Wrestling Cocktails: Solo Darling’s Sugar Rush


Hello and welcome back to Wrestling Cocktails! I hope you enjoyed the Dirty Andy Dalton, the cocktail featured in the last (and very first!) installment of this blog series. This time I have created a cocktail to honor one of the best, and undeniably one of the cutest, women wrestlers I have had the great fortune to see live in the ring: Solo Darling!


I have seen Solo Darling battle Athena (aka NXT’s Ember Moon) at Anarchy Championship Wrestling (September 21, 2014) and Delilah Doom at Inspire Pro Wrestling (July 27, 2014). The cuteness factor in that last match was off the charts! The collective blood sugar of the wrestling fans in the building rose by at least ten points that night.

Solo Darling calls herself a #SugarCreature, and indeed sugar played a significant role in her fight with Athena. At one point mid match, her energy and spirits flagging, Darling sought refuge in the corner of the ring and took out her secret weapon: pixie sticks. Once the sugar surged through her system she was ready to continue her battle against the Wrestling Goddess. And although Athena won the match that night, Solo Darling put up a very good fight.


When I endeavored to create a cocktail in honor of Solo Darling, I knew I had the entirety of the boozy universe to work from. But I also knew something else. Whatever cocktail I came up with MUST be as cute and as sweet as Solo Darling herself. And I think I managed to do just that.

Solo Darling is powered by candy, and so is the Sugar Rush, the cocktail I created just for her!



1 ounce chilled vodka

1/2 ounce amaretto

1/2 ounce blue curacao

sprite to fill the glass

Those are the ingredients for the cocktail itself, but that is hardly the entirety of the recipe. Candy powers the Sugar Rush, remember? Here’s the recipe:

Start by rimming the glass with a mixture of sugar and crushed nerds. Drop several (4-6) gummy bears into the bottom of the glass. Pour all liquids directly into the glass, beginning with the chilled vodka. It’s imperative that you use well-chilled vodka, since this drink is served on-the-gummy-bears rather than on-the-rocks. Once all spirits have been added, pour sprite to fill the glass. No need to stir. The result is a pretty (and yummy!) blue cocktail. And when you finish the drink, you’ll have vodka-soaked gummy bears to nibble!


Thanks for joining me again, Dear Reader. I hope you enjoy Solo Darling’s Sugar Rush!

I am: Your friend in wrestling fandom,

Shana Hammaker

Coming soon: cocktails inspired by VEDA SCOTT, KEITH LEE, and more!


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