Inspire Pro: FOREVER


So after many, many months of being away Inspire Pro has RETURNED! They have a new home, but they are still putting on amazing shows. If you missed the return of Inspire, you may hate yourself…well FOREVER! If you missed this, you missed out on a great new place, a series of amazing matches and nothing I say will equal that, so I will end it here by just saying, you missed out on something amazing. Thanks for reading.

R.K Predictions of the Night: Long time readers will know this, we have a fan who is at almost every show and makes sometimes scary close or accurate predictions before the show starts.  Here was his for this night:

Christi Jaynes will come out during the Blondetaurage match and help them, turning heel. This will allow Blondetaurage to win.

CONTRAversy wins the match against Starks and Keith Lee when Starks goes heel by just leaving the match.

Okay, not really, but  that is almost how I feel, but I am going to try and cover everything that was brought in both returning feuds and all the new. First for  ones that only care about the wins and losses I will cover them first, so you  can just read that if you’re curious.

Jojo Bravo def. Angelus Layne

Gregory Symonds def. Cherry Ramons

Chico & The Man (Bolt Brady & El Fantastico) def. The Submission Squad (Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelistico)

Terrale Tempo def. Lance Hoyt, Matthew Palmer & Steve’O Reno in a Four Way Elimination Match to win the vacated Fungressional Medal Of Honor

Mike Dell vs. Carson ended in a Double Count Out

Sammy Guevara def. Lince Dorado & Matt Cross in a Triple Threat Match

The Blondetourage (Laynie Luck & Allie Kat) def. Delilah Doom & Jessica James

CONTRAversy (Davey Vega & Tim Storm) def. Keith Lee & Ricky Starks

Inspire Pro moved to a new home, The Red Oak Ballroom, and it was very nice. It had a huge lobby and a small bar with many types of food as well, from Queso and Sliders to bigger meals. It was a nice change and most things were priced fairly. The two weird things to get used to were the fact there seemed to be no handicap parking, which is weird for a huge center like this. Second, was the amount of police around, a little weird. Otherwise an amazing place. We also had a new sponsor there in Scoop Me, a new ride share here in Austin.

So we open with The New Movements Angelus Layne vs Rabid Empire’s Jojo Bravo. These two factions have been feuding for some time now, having lost and traded wrestlers in their war. Now the newest member of New Movement will take on the de facto ring general of Rabid Empire in Jojo Bravo.  Roxy Castillo made her feelings known by leaving before the match started, not happy with the add on of Layne.

Jojo used a lot of sneak attacks and chokes to try and keep the upper hand. Angelus got in some brutal attacks and slams when she caught him, but then Jojo got injured. It looked like Nigel was coming to his aide, but Trew stopped him and they battled outside the ring. Nigel got away from Trew long enough to grab Layne’s leg causing her to slam onto the mat and allowing Jojo to get the upper hand and pin Angelus Layne for the win. Winner by pinfall: Jojo Bravo and Rabid Empire.

While everyone else headed to the back, Nigel Rabid stayed out in the ring and Cherry Ramons came out to a surprising amount of fan support. Gregory Symonds the Guru came out next with incense and a Namaste chant started. It looked like Symonds “borrowed” boots from Nitro/Mundo.  Symonds said Cherry had too much ego and he wanted to heal his 3rd Chakra, but Cherry wanted none of that and hit his music and started his normal Cherry dance moves. While he did that, Symonds started working on Cherry’s Chakra’s and when Cherry turned his back Symonds attacked.

This was followed by Symonds asking for love from the crowd right before hitting Cherry pretty damn hard. Cherry strikes back even taking Symonds down and going for the pin, but Nigel was telling him that he was too close to the ropes, however, Cherry went for the pin anyway. Symonds then used the ropes to break the pin. Nigel gets up and in the ring screaming at Cherry for not listening and following orders and then slaps him. This goes back and forth until Symonds takes advantage and rolls up Cherry for the win. Winner: Gregory Symonds by Pinfall

Jojo had come back out by this time and when Cherry started yelling at Nigel, Jojo attacked him from behind and left him lying in the ring as Nigel fired Cherry from the Rabid Empire. So Cherry is free from The New Movement and The Rabid Empire, so what will he do next? I have a feeling that the Rabid Empire has made a hell of a new enemy. Evan and Pierre, The Submission Squad, came out next all dressed up with a book called The Rules.

They said they had something to say, that in wrestling and life you have to follow the Rules and when you don’t there are consequences. Barrett Brown did not and now he is dead! They were there to let us know and introduce us to their new manager, Celine Dion. The Submission Squad had issued an open challenge leading up to this event and while they were talking, a tag team decided to answer the challenge.

Bolt Brady returned to Inspire Pro and with him was El Fantastico! While they were not formally introduced, I was excited to see El Fantastico there. While the Submission Squad said they figured they were here to answer the open challenge, they were mourning a death and asked for a moment of silent prayer and asked for everyone to bow their heads. While everyone did that, the Squad attacked Bolt and El Fantastico and Bolt got most of the offense in for his team as they battled.

Bolt and El Fantastico used their high flying skills to keep the Squad off balance, with El Fantastico leaping outside to take out Evan. Finally Pierre gets frustrated and tries to hit Bolt with The Book of Rules but misses. Bolt took advantage of Pierre being off balance and knocked down Pierre and got the pin. Winner: Chico and the Man(Bolt and El Fantastico). After this match we were heading into the 4 way Fungressional Medal of Honor.

The Fungressional Medal of Honor had been vacated recently, long story, and a match where 4 of the best would be pitted against each other with the winner getting the Medal. The medal allows you to go after ANY Inspire belt over the next year! The four wrestlers going for the medal would be “The Centerfold” Matthew Palmer, Steve O’ Reno, up and comer Terrale Tempo and “The American Pyscho” Lance Hoyt. A very mixed group of wrestlers.

Matthew Palmer and Lance Hoyt are the ones with the most ring time over all. Matthew is amazing and can adapt his moves and style to anyone he battles. I have seen him take on lightning fast guys like himself and huge monsters of guys like Hoyt and Rodney Mack. Lance Hoyt is a man out to hurt people, the more you annoy him or get in his way, the more pain you have coming to you. A very scary dude. Steve O’ Reno is a fan favorite normally, he is fast and can hit you with a lot of high flying, full body moves. Not easy to catch or keep up with, but even when you do, he is tough as hell. Finally Terrale Tempo, a member of New Movement, is the newest to the Texas Indy scene. The man is learning all the time, he is strong and patient, but has some surprising agility as well.

The fans were largely behind Tempo, but all four men went right into battle, hitting each other with everything they had and it was nuts.  At one point, Steve flew off the top rope to nail Palmer with a drop kick as Palmer was standing and then he finished with dropping his elbow on Tempo! Although, when Palmer got up, he went right after Steve and got a pin. This took Steve O Reno out, but Steve was pissed and pushed Palmer in anger. Did I mention that Palmer was on the top rope and that he got pushed right into Hoyt, who choke slammed him and then pinned him? That left Terrale Tempo vs Lance Hoyt!

But, I just noticed I failed to mention, the Ref messed up the count with Palmer at first and Hoyt got pissed, but managed to get the 3 count right after.  Tempo and Hoyt went at it with the crowd coming down on Tempo’s side. After a fierce battle, Tempo managed to pin Hoyt!  Winner and new FMOH owner: Terrale Tempo! But, this was not the end, as a masked figure(a new Void? Connection to The Strangler?) attacked Tempo and Christ Trew. Here is the thing, he focused more on Trew, his anger at Tempo seemed secondary which made me think it may be a former member of  The New Movement. Attacking Chris Trew and one of the newest members of New Movement? I am going with James Johnson.

A congrats was given to former Texas star, Athena, now known as Ember Moon in NXT. A best of Inspire Pro: Athena DVD was made available. We, of course, bought one right away. Jessica James came out right after that and said she wants to issue challenges to ALL WOMEN out there. The best and ones who want to prove themselves, come one, come all. She had a name this time, MIA YIM/Jade and she wants to battle her on Sept 25th at Fade II Black.

We headed to intermission with that statement and I finally met a couple of my fellow Heel/Face writers and learned that Lance Hoyt never threw an interception when he played college football at Texas State University.

We returned with the Clash of The Best out there with Carson vs Mike Dell. The cheering was split about down the middle between the two, but “One Man’s” fans tend to be more vocal and the fans get into as the two go at it, just attacking each other brutally. At about what would be the halfway point, Carson has an arm injured, but no one quite gets the upper hand as they battle back and forth.

Finally, Dell managed to get Carson down and even hit the Dellbow, but Carson was smart enough to roll out of the ring before Dell can get the pin. Dell followed him and was going to leap off the apron, but Carson got up and hit a spear type move on Dell. They kept battling outside the ring and the ref hits the 20 count, making it a double count out. Carson did roll back in, but the 20 count was already done. No one wins this battle and a group of people including Steve O Reno, Kody Krash and others come out to hold them apart.

Sammy G, the Best Ever in his own mind, is in a three way battle at this show with CWC participant Lince Dorado and Lucha Underground star, Matt Cross.  Lince came out by Shana, The Heel/Face guys and myself and started a wave that went around about 3 and 1/2 times. This match was insane, so much flying and some crazy ways of using the ropes by Matt Cross. Sammy G went to the top rope to fly off and almost took his face off on the ceiling with a moonsault to the outside.

Lince went for a rolling attack pin, but Sammy reversed it and put Lince in a pin to get the win. I think it surprised many and after the match, all three men were spent and Sammy allowed Lince to help him up. Lince took the mic and said that Sammy was in the ring with two of the best out there and the fact that Sammy beat them, that makes him one of the best himself.  When Sammy was given the Mic, he said he agreed and told the other 2 to get the hell out of his ring.

He claimed no disrespect, but as they said it was his home, his ring, he has taken control and told them to leave. After they did, Biss came out to cut Sammy off and asked Sammy if he really thinks he is better than everyone? Even Ray Rowe? He would get a chance to prove that at Fade II Black. Sammy G vs Ray Rowe was announced!

Tag Team action was up next as The Blondetourage, Laynie Luck and Allie Kat, came to Inspire to take on Jessica James. They attacked her at the last show as a team, so Jessica picked out her tag team partner in Delilah Doom to take them on.  The match started out in Jessica’s favor as she managed to dodge and move in such a way that she causes Blondetourage to hit each other.  Having learned from that, when they get a hold of Doom, they cut the ring in half, keeping Doom in their corner and dominate.

When it looks like Doom and Jessica James may finally get the chance to make a return and fight back, a young woman in a leather jacket came out from the back at some point and is watching the match.  When the moment comes, this woman attacks Jessica James and beats her down, allowing the Blondetourage to beat down and pin Doom. They kept attacking her after the match as Jessica was still out. Then, Angelus Layne came to the rescue and helped Doom up after chasing away Laynie and Allie. Doom pushes her away, not wanting her help, but when Layne says she would let her get beat down next time, she just wanted to help, Doom has a change of heart and they hug it out.

Main Event Time, four of the biggest belts in Inspire Pro are involved in this match. Inspire Pro Heavyweight Champion Ricky Starks is teaming with Pure Prestige Champion, The One, The Only, Power Level over 90,000, limitless KEITH LEE to battle the Inspire Twin Dragon Connection Tag Team Champions in CONTRAversy(“Bleeding Heart” Davey Vega and Tim Storm). This all started when all the wrestlers were claiming their belts were the most impressive or important.

As Starks came out, several people near me said he smelled like Cotton Candy, my allergies blocked me from smelling it, so I will take their word on it.  Roxy introduced Keith Lee, saying we had to move buildings as Keith Lee has cracked the very FOUNDATION of the last place. Sparklers have nothing to his eyes, she has the best Keith Lee introductions. They came out one at a time, while CONTRAversy came out together.  Sometime early in the match, Keith Lee just  stopped everyone and posed in the ring, allowing everyone to Bask in his Glory.

RIcky and Storm started the match battling for just a little bit, then Ricky tagged in Keith Lee. Lee knocked down both Storm and Vega before picking up Ricky and tossed him in the air to come down with an elbow on Vega. Ricky took over at that point, but Storm and Vega were ready. Once they had the openings, they double teamed every time they could and did their best to not allow Ricky back out or Keith Lee back in. Starks got to his corner and finally got the tag, allowing Keith Lee back in after some time out.

Keith came in and WRECKED HOUSE. He took them both out and kept knocking them down for a bit. Tim Storm finally squared off with Keith Lee, going strength for strength. It went crazy for awhile, Vega kicked Keith and Ricky took out Vega and that put everyone down, but Keith was the first one back up and got Storm in a submission move while Ricky held Vega. Just when it looked like Storm may tap out, Ricky and Vega fell over onto Keith Lee and broke the submission.

This led to Ricky and Keith trading words and yelling. Both were upset and the distraction allowed CONTRAversy to  double team Keith and Ricky and they got the win and won the bragging rights. Winner by Pinfall: CONTRAversy. This led to Ricky turning heel and will battle Keith Lee next month.  Ricky Starks vs Keith Lee, neither belt on the line. Straight up which Champion is BETTER, Ricky agreed before attacking Keith Lee. 

This was a CRAZY show with so much going on. Mia Yim answered the challenge and will be fighting Jessica James at the next show. Between this show and my write up, Ricky Starks battled Kane on Main Event, Delilah Doom, as Rachel Levy, got destroyed by Nia Jax on Monday Night Raw and Moonshine was a doctor on SmackDown Live. Also, Athena fought and beat Billie Kay on NXT Takeover Brookyln II as Ember Moon this past Saturday.

Some crazy returns, some new people, a hell of a main event. Cherry Ramons is a free agent and everything was nuts. We know Fade II Black is coming next month, BattleWars 1999, and so many others are still coming and Inspire Pro is growing. In September we know of at least 4 matches: Jessica James vs Mia Yim for the XX Division Title; Sammy G vs Raymond Rowe; Matthew Palmer vs Steve O Reno; and finally Pure Prestige Champion Keith Lee vs Inspire Pro Heavyweight Champ Ricky Starks.


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