ACW From Innocence to Insanity 10 recap


Welcome to Anarchy! This is the show that is almost always the craziest and bloodiest each year for ACW. While this one was not as crazy, so much happened and it had more than its fair share of pain and and suffering, both physical and mental. 

If you have only read my stuff on here, you may not know how I do this one show. For Innocence to Insanity, I don’t talk about the matches in the order they happened, I go from what I consider the most Innocent matches(the calmest, least crazy ones) to Insanity(blood, chairs, and weapons! OH MY!). I hope that makes sense to all the newcomers, but I will post a quick rundown of the matches in order and who won if that is what you want to know.

The matches and the Winners.

The Taylors (DG Taylor & Zak Taylor) defeated (in order of elimination); Jamie Holley & Donnie Giovanni (Larry Canis pinned Giovanni) & The Kingsmen (Larry Canis & Michael Shafer) (DG Taylor pinned Canis)

U30 Title shot: Marcus Rose vs Wade Olsen(with Angel Blue) vs Kody Krash vs Johnny Swole vs Stan “Chucky” Summers: Winner: Johnny Swole

U30 Title Match: Dylan Dunbar vs Scotty Santiago(c): Winner: Scotty Santiago

Cherry Ramons w/Dan The MANager vs Jack Jameson: Winner: Cherry Ramons

Feline Fiasco 9 Lives of Death Match: Alley Kat vs Mad Tigre: Winner: Mad Tigre

The Hole F’N Team vs Diamond Dogs(Jack Jameson standing in for Axxle): Winner: Diamond Dogs

“Prodigy of Anarchy” Barrett Brown defeated Aaron Solow by submission.

Barefoot Thumbtack Match: Jeff Gant vs Sky DeLacrimosa: Jeff Gant

Joshi Title Match: Angel Blue(c) vs Laynie Luck: Winner Angel Blue

Curt “Lone Star” Stallion vs Steve O Reno: Last Man Standing: Curt Stallion

Ricky Starks vs Jessica James: Winner: Jessica James

ACW Tag Team Championship: Roscoe Eat Lisa vs The Hooligans vs Unholy Complex vs 2 Bad Mofos(c): Winners: 2 Bad Mofos

Reggie Lincoln and Christi Jaynes vs Thomas “Tank Engine” Munos and Baby D. Winner: Christi Jaynes and Baby D, Really No Contest

ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore Title Match: Ray “Death” Rowe vs Jojo Bravo(c): Winner and New Champion: Ray “Death” Rowe.

Now to show you how it happened and why! Before the first match though, I do want to welcome Zac Taylor back. He has been away from the ring and it was good to see the Taylor’s as a team again.

Innocence comes first, there are several that fit this so the order of the first two or three matches can be switched around.

Reggie Lincoln and Christi Jaynes vs Thomas “Tank Engine” Munos and Baby D:  This one was strange, Reggie and Christi came out dancing and kept it going in the ring, then out came Thomas and Baby D, who put on a show for the crowd themselves. The match was pretty short, and at one point Thomas asked Reggie if he wanted to go for a beer and then the two women attacked them. Reggie was pinned by Baby D and Thomas was pinned by Christi. While it was listed a no contest, the women said they won! Winner: No Contest

The Taylor’s(Zac and DG) vs Jamie Holley and Donnie Giovanni vs The KIngsmen(Larry Cannis & Michael Shafer): I have never seen the Kingsmen, they came out in tux like suits before going down to their gear.  The Kingsmen stayed out of the ring for much of the early goings as it was The Taylor’s vs Giovanni and Holley going back and forth.

When the Kingsmen finally entered the match, they cleaned house and didn’t pause long enough to even take names. They tossed just about everyone out of the ring after knocking them around and Cannis pinned Jamie Holley. Then, the Kingsmen went after the Taylor’s but when one of the Kingsmen(Michael Shafer) went to bounce off the ropes, Zac pulled down the ropes. This allowed DG to pin Larry Cannis and get the win for his team. Winner: DG and Zac Taylor

Cherry Ramons W/ Dan the MANager vs Jack Jameson: Jack claimed that for this match he was going to show what he learned in Japan and not be hardcore but stick to chain wrestling and mat moves. Cherry was Cherry and both men gave it their all. You could see at different points that both men were getting frustrated . Jack hit some very impressive and new moves, but Cherry got the pin this night. Winner: Cherry Ramons w/ Max Headroom or Dan.

ACW Dream Match: Ricky Starks vs Jessica James: This one was weird. I still don’t quite understand it. Both wrestlers seemed to be holding back and not going 100 percent. Ricky seemed to not want to hurt Jessica and at one point when he hit her on the mouth with a backhand, he got angry and said it was a mistake. He said that 3 or 4 times, getting more and more angry.

But at the start it was mostly holds, Jessica went to shake hands but Ricky kissed the hand instead, then when Jessica had him in a hold, Ricky pulled a Cherry Ramons and grinds on Jessica until she let go. Then in the middle of the match, Darin Childs speaks from the upper area to call out Ricky, says that they have not fought, but Darin has to heal, so come November at the Lone Star Classic, they will be number 1 and number 2.

The match continued with Ricky pulling hair and ribbons, at one point kicking her hard in the face and hittJessica with a clothesline. Jessica was down but not yet out, using a page from Lady Poison, she kissed Ricky, keeping his shoulders down for the three count. WInner: Jessica James

A strange match with a strange end, Ricky called Jessica and Darin both trash and was pissed he lost the way he did to Jessica the heffer. He was ANGRY!

Marcus Rose vs Wade Olsen w/Angel Blue vs Kody Krash vs Stan “Chucky” Summers vs Johnny Swole: The Winner gets a U30 title shot: The match starts out with Marcus talking trash calling Swole a human protein bar and Kody Krashbandicoot. As he keeps talking, Kody steps in the ring when Marcus’ back was turned and when he looked back he super kicked him to shut him up.

Then, Olsen hit him and Stan power bombed him. Kody pinned Wade Olsen, so Olsen was pinned and gone. Rose then attacked Kody, allowing Stan to get Rose down and pin him. 

Swole came in now and took on Chucky, pinning him soon after. It came down to Kody vs Johnny and they went at it with some close calls as they went back and forth. Swole got the pin and the chance for the U30 title. Winner: Johnny Swole, who now gets a shot at the U30 championship.

“Prodigy of Anarchy” Barrett Brown vs Aaron Solow: Last show, Barrett demanded he get a match with Scot Summers, he was not asking but telling. As Scot was not here, Barrett got to fight a WWE Cruiserweight Classic alternate in Aaron Solow. Barrett was as brutal as ever, but the match was short, so not much was done overall. Barrett seem to have more issues with the ref during the match, as he kept asking if this was still Anarchy.

Aaron was good, but Barrett is on a mission and has a purpose beyond winning. Barrett got him to submit, then said he still wanted Summers and would take on anyone who gets in his way from Masada to ACH and here the crowd starting chanting for Johnny Swole and Barrett said he would easily go through him. He again said that he was not asking but TELLING ACW that he wanted Scot Summers. Winner: Barrett Brown

Falls Count Anywhere: The Hole F”N Team(Johnny Axxle and Mr. B) vs The Diamond Dogs(Graham Bell and  Luke Langley): Johnny Axxle was in an awful motorcycle accident and couldn’t fight, but they were called out to a falls count anywhere match so he showed up. Mr. B told him he had to stay out of it, that he would take care it it. The Diamond Dogs quickly double teamed him and beat him down using fists, feet, and chairs. 

It really looked like they would win, they had Mr. B in some sort of three chair trap when Jack Jameson came out! He rushed in to save the day and attacked the Diamond Dogs with a determination that was nice to see. Jack had already been in a match and was not used to teaming up with Mr. B, while the Diamond Dogs are a team that works together often. Mr. B and Jack held their own and gave it their all, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Winner: Diamond Dogs by PInfall.

U30 Championship Match: Scotty Santiago(c) vs Dylan Dunbar: While Dylan Dunbar has been around, doing commentary and now and then getting involved in matches, we have not seen much of him or Dressed  To Kill, which is more then fine with me. This was a return of sorts for Dylan, who has kept a mad on for Scotty since way back, I thought he had moved on but the last few month and this match proved me wrong.

Dylan tried everything he could to keep Scotty down. From the start, Dylan tried to set the tone and pace. He came out first then went off in a dark corner near the entrance and was talking to a young lady. When Scotty came out, he jumped up, grabbed his chair and attacked Scotty before he even got in the ring. This caused Scotty to get mad and attack, but Dylan soon followed up with a low blow and was going to use another chair, but Johnny Swole came out and grabbed the chair from the ring apron. This upset Dylan even more and distracted him allowing Scotty the time to recover and get the win. Winner by pinfall: Scotty Santiago

ACW Hardcore/Heavyweight Title Match: Ray “Death” Rowe vs Jojo Bravo(c):  This was the main event of the evening, but there were more insane matches, though this one was intense! To start, Ray Rowe took the mic and said he respected Jojo, but Ray was here to win and he was going to give Jojo one chance to walk away and remain unhurt. Jojo stayed and told Ray he talks too much and they went at it. Both did not hold back, but Ray Rowe went to another level and tried to destroy Jojo, even telling the ref to check with Jojo and get him to say he quits so he can live. He told the ref to try and save Jojo’s life, but Jojo kept coming.

Finally Ray just went all out, power bombing Jojo 2 times, then almost the whole locker room came out and begged and demand that he stop. They proclaimed that he was going too far, but then he power bombed him again and then finally finished it by pinning him. Winner and New Champion: Ray “Death” Rowe

Last Man Standing: Curt “Lone Star” Stallion vs Steve O Reno: These two have a history and when the bell rang they just ran at each other and threw punches and kicks. Donnie and Curt headed up to the balcony and came close to one of them being thrown in the street, but soon they were back in the ring.

Steve used a plane spin followed by a Cesaro type big swing. Jeff Gant came out soon after to help Curt Stallion, but Jack Jameson showed up to help and pushed Jeff back, before attacking Steve and laying him out for the 10 count. Stallion looked shocked but happy as Jack stood over Steve talking trash. Winner: Curt Stallion.

ACW TV Title: Barefoot Thumbtacks Match: Jeff Gant(c) vs Sky DeLacrimosa: The thumbtacks were poured all over a plastic lid in the center of the ring. The two have been talking trash on Twitter and elsewhere, but they finally met here. Jeff was the first one to  be put on the thumbtacks, just his feet at first, but soon after both of the wrestlers were slammed on their feet, their backs, hands and more, but the real shocker came when Sky knocked Jeff onto the ropes, his head on the second rope and put tacks into his mouth!

While they are battling, they knocked out the ref and Jeff managed to get Sky down and woke up the ref and got the win. Winner and still champ: Jeff Gant

Feline Fiasco: 9 Lives Deathmatch: Alley Kat vs Mad Tigre: The weapons in this match were all over the place. A spray water bottle, cat food, ribbon, twine, cat scratch post, catnip among other things. The scratching post was used the most with both wrestlers being hit with it and using it. Mad Tigre used some clever ideas including having Alley Kat chasing a laser pointer.

They used almost every tool and weapon they had. Finally, Mad Tigre crammed Alley’s face into kitty litter and got the win by pinfall. Winner: Mad Tigre

Street FIght for ACW Joshi Title: Angel Blue(c) vs Laynie Luck:  This was another battle filled with weapons from banana peels to hammers to bags of chips. The chips were used first, but broken open and eaten by the two Joshi’s. They battled out into the balcony and over by the sound booth, where we heard some of what was going on. Angel was hit by a trash can. When they got back near the ring, they fought in the crowd. In a short time, these two have proved to be great rivals. Laynie hit Angel with a piledriver outside the ring on the concrete!!!!!

They brought chairs in the ring and kept fighting, but soon Angel Blue slammed Laynie on to the chairs and even though she was on chairs and shoulders not on the mat, Angel still got the pin. Winner and still Joshi Champ: Angel Blue.

4 Way Tag Team Match for ACW Tag Team Titles: Roscoe Eat Lisa vs Unholy Complex vs 2 Bad Mofos(c) vs The Hooligans: This one was insane, crazy, brutal, intense and whatever other words that you want to insert here!  This match went EVERYWHERE from the stage to the balcony to the ring, At one point Unholy Complex were teaming up and beating down Kash brutally on the outside, while Roscoe Eat Lisa were battling the Hooligans, but keeping track of everyone couldn’t be done.

Both members of Roscoe Eat Lisa pinned The Hooligans after a double standing flip onto them side by side. Kash threw a member of Roscoe Eat Lisa from the stage into the ring knocking everyone in the ring down as no one caught him. CRAZY!  Silver climbed up on the overhand above the stage, something I have never seen anyone do, and leaped down into the ring taking out everyone in it again. Not long after, both members of Unholy pinned Roscoe Eat Lisa leaving Unholy Complex vs 2 Bad Mofos.

I can’t say what everyone else was doing, I know Masada was tearing stuff up elsewhere and Kash had been throwing people around. Kash called for all the chairs, demanding the chairs and finally with a stack of them, both he and Masada took out Unholy pinning them at the same time. Winner and still champs: 2 Bad Mofos. 

Insane Thoughts: WHEW, this was a crazy all over show, even setting up stuff for Lone Star Classic far in the future and seeing some turns and twists we were not expecting. While overall it was calmer than previous years, it had some good storytelling to make up for it.

They Last Man Standing, 9 Lives of Death match, The crazy 4 way dance for the Tag Titles were all insane and Kash is someone to really watch. He has been on a roll and teaming with Masada has only made him more deadly. The guy is impressive as hell. The matches all made sense, mostly, with a few weird ones thrown in for fun and good times. We got a brand new ACW Hardcore/Heavyweight champ after Ray beat down Jojo, the way Brock does people.

I enjoyed the show overall and none of it really bored me. While I will never cheer Angel Blue and she will never be the Joshi Champ I want, her feud with Laynie Luck has been both fun and good.

Portions of this recap were used from ACW’s Facebook page.


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