Kick Out…Pinned Down 2 with Killah Kash


Killah Kash is still a monster, but now only when he wants to be. While he has admitted in the past that he prefers singles action, he has found an almost perfect tag team partner in MASADA! They have been ripping and tearing down the ACW Tag Team division since taking the belts and show no signs of stopping, though it seems some fans still don’t want to give Kash his due or the credit he has earned. When he is focused, he is very hard to beat and even if you do, you know that your body has been through hell and back.



We last talked to Kash on October 19th 2013, so it has been quite some time. How have things changed? What remains the same? What are his goals now that he has earned a championship belt in ACW? How will you know what has changed or stayed the same? Good question, here is a link to the previous Pinned Down.

No, THIS is how you throw a punch!

H/F: A brief summary of what has happened since we last talked. Places you have traveled, belts you have won, did you meet your goals over the last year? Where have you expanded out to wrestle at since we last spoke?

Kash: Still at ACW and now a tag champ. I also was in a group called Stable 97 with ACH, Ricky Starks and Vexx.

H/F: With TNA and WWE paying more attention to the Indy’s than ever, how do you feel this has changed things?

Kash: It’s made more people hungry to get better.

H/F:  What was the worst character or gimmick you have had to do so far? Why?

Kash: When I was called Big Red and I had to rap to the ring. 

H/F:  With so many ways for fans to interact with wrestlers and wrestlers being able to promote themselves(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,Filsinger games, etc.) Do you feel wrestlers use it correctly or enough as they should? Too Much? How has it changed things? Do you feel any one wrestler has perfected it?

Kash:  I think wrestlers should be smart, they should watch what they say and never say anything that could hurt theirs or another wrestlers career or image.

I am the champion my friend!

H/F: What do you consider the lamest move in wrestling? What about the best?

Kash: Lamest right now is the super kick. Best, I still think the RKO.

H/F: Greatest Feud in Wrestling History?

Kash: Too many to say. 

H/F: Who do you enjoy watching the most on the Indy circuit?

Kash: Cherry Ramons, Ricky Starks, ACH and Steve O Reno.



H/F: If you could make a Tag Team with anyone currently wrestling in the Indy’s, who would it be with?

Kash: Andy Dalton and ACH .

H/F:  What states do you feel are the hottest right now for Indy wrestlers?

Kash: Any of the states that would work together and out the bs aside for the greater good .

H/F:  Which states should wrestlers avoid?

Kash: Not states, companies. I don’t bash and you won’t get that out of me. 


H/F:  What makes a great promoter in your opinion?

Kash:  Don’t let people influence their decisions. One that really takes care of the boys and one that really puts money into their show to make it look different from others . 

H/F:  Best Tag Team or Faction Ever?

Kash: 2 bad mofo’s! Just kidding! There is too many to say .

H/F: How often do real life issues spill over into the ring and vice versa? If you really dislike someone do you refuse to work with them or do you channel the dislike or hate into beating them in the ring?

Kash: The key word of this is professional wrestling. I’ll work with anyone. My life is a window, I’ll show the world my fears and use it as a weapon. I fought as a father in the ring once to show my fears before .

H/F: Other than Super Strength, what one super power do you feel would be most useful in the ring?

Kash: To teleport! Just imagine what my ring entrance would look like then! LOL

H/F: Best Wrestling movie or movie about wrestling?

Kash: That one Scooby-Doo movie.

H/F:  How do you balance the wrestling life with being a father and trying to have a life?

Kash: You can only find balance in yourself.

I bet that hurts

H/F: Where can fans currently see you wrestle?

Kash: ACW or any place that wants to book me.

H/F:  Over in ACW you and Masada have teamed up. What brought y’all together? It seems to be going great, will you guys be teaming up for awhile?

Kash:  We want to change things. And yes you will see us for sometime after.

H/F:  You have come a long way, getting the tag team titles, winning more matches, even when you lose the opponent feels like they have lost, what are your next goals?

Kash:  Inspire Pro Wrestling.

H/F: Do you or have you ever felt bad that you scare people? Do you always mean to or do you sometimes mean to turn it off but can’t?

Kash: No, because I’m always mad.

H/F: Who do you think currently has the best Entrance music in WWE?

Kash: Seth Rollins.

Where did all these chairs come from?

Lighting Round

Books or Movies? Movies.

Vampires or Warewolfs? None.

Beard or Clean Shaven? Both.

Facebook or Twitter? FB.

Marvel or DC? Live-action Marvel, Comic books DC.

Cruiserweight or Heavyweight? Both.

Who do you feel HANDS DOWN is the toughest SOB in the wrestling world today? Jason Silver.


This is what happens when you get in the ring with Kash

Kash is still beating up people and ruling the ring and now he has gold. That can only fuel his need for more. He has the Tag Team Gold, but there is so much more in ACW, there is the TV title and the Heavyweight/Hardcore title. Not to mention winning the Lone Star Classic.

He is a man of few words, but his actions speak whole series of books. Now in ACW with Masada as his partner, they may be as close to unstoppable as it gets. So come check it out and see. His next match has 2 Bad Mofo’s going against the former tag champs, Unholy Complex in a Scaffold-Balcony match. 




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