but man. 

long show ss

  • Honorable Mention 2 This was submitted by my editor. Oh, Bork Laser!

got juice

I hope you enjoyed the Summer Slam edition of Wrestling Signs of Our Times! Did you see a fun sign at the event that I missed? Leave a comment and tell me about it! If you’re like me and just can’t get enough of wrestling signs, check out my other series Wrestling Signs of Yesteryear where I am watching every single Wrestlemania and ranking the signs according to these same five criteria.

As always, I remain:

Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

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