WWE Draft results


The WWE finally held their long awaited draft tonight and overall it was a complete dud. There were no real surprises, unless you count Bayley, Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe not being drafted as a surprise, which I do. Eva Marie was drafted and Bayley was not. Eva Marie was drafted and Bayley was not. I had to write that twice just to make sure you got it. Yes I know Bayley will probably debut at Battleground and team up with Sasha Banks, but come on. I do not understand why the WWE continues to treat her this way time after time after time. She deserved to get drafted and be given a moment like this.

The WWE stated that for every 2 picks that SmackDown would receive, Raw would get three. For whatever reason they quickly abandoned that once the draft moved over to the WWE Network and started picking 3 and 3 for both shows. They also stated that a total of 60 picks would be made and only 59 were. They were all over the place and it felt like everything was just rushed and thrown together last night. There were interviews with a few different wrestlers and the one that stood out to me was the one with Cesaro. He seems genuinely upset that he was drafted to Raw and not SmackDown and he doesn’t seem to care for Stephanie McMahon or Mick Foley too much. Nonetheless, the draft has concluded and you can see every pick that was made below.

1. Seth Rollins (Raw)
2. Dean Ambrose (SmackDown)
3. Charlotte (Raw)
4. AJ Styles (SmackDown)
5. Finn Balor (Raw)
6. Roman Reigns (Raw)
7. John Cena (SmackDown)
8. Brock Lesnar (Raw)
9. Randy Orton (SmackDown)
10. The New Day (Raw)
11. Sami Zayn (Raw)
12. Bray Wyatt (SmackDown)
13. Sasha Banks (Raw)
14. Becky Lynch (SmackDown)
15. Chris Jericho (Raw)
16. Rusev w/Lana (Raw)
17. The Miz w/Maryse (SmackDown)
18. Kevin Owens (Raw)
19. Baron Corbin (SmackDown)
20. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (Raw)
21. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (Raw)
22. American Alpha (SmackDown)
23. The Big Show (Raw)
24. Dolph Ziggler (SmackDown)
25. Nia Jax (Raw)
26. Neville (Raw)
27. Natalya (SmackDown)
28. Cesaro (Raw)
29. Alberto Del Rio (SmackDown)
30. Sheamus (Raw)
31. Golden Truth (Raw)
32. The Usos (SmackDown)
33. Titus O’Neil (Raw)
34. Kane (SmackDown)
35. Paige (Raw)
36. Darren Young (Raw)
37. Kalisto (SmackDown)
38. Sin Cara(Raw)
39. Naomi (SmackDown)
40. Jack Swagger (Raw)
41. The Ascension (SmackDown)
42. The Dudley Boyz (Raw)
43. Zack Ryder (SmackDown)
44. Summer Rae (Raw)
45. Apollo Crews (SmackDowm)
46. Mark Henry (Raw)
47. Alexa Bliss (SmackDown)
48. Braun Strowman (Raw)
49. Breezango (SmackDown)
50. Bo Dallas (Raw)
51. Eva Marie (SmackDown)
52. The Shining Stars (Raw)
53. The VaudeVillians (SmackDown)
54. Alicia Fox (Raw)
55. Eric Rowan (SmackDown)
56. Dana Brooke (Raw)
57. Mojo Rawley (SmackDown)
58. Curtis Axel (Raw)
59. Carmella (SmackDown)

Kevin Owens summed up the draft perfectly as soon as it got started.


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