Pinned Down with Baby D


Welcome to the first edition of “Pinned Down” for Heel/Face Wrestling. As she has been in both the ACW Queen of Queens and facing Ruthless LaLa at TCW, I went out and found Baby D and finally got her pinned down. Let’s see what she had to say about wrestling and her very outgoing antics in the ring.  



Before the questions, a little background would be helpful, tell us how you started wrestling? When? Why? Did you have a formal trainer or trainers? A school? What kept you going and how long have you been doing this?

Baby D: I got into wrestling because of my grandfather, who wrestled for 25 years along with my mother, who wrestled for a few years. I grew up with it in my life, going to wrestling shows, helping set up and take down the ring and I watched all the guys come over to my families house and train. 

I started wrestling in 2005 when I was a junior in high school, my mom and grandfather had already got out of the business , well some what. We had gone to a show and met some people in the area that ran a local show who also did training. So we decided this was the only way I was gonna get into the business. My grandfather had never met these guys before. Sadly, we lived too far to go to someone he knew, so he went to every training session to make sure I was trained  the old school way.

My grandfather, General Von Kessler, was trained by Black Bart and helped with the Von Erich shows, so it meant a lot to him to see me ‘trained correctly’ as he always stated. I had my first match maybe 3 months after starting, as I was a fast learner just from growing up watching and playing in the ring when I was younger. I was in love with the business and still am. I did take a few years off after I finished high school to go to college, so from June of 2007 to sometime in 2013, I did not wrestle. I know, big difference from the usual, but I never stopped loving it and when I returned in 2013 I went right to Killer Tim Brooks who was a family friend and started back. That’s when Baby Dumplings was made, which I have now shortened to Baby D over the last few months.

Killer Tim Brooks came to me and said I think I want to name you Baby, then about a month later he came back and said Dumplings, Baby Dumplings. I, of course, at first was like Dumplings come on now! Killer shortly after that response said I think it will really work for you hun. See you come out like a school girl who thinks she all that and more, but really you are just a hot mess. Come out with your make up all messed up, shoes that don’t match type gimmick. Of course I laugh and said I love it!


Okay, now that we have a little background on you, let’s get to the questions.

H/F: What was the toughest thing to give up or sacrifice to be part of the wrestling world?

Baby D: Toughest part, to be honest I don’t think any of it was tough, it was just in my genes, it’s what I wanted to do and I was willing to give up everything.

H/F: Do you think it is harder or just equally as hard to get to the big leagues of wrestling as it is for, let’s say basketball or football?

Baby D: I think its equally as hard. You have to have certain aspects just like any other sport.

H/F: Do you feel that wrestling has more premature or just a surprising number of earlier then expected deaths compared to other sports? Does this influence you in any way?

Baby D: Yes, because of all the damage we put on our body especially. The ones that do all the crazy ladder dives and etc.

H/F: If you had the power to make any gimmick work, no matter how weird or normal it may be, what would you do?

Baby D:  This is a hard question because I love my gimmick and I want it to work more than anything. But I think a dark, crazy, wait we already have that lol….. I think I just really want my funny out going sexy gimmick to work. I want to be over the top with it. I want to be able to show that it doesn’t matter how big you are, its about heart.

H/F: If you could change anything about the indy wrestling industry, what would it be? What about TNA/WWE?

Baby D: I wish I could change the look people give people of my size. Yes, everyone wants eye candy, but you know what? It’s not about just that, its about having fun. What’s going to make someone laugh or cry or just smile. This goes for WWE and TNA as well.

H/F: Once you retire from being in the ring, do you see yourself walking away fully or would you become a manager, do some commentary or announcer? Do you see yourself involved in some way or is it once you can’t work in the ring you have no desire to be there?

Baby D: As of right now I would bet I stay in it somehow, doing something because once it’s in your blood its there. It’s like riding a bike.


baby d

H/F: Do you handle crowds differently depending on size?

Baby D: I want to say no. Small or large I am here because I want to be. I’m gonna go out there and have fun no matter what.

H/F: How do you handle going from a no rules wrestling show to a family first show? Do you change a lot about how you handle things and what you say, or do you just try and act the same no matter what the show?

Baby D: I try not to change too much. I will say if you see me at ACW in Austin, I’m a little more out there than other shows like MPX or RCW shows just because of the little more freedom given at ACW.  All in all, I go out there and  still dance, I still do my sexy stuff. This is me, take it or leave it.

H/F: Was there ever a moment when you truly felt you had had enough, that maybe wrestling wasn’t for you?

Baby D: No, other than leaving to go to school, but even then I was not done. I love it too much to leave it.


H/F: What promotions do you feel are breaking down the walls separating Men Wrestling from Women Wrestling and just making it all Wrestling? How do you feel they are doing that?

Baby D:  Really not sure on that because so many of them are doing it a little different at each promotion, but still doing it and I’m glad. It’s because America is more open to it now. 

H/F: Do you feel tag team wrestling has become a dying style/art?

Baby D: Yes it is, you see a lot more single matches or random tag matches but it fits.


H/F: Your persona in the ring is very over the top and fun, what made you decide to go that way? Was it how you always figured you would go or did it evolve over time? Do you ever find your own stuff funny or try not to laugh at a fan’s reaction?

Baby D: I’m over the top because in person I’m over the top sometimes. But my gimmick, that’s what most girls wish they could be. They want to be loved by every man or woman no matter how they look or what shape they are in. My gimmick has evolved so much from how I look, to how I dance, to how I work and it’s because I see what fans like and what they don’t. 

H/F: What are your goals for 2016/2017?

Baby D: My goal is to work as much as possible.


H/F: Who have you not faced yet that you really really want to get in the ring with? 

Baby D: I really don’t have someone I want to work with, I’m open to everyone.

H/F:You were ACW Prom Queen, will you be returning every year to try and retain that crown or was once enough and you are moving on to other things?

Baby D:  Prom queen, Yes I will be returning every time to try and keep it, but we have to see what happens. 

H/F: You are a very strong and tough fighter in the ring. You recently faced Ruthless Lala, how was facing her and is she as tough as people hear she is?

Baby D: Lala was fun. We were tag partners when I first started in like 05. So to see how much we have both changed is amazing. She is tough just like me, we go 0 to 90 because we know what each other can take.

H/F: From the first time we saw you in the ACW ring, you already seemed confident. You handled the crowd better than you see some vets handle them. You slowly seemed to have gotten them to go along with you more and more and react to you in the ring. Was this confidence always there, or did you just hide it really well and it was way harder than you made it look? Because it was impressive, even from the start. You seemed to own the the ring and the fans with no issues whatsoever.

Baby D: Not sure I love to be the center of attention and sometimes I’m just not sure how people will react. So I wait to get the reaction and run with it and thanks for the complement.


Bonus Questions:

H/F: Do you have a name for your finisher?

Baby D: My finisher is the TKO. Someone called it the School Girl Rock and I ran with it.

H/F: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Baby D: Chocolate.

H/F: Submission or High Flying?

Baby D: Submission.

H/F: Cats or Dogs?

Baby D: Dogs.

H/F: Beer or Liquor?

Baby D: Liquor.

H/F: Light Side or Dark Side?

Baby D: Light Side

H/F: Favorite opponent ever?

Baby D: Can’t pin down my all time favorite opponent.

She had a lot to say about her training and was a very rare wrestler in the fact she took off several years to finish schooling, but returned to wrestling as it was in her blood.  She is very entertaining in the ring and can go move for move with very different types of wrestlers from Ruthless Lala to Sage Sin.

While her style and outgoing persona will not appeal to everyone, it is a nice change of pace and shakes up whatever show she is on.


Big thank you to Kzchif Kyle for the pictures. His pictures are Amazing!



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