The Wrestling Signs of Yesteryear: Wrestlemania 5 (1989)



Hello, and welcome back to Wrestling Signs of Yesteryear! This is the series in which I watch every single Wrestlemania and talk about the signs I spot in the audience. Then for fun–but absolutely not any lasting consequence–I also rate those signs. I pick signs for each of five categories, listed below.

  1. Best overall sign
  2. Worst overall sign
  3. Best non sequitur
  4. Most attractive sign
  5. Best wrestler-specific sign

I hope you read and enjoyed the first post in this series, in which I bemoaned the general lack of signs at the first four Wrestlemanias. I did note, however, that it seemed evident that fan culture was moving in the direction of having more signs as time and Wrestlemania progressed.

And I’m so happy to report that Wrestlemania 5 continued that trend! Not only that, but the entire presentation of the event was more audience (and therefore, fan culture) inclusive. There were lots of camera sweeps over the crowd throughout the event, and there was also a reporter in the audience who occassionally interacted with the fans. Things are definitely looking up for fan culture and audience communication!

Wrestlemania 5

aka The one with Run DMC

Let’s get right to the signs! Moving backward through the categories:

  • Best wrestler-specific sign I’m not a huge Ultimate Warrior fan, but that sign is cool.

Ultimate Warrior sign WM 5

  • Most attractive sign I super wish that the film and recording equipment that was available in 1989 was better quality, and that this sign had been on camera for more than a split second, because obviously the quality of this still shot is crap. Even so, the workmanship of the sign is evident. The beauty of the piece and of the fan’s love for professional wrestling comes through. So I had to choose this sign for the most attractive category.

Hulkamania Sign WM 5

  • Best non sequitur Chris, I don’t know who you are, but your sign is cool. You win the category. And actually, I want to make special mention of the fact that this is the very first sign that I have seen that qualifies as a non sequitur out of all of the first five Wrestlemanias. That isn’t to say that there weren’t other non sequitur signs present, but I didn’t see any that made it on camera. So kudos, Chris.

Chris sign, WM5

  • Overall worst sign The winner of the worst sign seen at Wrestlemania 5 goes to the neighbor of the Ultimate Warrior sign. I’m pretty sure that sign says Walden, New Jersey “wuvs” “Da Federation.” And if I had to guess, I’m assuming that “Da Federation” refers to the World Wrestling Federation. Silly, but so far I’m with the sign holder. Where the sign loses me is with the rifle-wielding, straw-hat-wearing pig. Umm…no. No thank you.

Worst Sign WM5

  • Overall best sign The winner of best sign spotted at Wrestlemania 5 goes to this dot-matrix printed Rockers sign. I love everything about it: the late-eighties pastels, the elaborate font, and the fact that it was undoubtedly printed on a dot-matrix printer that probably took, like, a half hour to print. It’s a beautiful sign and a beautiful display of love for this tag team and professional wrestling.

Rockers Sign WM 5

History Lessons

That kid is NOT into it.
That kid is NOT into it.

That is Donald Trump, notorious businessman and presidential candidate, sitting ringside next to a little boy who might be one of his sons, while Run DMC performs for the crowd in-ring. And no, your eyes don’t deceive you: that boy is plugging his ears. He is just NOT feeling the groove.

Wrestling fans, if you like The Wrestling Signs of Yesteryear, I’m sure you’ll love  Wrestling Signs of our Times, in which I discuss and rate the signs I spot at each of WWE’s PPVs. It’s contemporary, so it’s like you and I , Dear Reader, are watching, rating, and laughing at wrestling signs together.

As always, I remain:

Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

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