TCW Heatwave Car Show Preview


The Texas Heatwave Car Show is something TCW has done before, in fact Ruthless Lala faced The Amazing Kong at this show in the past. This show is sort of a build up to Independence Brawl 8, which happens the following Saturday, July 30th in the normal Killeen Armory.

So what does TCW have in mind for its stars and belt holders?  At Independence Brawl 8, Just WIllie will put his TV title on the line against Lance Hoyt, but before that he has another challenge awaiting him. 

Kyle Hawk may not have to defend his belt at IB8, but will have to at the car show event against a pretty big name in the wrestling world.  Lets take a look at the different matches and what they mean.


Richard Reason & Tyler Jett vs Donny Giovanni & Just Willie(c): Richard Reason has been a thorn in the side of Brysin Scott the last few months and the Jetts have been all over, first together asking for a shot at the Tag Team belts, then they keep showing up alone battling several different wrestlers. The two of them have made quite a few enemies over time, but are teaming up here to battle Don Giovanni and TV champ Just Willie. 

A win here for either team would give them a boost going into IB8. A loss would hurt, Reason has a big match at the show and Just Willie has his belt on the line. I like Tyler Jett and I think he and Reason could do some damage, but Just Willie has a knack for winning. 

TCW Championship Match – Kyle Hawk(c) vs Hernandez: Kyle Hawk has a hell of  a challenge here, The Arrow Club member is taking on Hernandez who is best known for his time at TNA where he was an 8 time TNA World Tag Team Champ, NWA World Tag Team Champ and IWA World Tag Team Champ.

This will be a BATTLE and even if Kyle wins this, he will be feeling it for the next few weeks. If he plans to wrestle at IE8, he will need to finish this fast.

Show Money(Sideshow & Cash Money) vs Tony Strong & Danny Chance: While I know very little about Show Money, they have a team name so I am guessing they have been together for awhile and that may give them an advantage. Both Tony Strong and Danny Chance are very good in singles matches. I have no idea who will come out ahead here. This is a toss up match, anyone can win.

Marcus Rose vs Jack Jameson: The Mouth vs The Beard! Which face feature will come out on top in this match? Will Marcus Rose have Hate Cryme with him? Jack Jameson has new moves and mindset from his trips to Europe and Japan. If Marcus Rose is not prepared, Jameson may surprise him. As I am a Jack Jameson guy, I will give him the nod here.

Ruthless Lala vs. Baby D:  A rematch that should be BRUTAL. These two met not that long ago at a TCW show and this gives Ruthless a chance to see if her new attitude will help her get the win this time around. Baby D is coming off the Queen of  Queens and beating Ruthless twice in a row would cement her place as one tough wrestler.

There will also be a over the top rope battle royal. The wrestlers in it are being kept under wraps, as is the prize. To find out what it all is, be there and see the show! Then come to IE8 on Saturday July 30th! 


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