TCW Independence Brawl 8 Pre Show



This is the big show! Following the Texas Heatwave Show, the TCW wrestlers return to Killeen to battle and man will it be a hell of a series of fights!

The TCW Tag Titles are being defended by the champs, The Lost Soulz, with their manager Paco, but who will they be facing? Darin Childs from ACW was due to team up with Johnny Axxle but he was recently attacked by a car, he was hit while on a motorcycle. I think Darin will still be going after the titles but will he be getting a new partner or will he try it alone? Your guess is as good at the next persons, but to find out you need to show up!  As for a winner? I have to give it to the Lost Soulz as they know who they are and have kept the titles this long for a good reason.

Jerome Daniels will make his TCW debut at this show. Who will he be facing? We know that Brysin is busy, Richard has other plans, Mr. B is busy with the Heavyweight title chase, but Jerome wants the toughest out there, so Jason Silver answered the challenge.

Brysin Scott and Richard Reason tried to team up a few months ago but it didn’t work out very well and led to them attacking and talking trash to each other. Now each will be a team captain and pick 3 wrestlers to be on their team in a 4 vs 4 Elimanation Tag Match! Who will each men pick? Who likes Richard enough to be on his team? Will Brysin Scott find three people he can work with? The options are there from Simply Luscious to Marcus Rose. Perhaps Jack Jameson? Will Steve O Reno return to help? Hate Cryme? Tony Strong? 

Just Willie is the TCW TV Champ and has taken on all his challengers without blinking. He has fought long time TCW wrestlers and new comers to TCW, but his greatest challenge is happening here as he takes on “The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt for the title. Willie had beaten some tough wrestlers, but Hoyt is on a different level! Can Willie survive, much less keep the belt around his waist?

The TCW Heavyweight Title is up for grabs. Mr. B is still considered the number one contender, but Mikey 13 won the Heatwave battle royal and can choose any belt, so he may go for the TCW Heavyweight title.  Perhaps there will be a tournament or a series of matches to pick?

What would yall like to see? A Scramble match? Over the top battle royal? A several show tournament? Let’s hear what you would want.

The rest of the show is a be there to not miss it. The matches already listed are pretty awesome and you shouldn’t miss them, nor any of the matches we are keeping under our belt. We don’t want to give everything away, come to the show and find out what we have in store for YOU, the FANS!



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