Chorus of Marks Presents: Inspire Pro FOREVER preview


Finally INSPIRE PRO has returned to AUSTIN, TEXAS!!!! While it will be in a new home, the show is looking as great as ever. So with the return of Inspire, we also bring back the “Chorus of Marks” with myself and Shana this time and hopefully new faces in the future. But enough about us. You are here because Inspire is BACK, baby! So let’s take a look at each match and what The Marks have to say about them. Red comments are Brandon (aka Greg Hiassans on Facebook), and green remarks are Shana (aka @literarygrrrl on twitter).

Jojo Bravo vs Angelus Layne:

Brandon R: Jojo Bravo, the child kicking, angry, strange member of the Rabid Empire, has been lashing out and taking out his anger and frustration on whoever gets in the ring with him. His Empire is at war with The New Movement and this has been ongoing and this match stems from that. Angelus Layne is one of the newest members of The New Movement and the fans were thrilled to see her.

Now this add on to the New Movement only happened last show and it has been quite some time since we have seen Inspire Pro. Angelus Layne has not made friends with Keith Lee or Delilah Doom, both of whom she had huge issues with before becoming their newest teammate. Will that come into play? They have had a few months off to figure it out, but no time to work together and find out if they will get along. Jojo will have his team that may factor in, but will Layne? Will either person need that help? Both of them are tough as hell and this should be a brutal match. I am a fan of Angelus and The New Movement so I hope she gets the win.

Shana: If you have ever read any of our previous Chorus of Marks pre-show blogs for Inspire Pro Wrestling, you will know that I tend to be, umm…how can I put it? Ummm…a silly, squealing, excited mark? Yeah, that’s about right. Well, that hasn’t changed or anything, but I have decided to approach this pre-show blog differently. Here, I am going to be Bizarro Shana (Or Bizarro Grrrl, if you will), and I will just disagree with everything Brandon says for the hell of it. Next month I will be silly, squealing, excitable mark grrrl again.

Looks like Brandon is putting his faith behind Angelus for the win here. But why? Yeah, I know she’s a fan favorite, but so? Jojo is an unappreciated GENIUS in the ring. If the audience would just shut up and watch him for a minute, they’d realize it too. And Brandon brings up the kicking a kid thing again? Man, that’s ancient history! Besides, I bet the little crumb snatcher deserved it.

This Grrrl says: Jojo for the win

“Juicy” Cherry Ramons vs “The Paradigm of Positivity” Gregory Symonds:

Brandon R: Whew, what to say about this? Gregory Symonds was a man I saw wrestle ACH in his “final match”(Symonds final) at ACW, but saw him return as part of the Inspire Pro management and the issues he had with several people from Scot Summers to the very management he was part of. He left for a while but returned last show full of happiness, love and positivity to share with the whole locker room. Cherry Ramons is a pretty happy guy, full of love, but maybe not quite the same kind as Gregory. Symonds in his last match as Inspire was more for supporting and saying helpful things than fighting. Will that still be the way? Will he not so much fight Cherry as try and get Cherry to change? I have a feeling he will be in for a shock and Cherry will pick up the win because of it.   

Shana: We shouldn’t dismiss Gregory Symonds’ wrestling ability just because he has picked up some sort of hippie vibe while vacationing in the Caribbean. He’s a sneaky SOB.

This Grrrl says: Symonds for the win

The Submission Squad issues an Open Challenge:

Brandon R: While the prodigy of The Submission Squad, Barrett Brown, will not be at this show, The Submission Squad itself will be and have decided that they can still teach and impart skill and knowledge. They have been doing this for years and years and could do it blindfolded.  So they issued an open challenge! We know the Tag Champs are tied up, but Inspire Pro has no shortage of great tag teams and factions.

Let’s take look at some of the Tag Teams and the chances they will answer the challenge:

The Pump Patrol: Not sure where they stand currently as they had a lot going on, so even money I suppose if they are free and ready.

The New Movement: Not much chance as most of them are tied up in other matches. Keith Lee, Delilah Doom, Terrale Tempo and Angelus Layne are all fighting already.

Rabid Empire: Some of them have other matches, but they still have Shire and some of the former orphans to draw from. A good chance they could step up.

Reign or Shine: A team that has had some issues as of late. If they step up and beat a long standing team such as the Submission Squad, it could put them back on the right track. A match up I was not sure was even on my radar, but could be a hell of a clash of styles.

Born Dead: Not sure if they are still a thing, but even if Sky picks a new partner, he has the tag team history and chops to be a threat regardless.

Unholy Complex: an underdog but one that would be a nice surprise.

Shana: I told Pierre on twitter that if this is a drinking game challenge, I accept! Otherwise, who knows?

“The Texas Lion” Carson vs “One Man” Mike Dell:

Brandon R: Two of the best, Mike Dell the wily vet who had done almost all of it from winning belts in so many companies and doing tv ads for Pepsi. Carson is making a hell of a name for himself as the newer man, not brand new but a hell of an impact in a shorter amount of time. Both men are damn good and are strong and just as good going to the mat.

Mike Dell will do what he has to in order to win and is faster and more likely to fly or go to the top rope for a move or two.  Carson is stronger and has a slightly stronger mat game, but overall these two men are pretty close to equal when you factor in everything. Mike Dell does have the advantage of having been Inspire Pro champion, the first one in fact. But never bet against Carson. I couldn’t even begin to tell you who will win this match, I truly don’t want to try and guess, I am going to sit back and enjoy this one.

Shana: Dear GOD, can Carson just go full heel and beat the tar out of Mike Dell? SOMEONE has to smack that self-satisfied smirk off Dell’s overly-tanned face.

This Grrrl’s FERVENT WISH: Carson for the win

Jessica James and Delilah Doom vs The Blondetourage(Laynie Luck and Allie Kat):

Brandon R: Jessica has been taking on all comers, bringing in the best from all over the country and beating them. She put the belt on the line for every challenge but the one at the last show was more personal as she took on Vanessa Kraven, who she had met twice before and had not beaten. This time she did, but after the match while she was celebrating in the ring, taking in the fans cheers and thanking them she was attacked by The Blondetourage, a group best known over at RCW.

They said Jessica had all the challenge she need right in front of her, but she ignored it or didn’t consider them worth looking at but they were going to prove her wrong as they beat her down. She was very upset and said she would “take them to the woodshed” but she wanted them both punished, so she chose Delilah Doom as her partner. Doom has grown in leaps and bounds and her match against Angelus Layne is STILL talked about. Laynie and Allie have made names for themselves at RCW and ACW and now they wish to do so here. Beating these two would prove that, but that is WAY easier said than done. While I think it will be a hell of a fight I give the nod to Jessica and Delilah.

Shana: It’s true Jessica James has been a formidable XX champion, and it’s also true that Delilah Doom has made an INDELIBLE mark on Inspire Pro Wrestling and in the hearts of all of Inspire Pro’s fans. But that doesn’t mean that the two women warriors would make an effective team. We have no idea what kind of team they will make. But we DO know that Blondetourage is an effective team. They fight together all over Texas.

This Grrrl says: Blondetourage for the win

Triple Threat Match: “The Best Ever” Sammy  Guevara vs “The Golden Lynx” Lince Dorado vs “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross: 

Brandon R.: Holy Crap, where to start with this? I don’t have a guess on this one…there is so much amazing talent in this match. Seeing these three go at it would be worth at least triple the price of tickets and yet we get it as just ONE match of many great ones! I don’t think I have to build this match up as the names involved more than sell it. I will have to give the win to Sammy Guevara as he is the Inspire Pro mainstay.

Shana: Excuse me, please, while I pop my eyes back in my head and my heart back in my chest. NO, I’m not done being Bizarro Grrrl but I can’t help it! MATT CROSS, LINCE DORADO, and SAMMY EFFING GUEVARA are going to be in the ring together! But I cannot give the win to Sammy. Brandon already did.

This Grrrl says: Lince Dorado for the win

Four Way Elimination Match for the Vacated Fungressional Medal of Honor: “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt vs. “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer vs. Terrale Tempo vs. “More Than Just” Steve’O Reno: 

Brandon R: The Fungressional Medal of Honor lets you go after any title at any event and the last winner has vanished so the Medal was vacated so four of the toughest and best out there fight for the Medal. Some of them I have not seen battle before.  Seeing Tempo getting in the ring with Lance Hoyt, Matthew Palmer, and Steve O Reno will be worth it. I have seen Hoyt and Palmer fight but haven’t seen the others really go at it. They are going after a hell of a prize, too. That Medal carries a lot of power. As for who I hope wins, I am cheering for Terrale Tempo, but I think that Steve O Reno will pull out the win as he has been there before.

That being said, the mountain is a tough one.  Lance Hoyt is a MONSTER who destroys things and people. You don’t even have to be a wrestler, ask the man who he may have driven out: former ring announcer, Brandon Stroud. Matthew Palmer, well he needs no words from me. He is one of the best out there, anywhere. I would put him up against anyone from WWE, TNA, ROH, or Indy and he will come out the winner. I would put my money on him against pretty much anyone, the only reason I am not here is he is no longer a full time guy.

Both Tempo and Steve are guys making names for themselves and both of them deserve this. I am really looking forward to this battle.

Shana: I don’t know why Brandon is completely ignoring Lance Hoyt’s right to win the FUNgressional Medal of Honor. 

This Grrrl says: Lance Hoyt for the win

“Absolute” Ricky Starks & “Limitless” Keith Lee vs. CONTRAversy (“Bleeding Heart” Davey Vega & Tim “The Perfect” Storm):

Brandon R: The first match listed when they finally made their return, and man this match ALONE got me excited. While none of the belts are on the line, all the bragging and ego boosts are on the line! Almost all the champions are in the ring at the same time. All claimed at previous shows that THEIR belts are the best and/or most important. Seeing Ricky and Keith Lee on the same team, normally I would say the other team has NO chance, but they are facing CONTRAversy, who since coming together have been pretty much unstoppable and work together way better then I think people expected them to.

While I respect their belts and wins and love Vega as a heel. I have to give my support to Keith Lee and Ricky, two of the best out there when alone, so together they should be just about UNBEATABLE.

Shana: Breaking with Bizarro Grrrl. Can’t help it. #PurePrestigeForever



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