Heel/Face Wrestling to host blog written by Christi Jaynes


As we previously announced, we will be hosting a blog that will be written by wrestler Danny Ramons of McAllen, Texas. In addition to this blog, Heel/Face Wrestling will host another blog written by another wrestler, Christi Jaynes. Jaynes currently resides in Austin, Texas, but she is originally from Brazil. The blog, titled “Jaynes Journal,” will be much like the Ramons blog and will feature a wrestlers perspective on everything from the day to day grind, travels, matches, behind the scenes and anything else that Christi wishes to give us a view of from her side of the wrestling business and her day to day life.

“As I said when talking about the blog featuring Danny, this is another one of the things that we have been discussing with Christi behind the scenes for a little while now,” said Jeff Cerda. “Again, we are always working on things to provide for the wrestling fans that you typically don’t see regularly on a wrestling website. Christi is someone who is tearing it up in the wrestling scene right now, not just in Texas, but as you will see from reading her blogs, in other states and even in other countries. Adding this unique blog to the site just gives our fans a different look at wrestling that I think they will enjoy. We’re all super excited to get ‘Jaynes Journal’ published on the site and we can’t wait to see what the fans think about it too. We have a couple more tricks up our sleeves, so stay tuned!”


“I’ve been wanting to do a blog for awhile now,” said Jaynes. “When Jeff approached me with the idea to do this blog, I was all for it! I’m looking forward to taking the fans along on this journey with me and it is going to be fun!”

When we asked what fans can expect to see on her blog, Jaynes said the following: “Fans are going to get to see me along all of my travels for wrestling. They will get to see what I do with my downtime, preparing for matches, talking about matches/events that I have just wrestled in and talking with or about people that I work with in this business.”

Jaynes Journal will debut this week on HeelFaceWrestling.com and will be a reoccurring blog. In addition to writings, the blog will also feature short videos from Christi that will help give the fans an even better look into her journey. Here is a clip of what will be featured on the first edition of Jaynes Journal.


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