Heel/Face Wrestling to publish blog written by Danny Ramons


We are happy to announce that we will be publishing a blog that will be written by none other than the “Juicy One” himself, Danny Ramons, titled “The Ramons Random Report.” The blog will give a wrestlers perspective on everything from the day to day grind, travels, matches, behind the scenes and everything else that fans have never been able to see or read about before.

“We always have some stuff in the works behind the scenes,” said Jeff Cerda, founder of Heel/Face Wrestling. “But when the opportunity came up to work with Danny, there was no way that we were going to pass that up. We were looking for someone to start doing a reoccurring blog with and when we pitched the idea to Danny, he loved it. I know he is excited about it and we are too. We look forward to reading and providing The Ramons Random Report. We hope that the fans are looking forward to it too.”


“I do quite a bit of traveling for wrestling,” Ramons said. “Being able to give fans an inside look, a behind the scenes if you will, was a really cool idea to me. Jeff and I discussed it a bit and I can’t wait to start getting the blog going! It’s exciting!”

When we asked Ramons what the fans can expect to see in the blog, he said “I have so many ideas for this and I just started working on a bunch of different things to where I have different sections for the blog. I have random stories, personal stories, road stories, backstage stories, things that have happened in the ring stories and things like that.”

Ramons also recorded a message for the fans that you can hear below. The blog will begin to be published on HeelFaceWrestling.com beginning tomorrow August 21 and as mentioned, it will be a reoccurring feature on the site. Stay tuned for more features that will be announced soon!


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