TCW Top Rope Rumors


Ah, another look at some upcoming TCW news and rumors. Some are true, some are false. Some come from wrestlers and the people behind the scenes, others were overheard and some are just made up.

  • Ruthless Lala has said WHEN she wins the TCW Heavyweight Title, the ONLY way you can get a shot at it is by proving you are the toughest in some way. Lifting the most, running the longest or in the shortest amount of time. Winning a tournament or a “Hoss Bowl.” Anything to prove you are the toughest at something and then you have the right to a shot!
  • TCW will make the October event a Hardcore Halloween show…won’t it?
  • Richard Reason, Jason Silver, Evren Orion and Gregory James will start a group named the Hand Jive and will all have finishers involving using one hand.
  • Ryback will join the TCW roster as the man who hates everything about Texas and Ricky Starks. This will be around Christmas time, he will show up as Santa with Food Muscles. Hulk Hogan may sue. 
  • There will be a contest held when the TCW Twitter reaches 350 fans with a prize that fans picked through a Twitter Poll. Follow them @Tcwwrestling on Twitter to have a chance to win! Is this true? Find out by following us!
  • Kyle Hawk will turn his back on EVERYTHING he believes and become the worlds first Pacifist Cowboy, or at least the first in wrestling.
  • Brysin Scott, looking for a new way to get his name out there, will soon be doing a reality show about being an Indy wrestler whose wife also wrestlers while they raise their kids! Will it be a breakout hit? All he needs from you is a title, so help him out!
  • In September, a member of the Cruiserweight Classic will be at the TCW show! Am I telling the truth? If so, who could it be? Guesses? Let us hear them. Then again, maybe you think I am starting a rumor…let me hear that too..
  • Paco is only giving his new clients one last chance, if the Lost Soulz lose even one more match, Paco has said that he will manage EVERY team and even put together new ones to go after Lost Soulz and make their lives hell.
  • Wrestling Cocktails will be doing its first Tag Team cocktail based on a well known tag team in TCW, but will it be the one you expect?

Rumors at Heel/Face are saying that Mr. B, the man behind TCW and current TCW Heavyweight Champion, may be a recurring guest on Heel/Face Radio! This one will be easy to prove, come to TCW shows and listen to Heel/Face Radio and they will prove me right or wrong soon enough.

Tune it to the upcoming TCW shows and stay tuned here at Heel/Face to keep track of what is real and what is all rumor. Until next time TCW fans. 






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