RCW vs GFW results


Last Friday night, River City Wrestling held their latest event. It was dubbed as RCW vs GFW (Global Force Wrestling). GFW was founded by Jeff Jarrett, who was competing in the main event for the RCW Heavyweight championship. The event was solid from the beginning to end and put on a show for any wrestling fan. Let’s take a look at the results from the event.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Claudia Del Solis & Anthony Andrews vs Baby D & Joey Spector
There was tons of showboating to start the match, with Baby D getting the cheers and Andrews getting the boo’s. Spector and Andrews started the match. Spector stole Andrews’ headband and then hit him with a Lou Thesz press. Claudia Del Solis tagged herself in and began double slapping Spector, which prompted him to quickly tag Baby D into the match. The “Test of Strength” went down next, but Baby D danced her way out and tagged in Spector. Claudia and Andrews began to cheat and were in the ring at the same time, which frustrates Baby D, who attempts to help, but makes matters worse by distracting the referee and allowing the double team to continue. After more back and forth between the two teams, Claudia Del Solis & Anthony Andrews would pick up the win via roll up pin fall. After the match concluded, Joey Spector attacked Baby D.

Triple Threat Phoenix Championship Match
Mr. B (C) vs Rob Love vs Jack Delfino
There was lots of jawing with the crowd from everyone before the match got underway. Once the action began, Mr. B and Love teamed up against Delfino, however, the teamwork came to an end when Mr. B went for the cover and Love broke it up. After a scuffle between Mr. B and Love, Mr. B missed a leg drop and Love was able to take control of the match. Again each man would go for a cover and again each man breaks up the others cover attempt. Love then hit Delfino with a code breaker, but he kicked out at two. A super kick from Mr. B on Delfino earns him  yet another two count. Delfino would work his way back into the match and hit Mr. B with a spine buster. After this, Love threw Defino outside the ring and pinned Mr. B to win the title. Rob Love is crowned the new Phoenix champion.

Tag Team Match
Skitzkrieg & Xavier Daniels vs Ky-ote & Kyle Hawk (The Arrow Club)
The Arrow Club dominated the early portion of the match, but Boom Boom helps out when he pushes Hawk off the top rope to help his team get the advantage and get back into the match. This match featured a lot of high flying moves from the Arrow Club and some powerful moves from Daniels and Skitzkrieg. At one point, Daniels and Skitzkrieg were on the outside of the ring and Hawk and Ky-ote jumped over the top ropes to the outside of the ring to take them out. This prompted the crowd to chant “RCW! RCW! RCW!” After getting the action back into the ring, Ky-ote picked up Daniels and dropped him forward and just before he was about to hit the mat face first, Hawk came in and hit him with his version of the RKO. Ky-ote covered Daniels and the Arrow Club picked up the win.

RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Paul Titan vs Michael Faith
The action spilled outside the ring early and Titan wanted Faith to be counted out, until he realized he could not win the title via count out. Titan would get Faith back into the ring and dominated most of the match. Titan decided it was time to finish the match and attempted a choke slam, which got countered with two Samoan drops by Faith and this was enough for Faith to pick up the win and retain his RCW championship.

Singles Match
Delilah Doom vs Victoria Gonzalez Joey Spector
Originally this was supposed to be a women’s single match, however Spector made his way back out into the ring to announce that Victoria could not make it to the event. Instead, he was going to take her place in the match and declared that he would once again put an end to the women’s division like he did in the past. Doom made her way out to the ring and welcomed the challenge. Spector played a lot of mind games with her and would go in and out of the ring and run away from her. Once they both were back in the ring, Spector took control and dominated the early portion of the match and began jawing back and forth with the crowd. Once Doom was back in the match, she took over and never looked back. Doom eventually picked up the win over Spector, but he began to attack her after the match, just like he did to Baby D after their match. This time, Baby D came out to make the save for Doom and Spector headed to the hills.

RCW Heavyweight Title Match
Jeff Jarrett vs Brandon Groom
There was way more talking than wrestling the first ten minutes of this match. (Side note: If you read “Play Your Part” by Jason Harris here on our site, the same fan who was at the ACW show was once again in attendance and was once again up to his same tactics. Get over yourself dude. You aren’t a wrestler, you aren’t an entertainer, you AREN’T part of the show. So either get in the ring or stop forcing yourself into these shows.) Once the action did get under way, Jarrett was in charge to start the match. He hip tossed Groom around a few times, but when Groom countered, Jarrett slid out of the ring to regather himself. Groom chased after him, but Jarrett was able to get back on the offensive and Karen Jarrett even got in a few rakes to the back on Groom. Once the men got back into the ring, it was pretty evenly matched with each man getting in his punches, that is until Karen would once again get involved. Karen got up on the ring apron and distracted both the referee and Groom. With the referee’s attention still on Karen, Groom turned around and was met with a guitar to the head thanks to Jeff. After he threw the evidence to the outside of the ring, Jeff went for the cover and the referee counted for the 1-2-3 and the new RCW Heavyweight Champion was crowned…..or so we thought. Boom Boom’s wife grabbed a microphone and stated that she would not allow someone to come in from out of town, walk into RCW and walk away with the title. So she used her authority and restarted the match. Jeff began to argue with Boom Boom, whom he had agreed to align with prior to the match, and Boom Boom shoved him right into the arms of Groom. Groom hit him with his finisher and covered Jeff to retain his RCW title.

Quick recap of the entire event.
•Claudia Del Solis & Anthony Andrews defeated Baby D & Joey Spector
•Rob Love defeated Mr. B & Jack Delfino to become the new RCW Phoenix Champion
•The Arrow Club(Ky-ote & Kyle Hawk) defeated Skitzkrieg & Xavier Daniels
•Michael Faith defeated Paul Titan to retain the RCW Heavyweight Championship
•Delilah Doom defeated Joey Spector via DQ
•Brandon Groom defeated Jeff Jarrett to retain the RCW Heavyweight Championship


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