RCW Women’s Championship Tournament card preview


This Friday, August 12th, River City Wrestling is set to host its next event at Sideliners Grill, located at 15630 Henderson Pass in San Antonio, Texas. This event will feature two RCW title matches, an 8-man tag match and a women’s tournament to crown a new RCW Angels champion. The matches, along with the women competing in the tournament, are listed below.


Mr. B lost his Phoenix championship at the last RCW event to Rob Love in a triple threat match that also featured Jack Delfino Originally, Mr. B was to be on the same team as Love, however, he refused to be on the same side of the man who he just lost the title to. This puts Joey Spector on the same team with Boom Boom, something to keep an eye on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Boom Boom’s team begins fighting with each other and contributes to Mr. B’s team picking up the win.


Fresh off of successfully defending his RCW Heavyweight title against Jeff Jarrett, “The Brideless One” Brandon Groom finds himself in yet another tough predicament. Paul Titan is a serious threat to take the title after Friday night and Boom Boom has stated that he will do “whatever it takes” to get the title off of Groom, so Skitzkrieg is an even bigger threat to walk away with the title. Unless Boom Boom finds a way to cheat, I think Groom walks away with his title in hand.


If you watched Faith vs Hoyt the first time, then you were treated to an excellent match. Unfortunately, team Boom Boom came out to interrupt the match and the match was determined a no contest. We can expect more of the same from the first go around, except I think Faith retains his title, this time with a clean victory.


Claudia Del Solis, Delilah Doom, Skylar Slice, Katie Forbes, Santana Garrett, Paige Turner, Baby D and a last minute replacement Phoebe will participate in the Women’s Championship Tournament to crown a new RCW Angels champion. The tournament will be a single elimination tournament that features tons of talent from all over the country. While any of the women competing in the tournament could easily win the whole thing, my money is on Delilah Doom!

As announced earlier by Heel/Face Wrestling, we will be broadcasting live from Sideliners Grill before the event gets under way. The broadcast can be heard here on our site and will air from 5pm until 6:30pm. Guests on the live podcast include, Brandon “Boom Boom” Oliver, Mr. B, Baby D and a special appearance from a fan of RCW and Heel/Face Wrestling, Cedric Lynum! Come out and join us for wrestling talk prior to the event!


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