AAPW: Put Up or Shut Up results


Last Saturday AAPW hosted their latest even titled, “PUT UP or SHUT UP!” The event was action packed and saw a few new champions crowned. Here is recap of everything that went down at the AAPW training center.

Note: This recap was written by George de la Isla of AAPW and edited by Heel/Face Wrestling.

AAPW Women’s Championship match
Christi VaVoom (C) vs Laynie Luck
A crowd of AAPW wrestling fans got the thrill of there life when they witnessed the downfall and destruction of Christi VaVoom’s wrestling empire, which totally collapsed! Her booking of the Women’s Title match was the first mistake she made, after she lost a wild and vicious battle to the end against the determined and beautiful “Fighting Tiger” Laynie Luck! The second mistake Christi made was that she put up the AAPW company ownership along with the Championship Title Belt to the winner of the match. Laynie Luck was up for the challenge and would pin the surprised and beaten down Christi VaVoom! This match was of epic proportions and these two female wrestling icons put on one heck of a show! Laynie took the mic and thanked everyone for their support and took the AAPW Women’s title and returned it back to the former, but rightful owner, George de la Isla. With a huge smile and a tremendous hug to Laynie, George whispered in her ear and said, “You are my HERO!”
Note: Bella Tres is now the AAPW Women’s Champion

AAPW MENS Heavyweight Championship
Don Rodrigo (C) vs Charlie Moret
Champ Don Rodrigo gave an AAPW independent wrestler an opportunity to challenge him for his title belt. The opportunity was giving to the Louisiana swamp lands wrestler Charlie “Golden Gator” Moret! The ring was set and the match exploded right from the start! Don Rodrigo was confidant and Charlie began to relax into his Cajun alligator style. Rodrigo had Moret pinned several times, but when Charlie began his alligator death roll and high flying techniques, Rodrigo began to fumble! Charlie Moret took advantage and remarkably over took the champ Rodrigo and a NEW AAPW Heaveyweight Champion was crowned that night! The fans were applauding and yelling with approval!

AAPW Tag Team Championship Match
Sideshow & Kash Money (C) vs Vega Del Rio & Quentin Lynch
The 4 time AAPW Tag-Team Champions, Sideshow and Kash Money were in for a huge back fire when it came to facing the return of Vega Del Rio and Donnie Giovani.  Both friends and partners, Del Rio and Giovani were here to put a stop to one of the most vicious tag teams running around the Texas arenas. The introduction was made and Donnie became a no show. Del Rio requested a delay of the match to go get Donnie or forfeit the match, because he could not wrestle alone. A delay was issued, 25 minutes went by until the tag teams were introduced again and then we learned Donnie was in the hospital for head concussion observation. He and Chris Phoenix were beaten up with baseball bats while working out at the gym on Friday night of the previous week. Del Rio described that 3 masked assailants attacked Donnie and that the 3 masked assailants were described exactly as the same appearance of Kash, Show, & KO Cox. Del Rio then announced that his new partner that he recruited in the back dressing room was the Irish “Tough Guy,” Quentin Lynch! This incredible match was dominated by Show & Kash and after 12 minutes, it suddenly reversed and Sideshow was pinned for the 3 count! Now, we present the New AAPW Tag Team Chanpions Quentin Lynch & Vega Del Rio!

Singles Match
Ricky Starks vs Kody Krash
Former AAPW Champion Ricky Starks came into town and took up the challenge of the young gun slinger and high flying wrestler trying to make a name for himself, Kody Krash. These two excellent wrestlers went at it from the get go and were unable to pin each other, but the relentless Starks would continue to beat down Kash and was ultimately able to pin him in the middle of the ring for the win! Ricky Starks arm was raised as the King of the AAPW ring.

Hair vs Mask & Loser Leaves Town Match
American Eagle vs Amir Assud
This was one of the most incredible matches that took place of the night!
American Eagle (masked) took on the Middle Eastern wrestler AMIR ASSUD(hair)
in a loser leaves town match! After 14 minutes of the bloody battle, using metal trash cans, steel flag poles, ropes & chains, the American Eagle was doing his best to pin his opponent. But Assud kept kicking Eagle in the groin or raking his eyes with his finger nails, so Chief Referee Marty Green was finally fed up with Assud and pulled him off of Eagle. Assud got very upset and began to push and hit the referee Green. After taking so much verbal and physical abuse and disrespect from Assud, Green absolutely lost his cool and went after the middle eastern rebel and began a fist fight with him. They fought in the ring, out of the ring , on the isles of the arena and the fans went wild for Marty to get his revenge! An emergency was called for the wrestlers to help stop these two and hold them back! Marty has agreed to come next month and face Amir Aasd in a final Loser Leaves Town Event on August 13th. Marty has stated “if I don’t beat Assud, I’ll just retire and leave town!” This one should be one for the ages!

Tag Team Match
Anthony Rebel & KO Cox vs Blue Blade & Lechuga Azul
Two tag teams met Saturday night and truly stole the show with Anthony Rebel and KO COX facing off with the Mexican tag team consisting of Blue Blade & Lechuga Azul. Both teams started very similar and used their technical wrestling abilities, until KO started using his boxing abilities on his opponents. Blue Blade had his hands full with Rebel until he began to utilize his Lucha Libre moves. KO and Lechuga squared off and then you could feel and hear the explosion take place. This match was crazy between these four and it tore the house down until an angry Chris Phoenix appeared and jumped in and began pounding KO all over the arena. The action spilled outside the ring and wound up on someone’s car in the parking lot! A double disqualification was called by referee Marty Green.

Singles Match
Nick Bronson vs SpittsNiff
The MMA fighter Nick Bronson made his debut in theAAPW arena when he climbed into the ring to wrestle the masked Russian tough guy SpittsNiff. There were more fireworks just before the ring bell rang and brought Nick quickly to a disadvantage! The Russian would not let up his wresting aerosol until Bronson got his second wind and took the Russian upside down and dropped him on his head and pinned him! The wrestling crowed was very impressed and truly wanted more out of this future star!

A look behind the scenes…..

There is so much more to say.

I want to start by saying THANK YOU ALL, for an outstanding performance in our AAPW Event last Saturday night! All the workers were outrageously professional and kept the fans on the edge of their seats wanting more! I admit, everyone stepped it up to keep our fans remaining there, especially how hot it was in our facility! A special thanks goes to the security and those who helped on the set up and tear down of the show. There is such appreciation for Marty Green and his wife for the tasty grilling of our hot dogs and hamburgers! But, also to Dawn Michelle who remained in the office with tickets, raffle, and food ticket sales. Thank You!
There is nothing else than the pride I have for all of you when I see the MAGIC that takes place when you are all working together to make wrestling fans want more, and more of this academy production! “I AM PROUD!”

George de la Isla


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