Heel/Face Wrestling hitting the airwaves in San Marcos

Heel/Face Wrestling is happy to announce that we will be debuting a new wrestling show, titled “Outta Nowhere with Jeremiah & Jeff,” that will be featured on a new local radio station that is launching in San Marcos, Texas later this month.
KZSM PL 104.1 FM is a brand new “community radio station” that will feature a variety of shows, from several different types of genres. “KZSM brings San Marcos into focus through programming created by people who live here,” a statement on the companies website reads. “Our mission is to present news, views, ideas, & music that reflects the diversity of our city. KZSM works to engage you, entertain you, & enlighten you through a broad spectrum of programming.”
Although no date has been set for the first day of live broadcasting, the company believes that they can be up and running by the end of August.
“I talked to somebody and they said they’d get back to me, but I never heard from them” said Jeremiah Wilkerson. “Then a few months ago, I got a call out of the blue, ‘outta nowhere’ asking if I wanted to still do a show. I came in and started helping, I’ve been a part of building it, from putting the tower up, to stuff inside.”
“I’ve always wanted to be a part of wrestling somehow,” Wilkerson continued. “I’ve always wanted to do it, but now I’m too old and out of shape. I’m hoping this radio show will help get the word out for these local promotions as well, and maybe we can educate the ones who don’t know, and can get rid of the word ‘fake’ in wrestling.”
The show will also feature other members of the Heel/Face staff, Jason Harris, Joseph Montaña and Shani Snoddy are all set to be a part of the show in addition to Jeff Cerda.
“When I first heard about the radio station launching, I was intrigued by it,” Jeff Cerda said. “As I learned more about it, I became interested in wanting to become a part of it. Initially Michael (De Leon) and I wanted to talk to them about getting a sports show, but then Jeremiah reached out to me about joining him on this wrestling show that he already had locked in with the station.”
“From the day that we launched HeelFaceWrestling.com, we’ve always had it in the back of our minds that someday we wanted to take this thing towards having a radio show,” Cerda continued. “So teaming up with Jeremiah was a no brainer and I look forward to launching this show and making it the best possible wrestling show that we can. We’re going to cover all of the local promotions, the WWE and everything in between. If you’ve visited our site, you’re going to get more of the same, only in a radio show format. This gives us even more opportunity to provide coverage to the fans of the local scene, something we have strived to provide since day one. We’re excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to begin this new adventure.”
Along with airing live on Friday’s from noon to 1pm, the show will be available for download on the Heel/Face Wrestling website. Heel/Face Wrestling will continue to produce the normal podcast, Heel/Face Radio, in addition to having the radio show on the airwaves. Stay tuned to us here on our site as more information becomes available.


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