Wrestling Cocktails: The Ember Moon


Ember Moon Close Up

Hello, Dear Reader, and welcome back to Wrestling Cocktails! I am so pleased that you chose to visit today! I have something super special planned. Today, I am going to share a drink with you that I created to honor my absolute favorite woman wrestler of all time, and we are all going to celebrate together on what is sure to be one of the most important days of her career.

I am referring, of course, to the Wrestling Goddess. Her name was Athena when I first saw her wrestle in Austin Texas at Anarchy Championship Wrestling, but when she makes her big televised debut at #NXTTakeover on Saturday (8/20/2016) she will be introduced as Ember Moon. By any name, she is a stunning and gifted athlete.

Ember Moon Entrance

That is not hyperbole, y’all. I credit The Wrestling Goddess with sparking my love of professional wrestling. I saw her at the very first show I ever attended, and though I was skeptical going in, she made me an instant fan. Ember Moon is a fierce competitor and she has a beauty that takes no prisoners.

The WWE has been teasing her debut for a few weeks, and the vignettes promise that Ember Moon’s entrance will be must-see! Enjoy this video, and then we will talk about the cocktail.


1  8.4 fluid ounce can of red bull

Equal parts vodka and amaretto

Splash of grenadine

Squirt of lemon juice

Ember Moon 2 Parts

The Ember Moon is a bomb shot. That is, it is comprised of two separate drinks that are combined to create a product that is wholly unique. The original idea for an Ember Moon bomb shot came from Heel/Face writer Brandon Roy. He thought it would be a good way to highlight the duality of The Wrestling Goddess’ career: one of the parts represents her indy career and the other her burgeoning WWE career. I loved the idea, and after a few trials, the Ember Moon developed. The recipe follows.


Pour the Red Bull into a tall glass and set aside. Pour the vodka, amaretto, and grenadine into a shaker over ice. Add a squirt of lemon juice to taste. Shake well, then pour the resulting mixture into a shot glass.

You now have the two halves of the Ember Moon. The Red Bull represents the ambition and energy of the Wrestling Goddess’ indy career. It’s all about the rush and the drive to get ahead. The mixed shot represents the debut of Ember Moon in the WWE universe. It’s red, as the prophecy of fire alluded to in the vignette would have to be. It’s as strong as the Goddess’s finishing move (The O-Face while she wrestled in the indys. Not sure yet if it will have a new name in WWE). And it’s sweet as success.

Ember Moon together

Drop the mixed shot into the glass with the Red Bull, and you have the Ember Moon. Drink it down and enjoy her debut at #NXTTakeOver: Brooklyn II! I know I will!

Takeover Card

As always, I remain:

Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

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