Evren Orion is…PINNED DOWN


Evren Orion, the man of light and power.  He sees all of us as one and the power that flows through all of us and connects everyone and perhaps everything. He can explain it better and I will give him the chance. 

#Power #Weareone

We come from SOURCE which is simply light, frequency, and quantum/atomic…. All that is! This is based in the heart providing a human experience for a spiritual being. For a more 3D answer: The GFL in the Pleiades star system, residing in Texas.”

Before the questions, just a quick overview of where you came from, who you trained with, when you started wrestling and why you choose to wrestle? Just a little about your background. Also where can fans currently see you wrestle?

Orion:  We have trained with many, therefore we do not place one name as our head trainer at this time, though our journey began in 2011. Notable names who have assisted us on our path:

SuperTexBrent McKenzie (along with Mike Fyre)
“Chi Town’s Finest” Mr. B
Danny Donnavon

Funny story, when I was busting in, paying dues and assisting with set up of shows, that was also when my training went underway. The thing is, I don’t know the word “quit.” It was hot, I was completely out of shape, long story short: The opportunity to wrestle was my motivator to get back into the gym after years of being unhealthy.

Nobody knew the health issues I faced, I didn’t (and still don’t) care to use them as a crutch, nothing stops me in life. So I went in full steam ahead, only to projectile vomit everywhere Exorcist style, earning myself the nickname “Pukey” courtesy of Danny Donnavon. (Still Porkchop to me, Damn it!) This was with New School Federation (NWA 360) back in 2011.

They found out AFTER the fact that I had my heart condition. The silence was hilariously golden to me as everyone looked at each other totally dumbfounded, yet concerned — but that’s what earned what respect I do have out there. Massive drive, heart and hard work. Most importantly, I listen.

Ultimately you never stop learning in the world of professional wrestling, not just in ring, but internally. Growth is everywhere, never turn down an opportunity to learn.

Currently, fans can see “The Collective Being” in action at:

Total Championship Wrestling
Heart of Texas Wrestling
Anarchy Championship Wrestling

Almost Pinned Down for real

H/F: What was the toughest thing to give up or sacrifice to be part of the wrestling world?

Orion: Nothing, sacrifice is a part of daily living. You simply toss what doesn’t assist you or creates discord, after all your reality is entirely up to you, your thoughts, perceptions and choices. This is not selfish as some may see it, it’s your life isn’t it? Why don’t you determine what works for yourself instead of judging others? Simply the flow of this human experience.


H/F: Do you think it’s harder or just equally as hard to get to the big leagues of wrestling as it is in say the NBA or the NFL?

Orion: Harder. Looks and size do not get one all the way, nor should they. If you are not entertaining, if they are not cheering you on, or booing you or simply interacting, how can you realistically make it? It’s the “it factor” many speak of. For some, this doesn’t come solely in-ring, it could be their vocal ability, it could be their general look/branding, etc. Any aspect can be worked on to be improved or bring up to round out an individual.

H/F: Do you feel that wrestling has more premature or just a surprising number of earlier then expected deaths compared to other sports? Does this influence you in any way?

Orion:  Wrestling certainly has more early deaths, though not surprising considering the toll professional wrestling takes on one’s body. On the same token, it’s up to both individuals to be sure nobody gets hurt, though accidents do happen.

While fans across the world wish to see chairs in higher use again, this would in fact be the biggest culprit, so personally, it’s a good thing shots to the head have been lessened overall or saved for those special moments. Does it influence us? Absolutely not, if you live in fear, how will you ever see your dreams unfold?

H/F: If you had the power to make any gimmick work, no matter how weird or normal it may be, what would you do?

Orion: According to many, that is currently underway (lol). Though “Vagabond von Knickenbacher” would be hilariously fun. Who fancies a duel?! En Garde!!!busts out 3 Muskateers bar- “Ohp, ohp… We cannot duel, your sword is much too dull, like your personality! Ah-ah!”

H/F: If you could change anything about the indy wrestling industry what would it be? What about TNA/WWE?

Orion: Must tread lightly with that first part. Ego would have to be one thing that would be wonderful to have changed, we’re all doing this for mostly the same reasons, so drama and politics, sorry no thanks. Paying dues. If you’re too good to set up the ring, you’re definitely not good enough for pro wrestling.

TNA gets a lot of flak, but look at what they do vs. what everyone else does. We have always considered it a privilege to view TNA’s offerings in the U.S. because let’s be real, their biggest numbers are where? Overseas. They maybe could make things feel a bit livelier set-wise. There’s a “dullness” we feel turns some away from the product. Please stop wishing death to TNA. People have families to feed.

WWE is currently great, though it has its share of flak as well, mainly in part towards Roman Reigns, which is really unfortunate because he isn’t as awful as people perceive. They just wish for him to be something he isn’t, unfortunately. The brand split took off like a UFO in a wormhole! CWC is absolutely brilliant too, as is NXT. We cannot understand how a fan of this business could be unhappy, truly this is an amazing time.

Standing Tall!

H/F: Once you retire from being in the ring, do you see yourself walking away fully or would you become a manager, do commentary or announcer, etc? Do you see yourself involved in some way or is it once you can’t work in the ring you have no desire to be there?

Orion: We wish to be involved in wrestling no matter the role. Retirement doesn’t stop passion and love does it?

H/F: Do you handle crowds differently depending on size?

Orion: A bigger crowd might require more interaction to motivate them to participate, so We might enter from the crowd if possible, get in the thick of it all and soak up all that wonderful energy, truly connect and show that We Are ONE…

Smaller crowds are just as intimate and don’t change too terribly much in terms of an entrance, but during a match everything does somewhat depend on where one may be on the card, but getting outside for a brief moment to bring the action as close as possible may be required. Getting interaction is paramount however.

Locale… Verbiage must be tweaked to the locale (and ways of wrestling), if cheap pops work, use them, if relevant local or sporting information can get them running, use it!

H/F: How do you handle going from a no rules wrestling show to a family first show? Do you change a lot about how you handle things and what you say or do you just try and act the same no matter what the show?

Orion: The transition is fine, we have done so in the past, nothing changes for the most part, though a minor word or two might come out. We believe one should be able to talk tastefully without being overly explicit. Getting a little dirty is required, even for the light. Think of Ying and Yang for that tidbit.

H/F: Was there ever a moment when you truly felt you have had enough, that maybe wrestling wasn’t for you?

Orion: Absolutely. When you are visually impaired and have a heart condition, certain things are difficult and can take a serious mental/spiritual toll on you, at times physical as well. Fortunately the word “quit” does not exist in our arsenal.

Group Shot!

H/F: Say you were picked up by TNA or WWE and given an over the top gimmick. How would you play it? Go through the motions and hope it fails so you can move on to something better or really try to sell and play up the gimmick?

Orion: Knock that thing right out of the park! People can say what they wish when it comes to Damien Sandow, but that man is the epitome of “Take it and run.” So if it fails, allowing to move to something better, great. If it’s played up and WORKS, that’s awesome too. Nobody liked New Day at first did they? Now look at them ;).

H/F: What promotions do you feel are breaking down the walls separating men wrestling from women wrestling and just making it all Wrestling? How do you feel they are doing that?

Orion: Anarchy Championship Wrestling – Why? Because they give opportunities to everyone and do things in an interesting manner which includes intergender matches from time to time, even hardcore matches if you take a peek back in time on the olinterwebs. The Joshi tournament is a prime example of why ACW leads the pack in this aspect.

IHWE- Why? They consistently have highly talented women on the card most every show, you know what that says? “We love wrestling.”

Main Event Pro- Why? Same with IHWE, they have highly talented women on most cards and understand that wrestling NEEDS women. They put these women in the spotlight as well.

H/F: Do you feel tag team wrestling has become a dying style/art?

Orion: No, not at all. Tagging will never die, especially with so many combinations possible out there.

H/F: What are some promotions at the Indy level have you not wrestled at that are at the top of your list to debut at?

Orion:  Inspire Pro
Main Event Pro
VIP Wrestling
Central Texas Championship Wrestling

H/F: What are your goals for 2016/2017?

Orion: To continue raising the consciousness of this quadrant, along with spreading our name far and wide taking every opportunity possible! Inspiring and invigorating fans to be who they are, free of social constructs and limiting beliefs while living from their hearts and realizing we’re all the same stuff inside, with the same desires and needs at the core. Everything else is simply ego.

H/F: Who have you not faced yet that you really really want to get in the ring with? If more than one feel free to share and why them?

Power of the Punch? Punch Power?

Orion:  Andy Dalton, the reason for this is personal, but in the best way possible. Without his words, you might not be having this interview right now. Not only that, but who would turn down an opportunity to learn from someone like him? Not this ET!

Steve O Reno- The man’s wonderful, personable and excellent in the ring. It would be a pleasure to learn what he may be willing to teach.

Jason Silver- Very talented individual who is intelligent and well-spoken, always getting the crowd going one way or another and would be an interesting experience for us!

Ruthless Lala– She does not get the credit she deserves in a certain sense, recently, the opportunity to be involved in a match came about and it’s clear why she’s making her rounds. If the opportunity came about, there would be much to learn and absorb!

Plenty more to go here that would reach outside of Texas.

H/F: What is THE POWER? How is everyone connected? Tell us more about it all.

Orion:  #TruePower resides at the core of every single individual on this planet, every plant, every animal. It’s what motivates, inspires and energizes you. True power is something you do, know, promote, etc. and give to this world that betters it for others, the future of humanity and the universe itself. Everything we do collectively affects the entire universe!

We are ALL CREATORS. What that means is you can do anything you wish, BE anyone or anything you wish in life, all you have to do is think it and most importantly ACT ON IT! Nobody decides who you are, not your peers, not your parents, not the imbecile bullies at your school or online, YOU, YOU, YOU!

We’re all connected at the quantum level. Quantum Entanglement to be precise, when the universe was created, it was void of light as it was contained within a singularity, which consciously willed itself into physical form. In other words, close your fist, what is inside? Darkness? Not quite.

Light still resides in that darkness, when the balance is disturbed all the energy must go somewhere! Thus rate of expansion. Now create a tremor…. open your fist explosively… BOOM! You have this universe, every particle, every atom, every source of light, every star, every element, every human, alien, thought and choice possible.

Thoughts are frequencies, sound is frequency, light is frequency (over a spectrum) therefore we always return to light. Matter can be created and destroyed, however it all returns to light. Darkness is simply another aspect of light itself… but We’re getting far too deep here! Reality does not even exist if you aren’t looking at it. Light exists as both a particle and wave too…. Key words there are: “Light. & “Particle”. Entanglement.

WE ARE ONE regardless of religions, regardless of biases, regardless of beliefs… Love your fellow man, animals, plants, forests, waters, and every speck of dust Gaia has to offer, respect them all, most importantly make effort to UNDERSTAND them and this planet or there won’t be one to live on, will there? Solutions are not created through ignorance…

Simply look at your current world’s calamity and proven, rigged election cycles as well as ancient history…. Who are you really thinking for? A party’s notion or your own core beliefs? Who or what are you really fighting for? A clandestine rule hell bent on control or a regime built on free will? A loving, better world is at everyone’s command if they so choose.

It is never too young to learn about #OnePower

H/F: You, Richard Reason, Unholy Gregory James, and Jason Silver all have a hand motions similar to yours, what makes them different then yours? Are their any ways they are the same?

Orion:  Oh, this is a fun one! Thank you for asking. The difference lies in the shape. They are flat and forward. Notice Ours is spiral/conical in shape? This represents the Golden Ratio which reflects how this universe forms and rotates. Essentially it’s a physical conduit to channeling one’s power and universal creation abilities.

They halt, we empower… Notice our stance is also neutral, not feminine, not masculine, like the infinity/duality symbol, when you blend both signs, you still get infinity… comprising all. 😉

 H/F: How much of your ring persona is you in real life?

Orion: All of it. There is no gimmick. I am an intuitive/sensitive and abductee, have been since I was 7 years old, seen, experienced and learned things I shouldn’t know. Have had every paranormal experience you can drum up happen to me.

I have clairsentience, which is the ability to sense energies around me, I am extremely empathic, which is also why you will frequently see me disappear to break up tense energies and emotions. You may also catch me meditating momentarily to acclimate to a venue or prepare for a match.

As far as I’m concerned, I carry the hopes and dreams of the world, all those considered “disabled” or disadvantaged on my shoulders and I fully intend to unify people, inspiring them, changing the world for the better in some way, shape or form. Love is easy. Peace is easy. Ego makes it all hard along with half-truths, lies and fear mongering. Time to shatter that distasteful reality, don’t you think?!

H/F: What is the stuff you sell at shows, usually during intermission?

Orion:  Currently promo photos, but shirts and logo necklaces are coming soon, along with metaphysical items to enhance one’s style and energies. We offer photos with fans and love free of charge along with Aura readings for those so inclined for a walk on the soul side.

H/F: Where did your ring name come from?

Orion: The Universe itself! Evren is Turkish for “Universe”. Orion translates to “Hunter”. Universal Hunter is most blissfully fitting, powerful and feels right for that which has no form and speaks eloquently to your soul.

This man is one of the most interesting wrestlers I have done a pinned down with, it has a unique outlook and reasons for doing what he does, with a faith and belief that carries him in and out of the ring. So much of what he thinks and does stands out but he is fairly new to the scene so keep an eye out. 

He was VERY careful about his answers, which having done quite a few of these I can both understand and shake my head at. I have had wrestlers say things from women should never wrestle men, to whole companies to avoid. Others are nicer or play it safe but Evren is the first to have me change whole answers, I won’t share which or why as that is his option but it did provide a new challenge.

Watch us in action, to see is to believe


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