TCW Independence Brawl 8 Recap



First off, let’s get the big mix up out of the way, the Killeen armory double booked the place for both TCW and some kind of consignment sale, so the TCW show was moved outside into the parking lot. That actually made for a nice change of pace though and as night fell, it was cooler out there than inside. While we waited for people to drive in and find seats, they played various WWE music from Booker T to  DX.


A different kind of Strong Style?

Jeremy Medrano came out to announce the first match between one wrestler we have seen  before and one we have not seen.IMG_0001

“High Stakes” Devin Wilson vs Kyle Savat: While High Stakes had some fans, the other wrestler was fairly unknown, but was loud and full of energy.  At one point, he put Devin in a headlock and said that would be it, 2 hours of headlocks! Hope everyone enjoys it! The match spilled out of the ring into the parking lot, which was not something I was expecting the first match to do. Savat kept saying it was his time, we are on his time.


Suddenly the Lost Soulz and Paco came out and attacked both men, cleaning house. Paco took the mic and said everyone wanted their straps, that all the people wanted the tag team titles, but too bad, they felt none were worthy. Then they abruptly left, having sent their message. The match was made a NO Contest.


Tyler Jett vs Tony Strong: One or both of the Jetts have been showing up quite a bit lately. Normally they are the tag team, AOA, but most of the time, only one or the other has shown up at TCW, so they’ve had lots of singles matches. Tony Strong returned here to battle Tyler Jett this time around. Tony is a long standing TCW wrestler and is well loved. Jett had a few fans and the match was fun, they did some high flying moves but really went at each other with some solid punches.


After some back and forth with holds, Tony Strong got the upper hand and managed to get Tyler Jett to tap out. Winner: Tony Strong by Submission

After this match, a Tag Team Title match was announced as the next match. Darin Childs came out and took the mic. He had some stuff to tell the crowd and it was not pleasant.  First off he said that Johnny Axxle and himself were supposed to get a shot at the tag title, but Johnny was in an awful motorcycle accident and broke his back so he couldn’t wrestle. Also, Darin was recently told that he had a serious neck injury and may never wrestle again. This is the first time he has said that out loud. The crowd had no idea what to say, but The Lost Soulz came out anyway.

Jojo To the Rescue


Sky took the mic and told Darin that he was not hurt yet, but would be when he finished with him. Paco told them to ring the bell, but Darin said DO NOT RING THE BELL, he had one foot outside the ropes and looked worried. Sky and his partner closed in on him when JOJO BRAVO came out and attacked Lost Soulz!

TCW  Tag Title Match: Darin Childs & Jojo Bravo vs The Lost Soulz(c) with Paco Escobar: Jojo stepped in the ring and The Lost Soulz turned to him and Darin took that opening to throw out Sky’s partner. Jojo attacked Sky, knocking him back into Darin, who then rolled him up and got the pin. Winner and new TCW Tag Champs: Darin Childs and Jojo Bravo.



Rique Jackson came out (in new gear!) and said that Tempo has been bragging that he will be getting beat, but that was not going to happen. He called out Tempo but as they were fighting anyway it was going to happen.

Rique Jackson vs Terrale Tempo: At their last meeting, Rique used a lead pipe to knock out Tempo and got the win, so he was cocky. Rique had the referee check Terrale’s boots before checking his. Not long into the match, Rique claimed that Tempo poked him in the eye causing the match to slow down to a near stop as Tempo shook his head.

Down goes Rique, losing the respect he had on his name.

Rique tried his best, but Tempo got the upper hand and took him around to three of the four corners and chopped him. Still, Rique managed to get away before the fourth corner and tried to chop Tempo. Tempo followed up with a huge slam and got the pin. Winner: Terrale Tempo by Pinfall

A little history here: the last few shows Brysin Scott and Richard Reason have been attacking each other. It all started when they were forced to team up several months ago, but they turned on each other with Brysin walking away. This caused Richard Reason to take the loss for the team as he was pinned. They battled after that with Reason getting the win at their last meeting.

TCW decided that to finish this, each man would get to pick 3 wrestlers to join them and do a Survivor Series type match. Each team would have 4 members and the winner would get the bragging rights. I will list each team member and a guess as to why they were picked, even if I have no real idea.

Listen to Reason he says. Richard Reason

Team Brysin had Team Captain Brysin Scott with Pretty Boy J(one half of Hate Cryme), Ethan Daniels, and Ruthless Lala. Most of these wrestlers are angry people, which is sort of a theme, though Ethan doesn’t really fit. He is the only one I am unsure of. Pretty Boy J has lots of Tag Team skills, Ruthless is angry and brutal(though she does take the mic and say she shouldn’t be here, in a match that has nothing to do with her. And she should be in the title match)

Team Reason had Team Captain Richard Reason with Sammy Haggard, Evren Orion, and Donnie Giovanni: Evren and Richard have a similar hand gesture thing, with Reason and Power and everyone should listen going for them. The other two don’t really fit so your guess is as good as mine. 

Team Brysin vs Team Reason: This was a strange match, but as a final showdown it fit. Richard Reason talks even more than he wrestles. Ruthless Lala called Sammy the green power ranger. The two teams battled with a few tag ins and Team Brysin got the first pin when Pretty Boy managed to get the 3 count on Sammy Haggard, but the weird part was it happened near Reasons corner but no one tried to save him.

Evren and Ruthless ended up facing each other for a bit, Ruthless had Evren down but this time his team member Don G saved him from the pin. This got all the members left of both teams to come in and battle for a bit and during this Evren was pinned by someone, I couldn’t tell who as some were inside and others outside. This left all of Team Brysin against 2 members of Team Reason.

Ethan D came in and did his best, but Don G was ready for him and used his power to overcome him and got the pin. This caused Pretty Boy J to come in and Don took him out as well, but while Don was getting up from that, Brysin gave him a low blow and Ruthless speared him and got the pin. This left Ruthless and Brysin vs Richard Reason.

Ruthless and Reason squared off next. Ruthless pulled Reason up by his chest hair in a corner! Then, ripped off chest hair, she was being…well Ruthless…but Reason got mad and turned the tables and attacked Ruthless to get the pin. This left the two team captains to battle it out. At least we thought so, but Brysin held out his hand and said he was finally ready to listen to reason. Reason fell for this and when his back was turned Brysin attacked and got the pin. Winner: Brysin and Team Brysin by Pinfall

At this point we had intermission. Time to buy some stuff! Visit or follow on Twitter @Tcwwrestling.

After intermission we had a fun match with America vs someone who disliked America and a vampire.

American Eagle vs Tiger Hart vs Jason Silver: This was a strange match. Tiger Hart and his manager seemed to hate everyone and this included America and Americans. American Eagle was the fan favorite by far with Jason Silver getting his hits in and clapping for American Eagle as well, knowing he was the favorite.


The USA chants and America shouts were all over the place. Tiger Hart was yelling at everyone to shut up, then a group said he looked more like a lemur then a tiger. All three men gave their all but, Jason Silver was always going all out. I am ALWAYS amazed he can stand or is alive. This was a one fall to a finish match and while Eagle was the man, Jason Silver manage to get the 3 count on Tiger Hart. Winner: Jason Silver by pinfall.

After the match, Tiger Hart and Jason Silver left and allowed American Eagle to soak in the cheers before he left. That lead to one of big matches of the night: Just Willie versus LANCE HOYT. Just Willie has been the TV champ for many months now, taking on all comers and drawing the attention of the American Psycho Lance Hoyt. Hoyt believes that Willie is NOT championship material.

TCW TV Championship Title Match: Just Willie(c) vs “American Psycho” Lance Hoyt: 

“Is this YOUR champion?”

Hoyt came out staring down everyone, telling kids to shut up, even pushing past the ropes that kept the crowd away from the ring. He came at us angry as hell. Just Willie came out next, doing his dance and being himself, but a focused version of himself. That is what got him the belt and has helped him keep the belt.

What happens next is going to hurt…

Hoyt bullied the announcer, the ref, the fans and Just Willie, all in the first 10 mins. He said Just Willie is NOT what a champion looks like, that HE (Hoyt) is what a champion is supposed to be. Hoyt hit some HUGE moves and went all out on Just Willie. He never let up even as some fans had lots of jokes for him. That was a bit annoying, but thankfully they were a small group, so no big deal. 

Willie got some solid shots in, but Hoyt never let up. He beat Willie down over and over. It looked like it might be over when Willie went for his big flip off the top rope, but Hoyt moved. Not long after, Hoyt went for a choke slam, but Just Willie turned it into a modified RKO that knocked out Hoyt and he got the pin! Winner and still TV Champ: Just Willie

TCW Heavyweight Title Championship Match: Jack Jameson vs Mr. B vs Steve O Reno: 

Double Teaming Chi-Town’s Mr. B

Due to unforeseen factors, the TCW Heavyweight belt was vacant. TCW decided they needed to crown a new champion fast, while a tournament or a battle royal was considered, they figured the best way was to have the three closest threats to the belt at the time battle one another.

Jack Jameson came out first and turned on the fans, saying he no longer needed us. Did we buy his merch? Do we help him in the ring? Do we care how much pain he puts himself in or how much blood he spills? According to him the answer to all of the above was no. So he doesn’t need us and even said he had a much bigger and evil speech prepared but we were not worth it. I just kept thinking his haircut looks like Jeebs, the pawn store owner from Men in Black. 

Steve came out next and didn’t say much, he and Jack talked some trash before Mr. B came out to cheers. For the opening it seemed that Steve and Jack were on the same page, taking out Mr. B with double team moves and getting him out of the ring. Then Jack said they were not on the same team and attacked Steve and then all three men started using each other as weapons.







Jack picked up Mr. B and power slammed him onto a bent over Steve. At another point, Mr. B leaped off the turnbuckles to slam both feet onto Jack’s back, then bounced off that and put Steve in a DDT style move.  Steve was thrown out and when Jack went to attack Mr. B, he got THREE super kicks to the face and Mr. B got the pin to regain the TCW Heavyweight title. Winner and NEW TCW Heavyweight Champ: MR. B

After the match, Mr. B took the mic and said that there was a member of TCW that he considers family, like a sister, but she was also deserving of the title shot. She is tough as hell and would be the first woman to get a shot at the TCW Heavyweight title. Ruthless came out and said it was about time! They brawl for a bit before Ruthless leaves. So next show we get Mr. B vs Ruthless Lala one on one for the TCW Heavyweight Title!

Join us August 27th at the Killeen Armory for that show. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our website. To keep up with the stories, wrestlers, and promotions follow Heel/Face Wrestling. 

“I am champion and I am calling out you, Ruthless LaLa”





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