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Hello and welcome back to Wrestling Cocktails, the blog in which I honor my favorite professional wrestlers by crafting cocktails that (hopefully) capture their unique grappling spirits! If you’re a return visitor, you have already enjoyed the cocktails I created for Andy Dalton and Solo Darling. (If not, maybe you’d like to take a moment to peruse those drinks? I’ll be here when you return.)

The wrestler I would like to spotlight today is the incomparable Keith Lee. I have gotten to know Keith Lee and his work mostly through Inspire Pro Wrestling in Austin Texas, but he is also making quite a name for himself in Ring of Honor, Beyond Wrestling, NWA, and elsewhere. Keith Lee is a standout singles wrestler as well as one half of the tag team Pretty Boy Killers (along with Shane Taylor). At Inspire Pro Wrestling, Lee is a member of a faction called The New Movement, managed by an interesting individual named Chris Trew.


Let’s talk for a moment about The New Movement. Members include Keith Lee, Delilah Doom, Terrale Tempo, and Angelus Layne (oh man I hope I’m not forgetting anyone). The faction is led by Chris Trew, who is assisted by a spunky secretary named Roxy Castillo. It is Roxy who I’d like to talk about. Hers is a name you would do well to remember, because her introductions of Keith Lee have been, in my humble opinion, an instrumental part of the creation of the Keith Lee mystique.

Keith Lee debuted at Inspire Pro Wrestling at the first Clash at the Bash on June 15th 2014. Well, he didn’t debut so much as barge in. Not long into the show there came a fierce pounding on the metal loading doors in the back of the Marchesa Hall. Someone rolled up the door and there stood Keith Lee. It was quite an entrance.

Ever since then, Roxy Castillo has introduced Keith Lee before his matches. And when she introduces him she INTRODUCES HIM. According to Roxy, Keith Lee sometimes hails from the literal mooon, sometimes from the planet Vegeta, and other times from the bottom of an erupting volcano. She fans herself as she speaks and her voice sort of trembles with the ferocity of her emotions. It is powerful stuff. Without fail, by the time Keith Lee emerges from behind the curtain, the audience is whipped into a veritable frenzy.

Keith Lee is a force in the ring. He is obviously an imposing figure, and can out-power just about everyone who faces him. But he can also fly, and at his size that is an awesome–and by awesome I mean terrifying–sight. To witness this wrestler in action even once is to become an immediate mark for him. And that is why I decided to create a cocktail for him.

Keith Lee’s signature move is the spirit bomb. I could try to describe it, but mere words cannot capture the significance of it. So here’s a video.

Feeling out of breath, right? I’ve seen several wrestlers spirit bombed by Keith Lee and every time I feel like I’ve been kicked in the chest. And I was just sitting on the sidelines. I cannot imagine what it feels like to actually experience one. But that’s what I wanted to capture with the drink.

So, first criteria for the drink is that it had to be strong. I wanted you to drink it down, and feel wrecked. Thus, my first decision regarding Keith Lee’s Spirit Bomb is that it needed to be a shot. You take shots down fast and they hit you hard, not unlike being slammed to the mat by a huge, ferocious wrestler.

My next decision regarding the Spirit Bomb shot had to do with its appearance. The spirit bomb from Dragon Ball Z is a ball of white light. It’s not what you would call pretty. But when I hear the words “spirit bomb” in my head, what I envision is something golden and sparkly. Frankly, I think drinks should be attractive, so that’s what I went with.

Here it is:

spirit bomb1

Spirit Bomb

1 part Tequila

1 part Sambuca

1 part Coffee Liqueur

And now the recipe:

Pour equal parts of each spirit into a shaker over ice. Add 1 drop of yellow food color. Shake well. The food coloring won’t mix fantasically, because of the cold temperature of fluids. You will find most of the drop you added stuck to the ice when you clean out the shaker. But don’t worry, enough of the coloring will integrate with the other liquids to brighten the resulting product.

Pour into a shot glass, and sprinkle some edible glitter into it. I used Wilton’s gold hearts, but you can use whatever you want. I think stars would work just as well to capture the essence of the Spirit Bomb.

Drink and enjoy!

spirit bomb

Just for fun, search #KeithLeeFacts on twitter or facebook. It’s a riot!

Thanks again Dear Reader! I remain:

Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

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COMING SOON: Cocktails crafted in honor of VEDA SCOTT, EMBER MOON, and more!



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